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Gangaa 21st April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ganga walks towards Amma ji when she asks her to. Madhvi questions the kids. Where did you disappear to without telling anyone? Dadi was so worried. Amma ji interrupts her. Don’t scold my grandsons. Ganga is to be blamed. You took them with you, right? Where did you go to and why? What’s in that bag that you are hiding behind your back? Amma ji and Ganga fight to take or keep the bag. The saree and the jewellery fall on the floor in the process. Everyone is taken aback to see all that. Maid walks forward to pick them up but Ganga clearly tells her to stay away. Amma ji deduces that they all belong to Ganga. This is your Gauna’s saree? Ganga nods. Bappa had brought it for me. Sagar tells them how Sudha Bua had forcefully kept them with her. We had gone there to bring that only. Why will Sudha Bua

keep something with her that doesn’t even belong to her? Amma ji signals him to wait / stop.

She sits down with Ganga on the floor. Did you go to Ashram to bring your clothes and jewellery? What was the need for you to go there? You could have told me. I would have called them up and your belongings would have been here in no time. They are really nice but what will you do with them? Will you wear them? Ganga accepts it that she loves red saree, bangles and jewellery. My Bappa had brought them for me with love but Sudha Bua snatched them all from me. Amma ji agrees to let her wear it if she doesn’t like white saree. Maid is shocked but Amma ji stops her form interrupting them. She turns to Ganga again. You got married once. You must know that one cannot wear these clothes just like that. She tells Pulkit to call a rickshaw. We are going to temple. Madhvi is tensed. She tries to ask Amma ji about it but gets no reply. Amma ji and Ganga leave in the rickshaw. Everyone is concerned for Ganga.

They reach the temple. Ganga too wants to know why they have come to temple. Amma ji gives no reply and they go inside. Ganga is mesmerised seeing Ma’s idol. We dint get any flowers or Prasad. Please tell me now what are we doing here. Amma ji asks her if she knows who this Goddess is. Ganga nods. She smiles as she notices her lovely appearance, her attire. Amma ji keeps indicating to her that Ma is married. You are not ready without vermilion. Now you tell me what’s the point in dressing up incompletely? You will have to have vermilion in your forehead if you really want to dress up properly. Amma ji requests Pandit ji to give her a little vermilion for the girl. The priest is offended after noticing Ganga (widow). Ganga questions him about it. Why can’t I have Ma’s vermilion? He explains that it is a sin for a widow to dress up, put vermilion in her forehead, etc. Ma’s vermilion cannot be put on a widow’s forehead. Ganga reasons that the vermilion belongs to Devi Ma, who are you to say no? Bappa used to say that everyone has a right on God’s Prasad. A few ladies feel Ganga is too arrogant. We would have taught her a lesson if she was from our family. Amma ji and Ganga look at each other.

Amma ji explains the facts to her. God accepts everyone but a widow is never allowed to put Devi Ma’s vermilion in your forehead. This is the punishment of widows. You are no different. Ganga says why she will punish me. I dint become a widow by my will! Amma ji says it is as per everyone’s destiny. you must learn to accept it. no one can fight with their destiny. Ganga looks at her sadly. She refuses to accept it. Bappa used to say that our fate is in our hands. Everyone is stunned by her bold words. Amma ji tells Ganga to show her her destiny. we cannot change what had been written in our destiny. we are widows and we have to live like that only. Ganga says that isn’t so. Amma ji tells her that her Bappa was wrong. Not just in your hands but it is also written on your forehead that you are a widow. Ganga declines. She rubs her forehead vigorously so she can erase that, if in case it is indeed there! Amma ji insists that she cannot erase what has been written for her. You wont be able to do that in this birth atleast. Priest too calmly tells the same to her. he gives her flowers and Prasad. You cannot get vermilion. Amma ji suggests Ganga to take what she is getting. Think it to be your destiny and accept it. whatever happened with you happened as per Devi Ma’s wish. Ganga still refuses to accept it as it is not Devi Ma who has said that to her. it was the priest only. Amma ji is irked. I, priest and everyone else in the world is good for nothing. It is just you and your Bappa who know everything. Ganga agrees. A Maiyya loves her kids so much. She makes her kids wear new clothes, get all dressed up then why would this Maiyya tell her kids to wear white clothes? Amma ji and everyone look at her in amazement / speechlessly.

Precap: Amma ji locks Ganga’s stuff in one of her trunks. Ganga asks for it but Amma ji sticks to her point. She keeps the trunk on the top of the cupboard in her room (out of Ganga’s reach). Ganga says one day you will give them back to me on your own. Amma ji looks at her wide eyed.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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