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Gangaa 21st February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

On their way back, Ganga sat as Radhika slept on her shoulder. Shiv asks Ganga why she left where he told her to stay. He had spotted the goons already, he went to inform the police and found Ganga there. He complains she never listens to him. Ganga stares, then says someone promised to never scold again. She is upset she filled a pot of water for those Pakhandi’s, she must have bathed herself over the well. Both smile.
Pratab speaks on phone that Radhika was found. He was curt at Ganga, Savitri says if they needed will kill Ganga as well. She has spoilt their plan for once; and was ready to teach her a lesson tomorrow. They notices someone’s presence and goes out alert, a vase lay there broken. Savitri says they must focus on tomorrow’s cooking task for Ganga now.
The next morning,

Shiv finds Ganga’s bed empty and looks around for her. She had been pouring tea for Shiv. Shiv says he likes to do his chores, she doesn’t need that. Her foot is already hurt. Ganga says she wanted to have tea, and made for him too as he is used to have tea. Even Shiv is hurt and needs rest. Shiv says he is used to it. Ganga says everyone compliments him to be nice, she is only attempting to be as nice as him. Shiv says he would ask Savitri not to make Ganga do any hard work today, she might take rest. Shiv visibly likes the tea.
Kushaal was untying the second knot from the tree. He says Ganga has made them really proud. Pratab says if this goes on, Ganga would soon rule the house. Savitri comes to tell her about the third challenge; Ganga would prepare the whole food for today. Its Maha Aarti in the evening, and Ganga would participate only if her food is liked. Till Maha Aarti, she can’t take a single sip of water as well. Savitri asks Ganga if she is hurt, she may take rest. Ganga says her feet are hurt, she will surely cook in time.
Pratab and Savitri wait outside Math. Savitri asks Pratab if Ganga is unable to cook, he must keep a backup. Jhumki comes to take Ganga along as Savitri called her. Inside, Shiv stood enraged. The food had all been mixed with dead animals and dust. Savitri scolds her for not keeping the food well. Ganga replies she took care of all the food. Shiv says its time to think how bhojan would be arranged. Ganga was ready to cook again. Savitri asks if she would cook for 70 people in an hour, she can’t put her family’s grace at stake. Ganga qualifies they will have to get the food prepared from outside as well. Shiv says Ganga only has one hour. Kushal and Dai Maa helps Ganga as she prepares the food.
Shiv comes to see the prepared food and smiles. Savitri and Pratab were shocked. Shiv heads to take the food. Everyone go inside. Ganga tells Shiv she had covered the food, people don’t trust her but Shiv must trust her. Shiv tells her to stop blaming others, she must not compare herself with anyone. She must be happy to serve others. Ganga asks if Shiv doesn’t value her efforts, this means she has failed today. Shiv leaves. Savitri watches this and says they would now see what happens to Ganga during Pooja. She was sure Shiv himself would forbid her sit for Pooja with him.
At home, Jhumki comes downstairs with an empty water pot and poses to fell in the middle of the hall. She slaps the pot heavily on floor. Ganga comes to her concerned, and tries to wake Jhumki. She then pours water to make Jhumki drink from it. Savitri comes there with Pratab and asks Ganga what she has been doing; Jhumki is fasting today. Ganga was about to reply when Jhumki wakes up and cries about having her fast broken. Ganga says she had been asking for water when unconscious. Jhumki beats her head crying. Ganga was left worried. Savitri says Shiv was right, Ganga is not worthy of taking such a huge responsibility. Parvati always fulfilled her responsibilities well, but Ganga didn’t bother to ask for making Jhumki drink water. Shiv seconds Ganga, as they can’t blame Ganga for what happened. When someone has fallen sick, Ganga helped her. One must not exert their health for the sake of rituals, had there been Parvati in place of Ganga she must have done the same. He announces everyone would do the aarti, and asks Ganga to have water as there is a lot left to be done. He doesn’t want her to put herself in trouble. Shiv leaves, Savitri was curt. Ganga comes to Savitri and asks if she must bring the third knot for Pooja as well. Savitri had been fuming and doesn’t respond.

PRECAP: Pratab says they must stop Ganga from sitting in the Pooja. An elderly monk arrives. Later, Shiv carries Ganga into his bed who had been shivering with cold, she holds his hand.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I don’t know why this serial become utter nonsense.They are simply showing crap old story.changing husbands.the beautiful story became nonsenese serial.seriously we are missing waseem sir.I like his direction and his way of thinking is different.If he was there in the serial definetly it was different from other concepts.But seriously i was missing him.

  2. I guess we need to understand this crap as Ganga season 2 instead of wondering y they changed the track…. Atleast they should have ended Ganga and started this.just imagine in real life… Suddenly this gal comes back to her memory and finds some new guy has her husband instead of her childhood true lover….And she has some other kid in place of her daughter…. Omg…She will get a heart attack for sure….No wonder these things happen in serials….In real life….It would b a gone case…

  3. I just don’t no if I should feel sorry for Ganga or viewers who are watching Ganga from beginning….

  4. Writers forgot the attitude of Gangaa….Swaabhimaan….self respect… These days it disappeared from the show….

  5. Sorry to remind, this is a fictional story. As with all fiction, we need to understand and learn about practices and believes. For those who believe in child marriage, widow and one man one women, then I would suggest you to think again. We are in the 21 century, when woman are aware that they have choices. Why suffer and except what society bestow on them , when the society is not feeling the pain, suffering or even abuses.
    Welcome the idea and the sensitivity of the story instead of judging about I it’s not what happen in real or how Gangaa should live or behave just because we the society feel it’s how it should be.

  6. I think that by next week we will be able to see vishal (sagar) back.

  7. Vishal is not going to come back to the show…… And this Gangaa is a changed person…. She was facing challenges and successful…. Little Gangaa questioned Sadhu babas….now she was adjusting accordingly….as a common man….. Welcome to the world of common man…. Gangaa… more crying…. No more pains…..flow in a way and leave a message to the society….. Story good going…..

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