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Epi begins with Sabharwal sharing that Sagar and Janvi got engaged with everyone’s acceptance. She left for Mumbai afterwards. Sagar called Janvi to Banaras one day. She had no idea he will do register marriage with her right away. what was the rush that she agreed to marry Sagar without her parents’ consent? Palash asks for some time to figure out this point. Judge allows him. Ganga says Sir but Palash walks out of the courtroom. Sagar too is taken away. Ganga looks on tensely.

Niru keeps getting Madhvi’s call. What do I tell her? How to tell her about all that has happened here. Janvi’s father asks him if he wont tell the truth to everyone. I cannot believe it that a judge’s son is involved in such a case. Things will clear out as the case will progress. You and your family only will be

proved the culprit. Probably you all forced her for that drug overdose. Niru points out how he only asked Sagar to fight a case against the very same company that made those drugs. You hid truth from Sagar and mislead him. Your daughter died because of the same company yet you blame him? Janvi’s father nods. why not! You got my daughter married to your son in our absence. We weren’t happy but agreed for our daughter’s sake. Neither your son nor your family deserve forgiveness. She dint get any happiness in that house. I will prove it in court one day that Sagar only is responsible for her death. I have lost my daughter. You will understand it the day you will lose your son. I will make sure it happens one day. I will get Sagar punished. Niru has full faith in Sagar. He is innocent. He cannot harm anyone. I am sure it will be proved in court sooner or later.

Palash asks Ganga how she skipped such an important point. You are a law student. How can you make such a big mistake? I cannot believe it! She apologizes to him. So much happened in the past few days that I dint think of it. I am really sorry. He asks her what had happened exactly. She tells him about Sagar marrying her. Palash is angry hearing it all. He is too stupid. I canot understand him. I cannot believe it that he can take such extreme steps in anger. I also believe it now that Sagar only made Janvi habitual to drugs. She looks at him. I know I am sorry. I called your Sagar wrong. Your Sagar cannot do anything wrong, right? She nods. I had to take time from court as I knew nothing. She speaks of the photos. He plans to use it in hearing. She seeks his permission to meet Sagar. He allows her.

Sagar keeps thinking of Sabharwal’s logics. Ganga sits down next to him. Are you ok? He is all quiet. She holds his hand. Don’t worry. You don’t have to give up. We have found a really important clue. You will get bail. Where were you lost in court? What has happened? Tell me. Are you disturbed by Sabharwal’s words or is it something else? I am telling you. nothing will happen to you. Why are you so quiet? What are you thinking? Tell me atleast. Please. Don’t be all quiet please. Constable comes to take him back inside. The hearing is about to start. He goes with them. Ganga is in thoughts.

Palash presents the photos in court. They prove that someone is trying to frame him falsely. They were taken in a gap of half an hour. the latter one has suicide letter. It proves that there was some third person in the room other than Janvi and Sagar as well. That person planted this letter very smartly to trap Sagar. I request you to bail my client till the charges are proved. Ganga prays that the judge gives judgement in their favour. Sagar thinks of how mean he has been to Janvi time and again. I want to say something. Judge allows him. Sagar calls himself responsible for Janvi’s death shocking everyone. I only rushed into this marriage. I married her without her parent’s knowing about it. I misbehaved with her. She took drugs because of me only. I tortured her a lot, physically, mentally. She started becoming weak. It wouldn’t have happened if I had given her love and respect. All the charges are right. I am ready for any punishment. Ganga is in tears. What are you saying? Palash says my client is saying all this being emotional. I need to talk to him. He is not in the right frame of mind. Judge questions Sagar on the same. Sagar replies that there is no pressure on him. What I said is true. Judge asks for a written statement. Ganga shakes her head at Sagar. Palash looks at them. Sagar agrees to give it in writing. Sagar and Palash look at each other. PAlash looks upset. Judge orders to keep Sagar in custody till he gives the written statement. We will announce a final decision then only. The court is adjourned. Janvi’s father angrily tells Sagar that this is what he deserves. This is what should have happened to you. You will spend the rest of your life in jail now. You have killed my daughter. You are a murderer! Sagar is taken away. Ganga goes after him.

Ganga asks Sagar why he did this. Who gave you the chance to ruin your life? Why will you get punished for what you haven’t done? Sagar says I dint do anything wrong. I dint kill her with my hands but I am the reason behind it. This wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t married her. it is my mistake. It is all because of me. I am responsible for it. I should be punished. She tries to make him understand that he isn’t responsible for it. Maybe she dint commit suicide. Someone has probably killed her! Why did you take all the blame on yourself? You were all quiet since you came here. I was sure there was something that was troubling you. Why dint you tell me? I could have done something had you told me. She cries. He knew it already. I knew that you think I am very stubborn. I don’t think anything by thinking it through. I have thought a lot this time and then took this decision. I know no one will be happy by this decision. Everyone is very much worried for me. they all love me a lot. They will wish the best for me. But I deserve this. This only should happen with me. You all will understand sooner or later. Inspector wants to take him with him. Ganga again asks Sagar to take his statement back. I will free you from this blame. You haven’t done anything. You wont punish yourself. Pulkit also asks him how he can do so. Sagar replies that he did the right thing. Inspector says we are getting late. Let us go. Ganga shouts after Sagar. Pulkit holds her. She still keeps shouting after him. Pulkit tells her that he wont listen to anyone. She cries. He tells her not to give up. What will happen to others if you give up? We will talk to him. Papa will make him understand. Ganga wonders where Babu is. Did he get upset by Sagar’s words and left for home? I have to talk to him. She runs out of the court followed by Pulkit. Palash has witnessed it all.

