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Gangaa 21st October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sagar returns home. Ammaji says she is proud of him. She says she is confident he’ll bring her granddaughter back. Niranjan tells him he must be proud after winning. Why is he not happy? Does he feel like he lost despite winning. Ammaji interrupts, but Niranjan says he’s saying the truth. Sagar knows Gangaa from childhood. She would never let anyone question on her character. That same Gangaa, today took such a big blame on her, but didn’t accept Sagar as her daughter’s dad. Sagar knows very well what that means. Sagar says, so much hatred inside her, he never imagined it. She is okay with her character getting spoiled, but doesn’t want to return to him. She will die, but she won’t let her love for Sagar come out. Where will so much hatred take them? He only knows

that fear of losing Krishna is killing her from inside. And when he goes closer to her, she hurts herself more. The truth is that he won today, but he still lost. He walks away. Ammaji asks him to listen to her, but in vain.

Zoya is upset as case has become mess. Like this, Sagar and Ganga’s misunderstanding will be gone, and then… She asks Sonu what he is thinking. This is very serious, they must do something so Sagar and Ganga don’t come close..else their game will end. She gets something in mind and smiles. Sonu asks did she get any plan. Zoya says yes, if they succeed in this plan, then Ganga and Sagar never be together in this life. Tomorrow is Karwa Chauth and she asks Sonu to arrange Ganga and Krishna’s photo.

It’s morning. Gangaa prepares for Sargi. She recalls Sagar’s mum giving her a thaal on previous Karwa Chauth and asking her to promise that she will keep fasting for Sagar every year. Back to present, Gangaa says she doesn’t know where love disappeared, but she still has been fulfilling her promise.

Other hand, Madhvi quietly prepares for Sargi recalling her happy time with Niranjan. Niranjan wakes up and asks she still keeps this fast. She says, relationships changed, but not rituals. He says, she doesn’t need to believe in rituals, she believes in relationships, right. She says, he left believing in rishtes. Someone else became more important for him than his family. She is still bahu of this house and Ammaji expects her to follow rituals. He asks, is that the only reason? She leaves without answering.

Ammaji asks Maharaj whether Madhvi will keep this fast. He says she’s her bahu, she definitely will. Just then Madhvi comes. Ammaji gives thali to her. Supriya also comes there. They were about to begin rituals when Zoya comes in and asks Maharaj to prepare another thali. Like Supriya, Gangaa is also bahu. She also deserves one thali. Ammaji asks what’s cooking in her mind. Madhvi says Zoya is right. They should send a thali to Gangaa as well. She must be keeping fast for Sagar. Amma agrees. Zoya says she will go and give it to her. Ammaji says no.. what if she tells something wrong to Gangaa. Zoya asks she still doesn’t trust her? referring her as Dadi. Ammaji says she is not her granddaughter. Zoya says in her mind, correct, she is her grandmother. She is sending sargi to watch what happens.

Gangaa prepares everything. Kashish says one thing left and gives her sindhoor. Gangaa says it’s not for her. Kashish says puja is incomplete without it. Gangaa says her life is incomplete. Sindhur comes from sasural. She hasn’t been getting anything from Sasural, but she is keeping fast just to fulfil her promise to Sagar’s mum. Kashish asks is that so? or it’s also love for Sagar? Ganga stays quiet and says she has no answer. Kashish says in her mind, she won’t say, but she keeps fast for Sagar. Just like her, she can’t forget Pulkit and will keep fast for him.

Other hand, Maharaj comes with thaali to take it to Gangaa. Zoya asks if he brought sweets. He says no. She sends him to get that and takes thaali. Zoya puts knife in Gangaa and Krishna’s photo and puts it inside thaali. Maharaj comes back. Zoya gives him thaali and they leave.

They come at Gangaa’s place. Maharaj says Madhvi sent sargi’s thaal for her. Gangaa is surprised and gets emotional. Zoya smiles. Gangaa asks what’s inside. Maharaj says, what else, all that is required for puja, lots of blessings, and thing that she deserves, sindhur.

Other hand, Sonu takes out sindhur and says Gangaa must be thinking Madhvi sent her sindhur, but here Zoya played her game. He praises Zoya and throws sindhur away.

Maharaj asks Gangaa to take the thaali. Zoya says, choti ammi sent it with lots of love and asks her to take it. Kashish nods to take it. Gangaa takes it. Maharaj asks her to have a look. Zoya is shocked as Gangaa proceeds to check the thaali.

Precap: Maharaj tells Madhvi that Gangaa accepted sargi’s thaal and gave something in return. Madhvi checks and it’s an insect. Everyone is shocked.
Kashish asks Gangaa even after all this, she wants to keep fast? Gangaa says they forgot their kasams, but she won’t forget.
Sagar tells Madhvi that he will take petition back. Zoya hears it and thinks now nothing can bring Ganga and Sagar together.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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  1. Worst serial.. i ll no more watch this crap too much dragging.. pathetic yuck!!!!

    1. Hi Meena, I know exactly what you mean..far too much dragging! Zoya’s evil smirks grates! Sonu is another Yash who is a waste of space. Storyline has lost the plot!

  2. Thanks for the update. The writers are becoming mad I think. They are thinking all of us are fools to watch the serial. Too much dragging that too in the wrong way.

  3. I think that court will asks krishnas decsion &she tells that she wants both her parents court orders ganga that stay with chaturvedi family for krishna &ganga trust zoya blindily &i think planes of zoya will make sagar&gangas relation strong or chaturvedi family tries to make ganga&sagar together

  4. this movie make me bored .waited too long for sagar and gangaa get happy together..but its so worst..always devil win ..and angel this serial going to show us that happiness is too hard to get?

    1. Hi Shanty and friends, I think even if writers show happiness and reunite Sagar and Ganga, it will be short-lived. Again, it will typically fall in the ‘will they-won’t they’ scenario, going round the garden with a new character to cause them to drift apart. Unless, of course they decide to reunite Sagar and Ganga for good and you’ll know it is end of the series.

      I feel that Ganga the show has lost it’s magic. No more tender moments, too much hatred and conspiracy going on. Not very nice viewing.

  5. True… Omkar mama gone… Badi dadhi gone… Janvi gone… Yash gone…. Palash gone…. Prabha mami gone…. Now Zoya and sonu…. Next comes… Let us hope it’s not Supriya…

  6. Indian drama full of pain, tears, sadness and hat reds. When are they going to end. Sarga now considering retrieving his petition. Why go into all these troubles just to remove the petition.

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