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Amma ji says you all have lost your mind. Have you forgotten she is a widow? Yes we had spoken and I had agreed but she cannot go to school in this avatar. Niru says we will have to abide by the school rules. You agreed for the exam. You knew she will have to wear the uniform. Amma ji cannot go against the societal norms. She is insulting our dharmas and scriptures by wearing such clothes. Niru talks about rules at school. They don’t listen to Dharma. Amma ji asks them how they will feel if she wears colourful clothes and roams in the market like that. Ganga cannot go to school in these clothes. I melted down for you people and for you two! I cannot let this happen. This girl has committed a sin. I will have to keep tough fasts to rectify her mistake. Madhvi tries to say something but Amma ji cuts her

off. You may like these new rules but I wont let anything like this happen in my house till I am alive. I wont let my years’ long tapasya go do in drain. She goes inside and comes back holding a white saree in her hand. Amma ji throws it at Ganga. This is the truth of your life. This is the only colour in your life now. It will be your identity till your last breath. No other colour can ever replace it in your life. This is the life of a widow. Prabha, Omkar and Yash look on happily. Sagar requests her not to do this. Ganga and I have tried so hard. She tells him to keep quiet in this matter. We elders will decide. She yet again tells Ganga to change her clothes. Ganga sadly turns to go and change. Madhvi and Niru feel bad. Amma ji tells everyone to make preps for the last day of puja in the Ashram (of Bhagvad Gita).

Ganga wears a white saree and opens her hairs. She recalls how Babu had appreciated her. She takes out her Bappa’s cycle from her bags. All my hard work went down the drain. I won yet I lost! I cannot wear school uniform. Amma ji says I am widow. God has made this rule. But you used to say that everyone is equal in God’s eyes then why this discrimination? I only want to study so no one makes fun of me. What should I do when it is mandatory in school to wear a uniform? I cannot understand a thing. She keeps the cycle near the bag and walks out holding the uniform and shoes. Sagar notices her thus. Yash laughs at Ganga. She got off on the first day itself. How she wanted to study!

Niru is pacing in his study room. Madhvi tells him to be calm and strong. Amma ji is not going to agree. Niru cannot understand why. She knew everything. She should understand the rules of the school. Why can she not see the dreams of that girl? These dharmas have been made by people only. They cna be changed if we make a few changes in them for some people’s sake. I only had encouraged Ganga to study. What will she think of her Babu? Will she trust me now? Ganga asks him why wont she. You haven’t done anything wrong. You are very good. She keeps the clothes on the sofa. They are of no use to me. Don’t think ever that I wont trust you. Don’t be sad you did so much for me. You spoke to the principal and did every possible thing. He says sorry to her. This is the first time when I am feeling so helpless. Please forgive me. She says there is nothing like that. Amma ji has not said that she wont let me go to school. I will talk to the Principal about this dress. He is sure they wont change the rules for on student. Ganga cannot give up as she wants to study and become like Babu. She runs out. Madhvi tries to stop her but Niru tells her to let her go. We elders have given up but she has not! No one can stop her now.

Amma ji and Prabha are set to leave for the ashram. Ganga runs to another corner. Amma ji asks her on her whereabouts. PRabha adds fuel to the fire. She has created a rift between you and your son. She must be happy. Amma ji gets irked. Come with us to Ashram. You have to do this only for life. The sooner you learn the better. Omkar has got a rickshaw. Madhvi, Prabha and Amma ji go out after Omkar. Maharaj ji gives stuff to Omkar. Omkar tells him to take another rickshaw and come to Ashram with Ganga.

Ganga comes out holding her bag under her saree. We will go as soon as we find another rickshaw. Ganga requests Maharaj ji to let her go for a while. He denies. What will I tell Amma ji? She will surely ask for you. She politely requests him. I know you too want me to study. I will have to do something for it. I will be back soon. Let me try once. He is pensive but gives in. She says my Bappa used to say that you should not accept defeat till the time you have lost completely. Please let me go. He agrees and she runs off after thanking him.

Pulkit is with his friend. His another friend comes there with a scooty. His father has gifted it to him. Pulkit too had wanted it. He knows all its feature.

Maharaj ji hopes that Ganga comes back before Amma ji asks about her. Sudha is uncomfortable with Omkar’s presence. Pishi Ma comforts her. Don’t pay heed to him. Focus on the aarti.

Ganga reaches school. Sagar notices her. What are you doing here? Dadi had told you against it. She replies that Amma ji had told her not to come to school wearing colourful uniform. I will talk to Principal Sir about this attire. Amma ji will also agree if he agrees. Sagar shakes his head as he knows that Principal Sir wont agree to it.

Precap: Principal tells Ganga that she will have to wear school uniform if she has to come to the school. She shows her result to him. I did so well in the exam and cleared it. Please let me come. He replies that he cannot change the rules of the school for her. Ganga walks outside sadly.

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