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Epi begins with Ganga saying that a Maiyya loves her kids so much. She makes her kids wear new clothes, get all dressed up then why would this Maiyya tell her kids to wear white clothes? Amma ji asks her if she will compare humans to Goddess now. Ganga says all of you are humans. How do you know what Maiyya is thinking then? How did you understand what’s going on in her mind? Amma ji and everyone look at her in amazement / speechlessly. Amma ji has no answer for her questions. Don’t argue; this just cannot happen! Ganga has understood it that everyone is fooling her / lying to her as they don’t want her to wear her beautiful clothes and jewels. Amma ji realises that they are the culprit. See what I do with them now. She picks up Ganga’s stuff and walks out of the temple. Ganga follows

her, asking her to return her clothes to her. Where are you taking them?

Amma ji and Ganga come home. Ganga pulls at the little bag. My Bappa had brought them for me. I got them from Sudha Bua after so much difficulty and now you have taken them. Sagar too tells her Dadi to give Ganga’s stuff back to her but she tells him not to interfere in the matter. No one will say anything. She goes to her room. Madhvi stops Sagar from following Dadi. She is very angry.

Amma ji locks Ganga’s stuff in one of her trunks. Ganga asks for it but Amma ji sticks to her point. She keeps the trunk on the top of the cupboard in her room (out of Ganga’s reach). They are of no use to you. You will neither get these things nor this key. She ties the key at the of her saree’s pallu. Ganga very boldly asks for the key. Amma ji vows not to give it back to Ganga till her last breath. You are staring at me? Ganga walks toward her, without blinking her eyes even. One day you will give them back to me on your own. They were given to me by my Bappa. I will take them one day. I wont leave them at all. Amma ji looks at her wide eyed. Ganga leaves.

Sagar rushes to Ganga. Has Dadi kept your stuff? Ganga leaves from there without saying anything. Madhvi stops him from following Ganga. He walks up to his Dadi angrily. Why didn’t you give Ganga’s stuff to her? Her Bappa had brought them for her. Return all that to her asap. Dadi is angry that Sagar is talking to her like this for a girl whom he doesn’t even know properly. Sagar refuses to calm down even when Madhvi tells him to. You (Dadi) will also feel bad if someone takes your things, right? Madhvi stops him. he leaves from there sadly. You are very bad Dadi. Amma ji scolds / taunts Madhvi for not teaching anything good to Sagar. He doesn’t even know how to talk to elders. You have spoilt him. Madhvi denies. you know I never teach anything wrong to kids. I in fact stop them from doing so. Amma ji is not interested in her explanations. She heads back to her room.

Ganga recalls Amma ji’s words sadly. She still has that little potli tied around her waist. She looks at the little cycle show piece inside it. One day, she had cried as Munakka had stolen all the fruits that she had gathered. I told him not to do it but he fought with me and took them with him. Her Bappa had explained that tears don’t solve any problem. I know Munakka was wrong but nothing can happen if you get so upset about it. He made a small loss but you are making a bigger loss by wasting your precious tears like this. Always remember one this, world can snatch anything but they cannot snatch anyone’s fate. Someone can snatch your things forcefully but no one can snatch your smile. They share a cute moment then. Flashback ends.

Sagar comes there. He is relieved to see her smile again. She tells him what her Bappa had told her once. I wont let anyone snatch my anything from me when I grow up. Sagar appreciates her. you are very brave. He explains the meaning to her and smiles.

Ganga sets the table while Maharaj ji brings the food. Door bell rings. Maharaj ji sends Ganga to see who is here. Ganga receives an envelope. Maharaj ji asks her if it is urgent. She has no idea. He tells her to keep it on the table and resume her work. She does as she is told.

It is 2 pm. Madhvi gets a call from Raghav ji. An important courier was to come at home today. They are to be presented in the court. They are not here so I thought of checking at home. She denies. Raghav ji ends the call then. Maharaj ji comes to ask Madhvi about the dinner menu. She in turn asks him if a courier has come. He tells her about the courier which Ganga had received. She points out that it is mentioned on the courier that it is to be delivered asap to Niranjan Babu. Maharaj ji says Ganga had said that it is a letter. Amma ji asks him if Ganga will decide what’s important or not in the house. She sends him to deliver it to Niranjan asap. Madhvi informs Raghav ji as well. The hearing is due in 10 minutes.

Amma ji taunts Ganga. You dint share it intentionally. You are concerned only about your jewels and clothes. Why would you tell! Madhvi is tensed as they have very less time.

Niranjan asks for the documents from Raghav ji. Maharaj ji is stuck in traffic. Niranjan decides to go to court without those papers only as it will be contempt of court otherwise. Maharaj ji reaches there just when Niranjan heads to the court. Maharaj ji is tensed.

At home, Maharaj ji narrates the entire incident to Amma ji and everyone. Amma ji is worried for her son. these papers are very important. Niranjan and Raghav ji come home just then. He scolds Madhvi for not sending the papers on time. My hard work of months went for a toss in a minute. Please give them to me now atleast. Maharaj ji gives it to him. Why dint you send them when they were delivered at the house? Why did you take so much time? Dint you realise the urgency of it after looking at the envelope? Amma ji tells him to question the real culprit and not Madhvi. Ganga is the one who was careless. Niranjan points out that they all were also at home at that time. Why are you blaming her then? He turns to Madhvi. Please take care from the next time. If anything comes at home in my name then it should reach me at the very same time only. Madhvi nods. Ganga watches everything from a distance.

Precap: Niranjan explains to Ganga that she should have sent it to him asap as it was mentioned over the envelope. He realises that she doesn’t know how to read it. He decides to send Ganga to school but Amma ji is against it.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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