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Gangaa 21st October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bal Mahant and his disciples leave from the ashram.

Amma ji is worried thinking about the competition. Madhvi brings ayurvedic medicines for her. You don’t look well. Amma ji asks her to leave them on the table. Madhvi keeps them and then sits down next to her. I know you are worried about Ganga. I too am worried for her especially since I have got to know about the competition. She thinks so much about us and loves us a lot. It wont be easy but she can get anything if she makes up her mind. Amma ji nods. Madhvi goes out. This is the only thing that is troubling Amma ji. She will come back if she wins! I cannot think of what I should do!

People offer stuff to Mahant ji. They have made him sit in a weighing scale and arrange donation items that equal his weight. They talk about Jal-Samadhi

idea. Sahyogi speaks up on Mahant’s behalf. Donate whatever you want to by heart. You will open heaven’s door for yourself. People believe him. Sudha reaches there. She asks a lady what’s happening here. She gets to know about the loser taking Jal-Samadhi. People too talk in Mahant ji’s favour. He will not lose. Sahyogi talks about Ganga. She will have to take Jal Samadhi as she is not going to win anyways. Sudha gets worried. Sahyogi whispers in the ears of Bal Mahant. Be ready to win. You have to win in any case. It will be the biggest victory of our life after defeating that girl.

Sudha angrily walks inside the ashram. She tries to set Ganga’s books on fire. She is paving a way towards her death. She tells Sagar that Ganga will not come with him to his home ever. Pishi Ma asks her what she is saying. Sudha scolds Ganga for taking up this challenge. If you lose this challenge then you will have to take Jal-Samadhi. Everyone will kill you by putting you in water. People too are sure that you will lose. Do you understand it now? You still want to prepare for the competition? I will go and tell Amma ji that you are doing it all just to get back inside the house. Ganga stops her from doing so. Don’t tell anyone if you are worried for me. Sagar too seconds Sudha Bua. You could have come home by apologizing to Dadi. She explains that she is doing all this for Babu’s Bappa’s shrad. Amma ji is sad. You guys cannot support me so it is ok. But I wont give up. I will take part in this competition. Sagar knows how stubborn she is. I am with you. Ganga smiles. Sudha questions him but Sagar knows that Ganga is not going to back down. I will help her. Sudha says you both are doing wrong. You are kids. You cannot see the outcome. I will not let her take part in the competition even if I have to do anything to stop you! All the ladies leave from there. Ganga asks Sagar if he will leave her side midway. He shakes his head.

At night, Bal Mahant feels sleepy while reading some scriptures. Sahyogi paces nearby holding a glass of water so he can shake him out of sleep. People trust you so you got this much donation today. You have to keep that trust alive in them. it is very important to win. Bal Mahant says my mother is coming tomorrow. I want to meet her. Sahyogi replies that he will have to be alive to meet his mother. You have to win to avoid Jal Samadhi. He sits down to test him. Bal Mahant answers his questions but he looks somewhat scared of him. Sahyogi tells him to study hard when he forgets one quote’s meaning. I got you on this position by getting Sadanand ji off his position. It is your time to rule. I will push you in water with my own hands if you make any mistake tomorrow. Bal Mahant fumbles that he will have to win. Sahyogi leaves.

Ganga thinks of how sad Mamta was after that Mahant cursed all the ladies. She thinks of all the incidents after that. Sudha and Pishi Ma cannot sleep thinking of what tomorrow will bring. That girl cannot win from Mahant ji and we cannot stop what will happen to her once she loses to Mahant ji. Ganga asks them why they haven’t slept yet. Pishi Ma replies that they are worried for her but Sudha declines. She asks everyone to help her as they are awake. Tell me some religious stories. You can share knowledge and I will learn it all. Pishi Ma begins to tell her about whatever knowledge she has. Sudha thinks that Ganga will not be able to do anything by this small amount of knowledge. Your opponent is way above you. I cannot let you fall in the well of death till I am alive.

Sahyogi keeps an eye on Bal Mahant as he studies. Another disciple asks him about the competition. Sahyogi remarks that it would be good for them only even if Bal Mahant loses. The donation will multiply. It will become good news when he will take Jal Samadhi. His rapport will increase and it will eventually benefit us only. Keep his mother away from him so he can concentrate. That girl will be definitely preparing with all her might.

At home, Sagar prepares questions for Ganga. Tomorrow is a very big day for her. it will be great if she wins. Barkha tells him not to worry for Ganga. She is intelligent. She will win. She leaves after wishing him goodnight. Sagar is concerned only about Ganga’s life.

In the ashram, Ganga talks to her Bappa. Tomorrow is a very big day for me. Bless me so I can fulfil the promise that I gave to Amma ji.

Sagar too prays that he can help Ganga tomorrow. Epi ends on the split screen of Bal Mahant and Ganga’s face.

Precap: The competition begins.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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