Amma ji and Madhvi wait anxiously at home. ganga and Pulkit come. Amma ji asks about Sagar. Niru came just now. He dint say anything. He went directly in his study room. Where is Sagar?

Precap: Ganga asks Palash if he wants to take revenge from Sagar. You want him to get punished so your way is clear? Palash angrily retorts that she said the right thing. I have nothing to do with you or your life now. He hands her all the things related to case.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Yes now ganga will fight sagar’s case…and sge’ll prove herself to be the best….yuhuuuu

  2. Drama is going well…. So emotional… High voltage drama which made us so much connected… Cant wait till next epi…. Ganga kuch kar ke dikhao… Daadhi hamesha bolthi thi na.. Padke collectorani bunna hai kya… Bun ke dikhao..

  3. wait… Who is the new palash? is he the same one, so many of us were planning to patch up with ganga?????

  4. I like Palash character, he is very handsome and have charisma, unlike Sagar who is immature and hot headed. I have just read the spoilers and I cannot believe how Ganga would accuse Palash of such thing..but then her emotions are heightened at the moment. ‘Typical Sagar, if its not venting his anger to get his own way, he is feeling sorry for himself, again behaving selfishly to get his own way. I think he will wake up and realise his mistake and wished he had not admitted guilty to those charges put to him. It will be a battle to prove his innocence but that’s when it will get interesting. All those crimes and dirty deeds that Yash did, will be exposed and finally the court will learn that Jhanvi was also behind the MMS scandal ( i hope they expose this and not omit from story). Yash communication will lead to jhanvi’s mobile and the registerd texts messages will paint a picture of both their involvement and crimes. When Sagar learns this truth after much digging from Ganga, he will not blame himself and no longer feel self pity or guilt. In fact he will feel anger and requests Ganga’s help all the more to get him free . Ganga will come across obstacles and once again seek Palash for his help and support after apologising to him. Palash forgives her easily and helps when he learns what Ganga has discovered also because he is fond of her. Palash is a moral lawyer and he does not want to see an innocent person wrongly punished. I shall look forward to watching tonight’s episode.

  5. Oh god! Show is really going good ! Kudos to the whole team. I am sure now Ganga will fight for sagar . I am happy that it will be only saga or only ga but no paga…. Hehe..

  6. hi frs summer .. nice story narrating … but one question who is gong to find yush has done all these …….ganga? …..precap ganga asked unnecessary question to Palash just like immature sagar ……. bcz o f short temper …..

    1. Hi BR,
      Who is going to find Yash? Well, taken into account the show is purely for entertainment, I don’t think the writers will outline a sophisticated capture, they will probably have some random policemen/ person recognising him and this leads to his arrest for his first crime…MMS. However, with ongoing investigation regarding Sagar/Jhanvi death, there is so many leads that have not been mentioned in court yet, such as maid – witness, and in earlier episodes there was a mention that some people in the community noted Yash lurking around when he should be behind bars. Also, the policemen who tried to chase Yash, back to his home – his Dad had to cover for him by wearing his jacket, claiming it was him who rode the motorbike. The policeman did note the difference in trousers and queried him as Yash wore jeans. There are so many leads and holes in the story but how they are going to write for Yash capture we’ll see what the writers have in store for us.
      Besides, Yash is in hiding…he left a massive wad of cash in his jacket which remains at his parents house. He will eventually need money to spend, cash to buy food and necessities etc…If he access his account for money, this will leave a trace to him, especially if Ganga follows it up to find who this mystery person is? I really do hope that Ganga and Palash pair, they make a lovely couple, much suited together as character as oppose to Ganga and Sagar. But according to preview, Ganga takes her frustration out on Palash. Could this lead to Palash building resentment towards Ganga or Sagar? I don’t know, we’ll have to watch and see what happens. Nevertheless, very good story, thoroughly enjoying it.

  7. The court scenes required polishing and more powerful script. Script writer must consult some god lawyer to get the procedures right. Can he explain how could keep Chaturvedi family in lock up for mere than 24 hours?

  8. Atul Srivastava, Mysuru

    Biologically a DNA molecule’s length is about the distance between the earth and sun, but it is so twisted that it covers a very small volume. I hope that the court story is not elongated till eternity and gets to its logical conclusion within a week or two.

  9. Atul Srivastava, Mysuru

    I just hope the court case reaches its own conclusion within a week or two. They should not prolong it to eternity.

  10. I don’t understand how gangaa can fight the case ???She is a law student not Lawyer,I love the character of Palash he is too mature & understanding person

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