Gangaa 20th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Gangaa 20th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ganga follows Radhika’s voice. The thieves make Radhika unconscious and suggests about getting money against this girl’s kidnap now. The find Ganga coming towards the room, then finds a chance to flee. Ganga spots them carrying Radhika downstairs and calls Radhika. She then walks inside to wake Shiv and everyone, she says Radhika was kidnapped. Savitri questions where they are going. Shiv informs her about Radhika’s complain and head behind Radhika. Ganga holds his hand insisting to come along. Shiv was moved as she held his hand, then informs him about being near the jeep.
The thieves plan to hide somewhere and call Shiv for money.
In the car, Ganga asks Shiv what if they have kidnapped Radhika for money. She suggests they must have left the village. The jeep stops by at once, Shiv

goes to check for the problem. Radhika wakes up in the car, calling her Maa and Papa. They doesn’t pay attention as she is a minor. Shiv regrets as the wire of car has burnt. Radhika’s car passes behind Ganga, Radhika knocks at the door of the car behind her. Ganga spots the man and recognizes the thief as Math. She shares with Shiv she suspected this man. Shiv was alert and calls Math. He calls Muneem to look for the man in the Math.
Radhika bites the man’s hand and stuffs the driver’s face with her dupatta who suffocated and the car goes out of balance. Shiv and Ganga go looking for Radhika on foot. Ganga tells Shiv to walk ahead, she will walk slowly and insists about it. Shiv wasn’t ready to leave her alone, they try to hire an auto or cab. Shiv stops a car and gets in.
Savitri comes to Math with family.
They car of thieves was out of order, one of them deters Radhika and drags her out of the car. Radhika run from their grip into the fields and hide there.
Shiv reaches the car and finds it broken. They look around calling Radhika’s name. Shiv makes Ganga sit and calls Radhika across the fields. Radhika replies to his call, but comes to confrontation with the goon. Ganga decides to go on to look for Radhika and finds the goons in front of her.
After a while, Ganga gets conscious and finds herself tied with tree. Radhika had been tied with another tree. The thieves discuss that now Shiv must name his locker after them, else they will kill both of these ladies. They leave the trees. Shiv arrive from behind and whispers at them to run towards the city, then goes to a hiding again as he had already called the police. The thieves come to scolds Radhika for being restless. Ganga and Radhika’s ropes had been untied. They come together. Shiv places a rod on the thief’s shoulder and beat them, the three attack at Shiv together. Shiv fights well but they beat the back of his head with a rod. Radhika and Ganga move forward with huge wooden sticks, Shiv cheers heading the siren of police van. The inspector takes Shiv and family along to be dropped home. Shiv comes to hug Radhika.

PRECAP: Pratab was curt sharing he wants to kill Ganga. Savitri says she will kill Ganga also if needed. The next morning, Savitri tells Ganga to cook for Pandits as the next challenge.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Interesting….shall look forward to watching this episode tonight! 🙂
    Thanks Sona for super speedy update 🙂


    Getting interesting…
    Hi summer

    1. Hi Shraddha,

      How are you? It certainly is! I’ve just watched the episode, Savirtia did end Parvita’s life. I wonder how soon Shiv will learn of his step mum and brother evil deeds! It’s nice to see Radhika finally warmed towards Gangaa.


      I m fine!!
      How are you??
      Right… I am enjoying more this show than with sagar and ganga.. as here both are mature unlike immaurity of sagar…

      1. Hi Shraddha, good to hear you are well. 🙂
        Yes, the show have improved, story lines are more engaging. Likewise, i feel the relationship between Sagar and Gangaa were immature and young; as in emotionally and mentally. Their were too many misunderstandings and happiness were short lived, either on their part or others who created the rift. Whilst Ganga and Shiv seems to have a more understanding relationship. As you said ‘mature’, not necessarily appearance but emotional maturity. They seem to listen to each other and you can see, they both compromise to please the other. When Shiv said to Ganga, that she was his responsibility, he made a promise and is willing to keep it and not abandon her for another responsibility, i noted this is the difference in character between Shiv and Sagar.
        Sagar made numerous promises to Ganga, and in a fit of rage he married Jhanvi. I find Sagar is quick to fly of the handle, whilst Shiv is able to control his anger, like when Ganga failed to prove Pratap was plotting behind his back. Yes, Shiv was angry but he did not lash out.
        I’m wondering if the goons will spill the beans and sell out the instigators?


      Right summer…
      Sagar always behaved in anger and was not matching the thinking of concept of Ganga..
      I liked Ganga with Palash even but team turned him negative.. now i hope Shiv and Ganga unite..
      Vaise bhi in reality only Lord Shiv is only able to control flow of Ganga and same with this.. Ganaga can be controlled by Shiv only

  3. Lots of excitements. Plots unrevelled quickly and not dragged. It’s good. Would be interesting to know what the next challenge would be.

    1. Hi Precious, I am wondering during the next challenge whether Savitra will use the chance to hurt Gangaa, such an evil woman! Her two-face is portrayed well.

  4. 24 th Feb is Maha sangam episode of Gangaa and Santoshi maa…. Santoshi wondering why Gangaa is with another man… Shiv and Gangaa looking good together in traditional attires their ages now matches and r perfect in middle age couple looks

  5. Hahaaha middle age seriously sagar gangaa look really young & cute couple and suddenly gangaa is married wid another man and now she looks mature old …… little bit enjoying obviously not enjoying that part when gangaa shiv comes closer and bonding btw gangaa radhika but enjoying seeing pratap and savitri i knew it that savitri had killed parvati coz in the beginning u have seen that dai maa had said to gangaa that parvati was also like her i think parvati would also a hurdle btw savitri and pratap …….just looking forward to today’s episode and 24 feb and i want that gangaa should be killed serial end on sad ending khatam sab khatam really it will be a happy ending for me ….. hope that santoshi reveals everything to gangaa about her past…….

    1. Ur right…Most of them r liking shivs and Ganga pair….shivs more mature ?….If he is matured enough….He should have found who’s ganga in the first place and he should have sent her home….not keep her in his house has his wife….Where’s the maturity guys….I’m watching Ganga from episode 1 and the track was cool in the beginning and it was kinda different…But now it’s same old story like other serials with different characters….

      1. Hi Lee,
        Ganga’s face was covered, he does not know that this ‘Ganga’ is ‘not’ young Ganga when tragic happened. He thinks it is the same Ganga he married because he did not see her face.

  6. That was sagars character and shiv character is very mature u see yes gangaa is his responsiblity coz his father had told him and many times he has said that if his father has not given him gangaas responsiblity then he would have definitely leave gangaa ……..pls do u think they will live haapily for your kind information if a serial is gonna much sweet u know no family daram that serial is going to flop coz we audience like spice if gangaa and shiv are happily living then it will become boring then we will demand that make this serial more spicy and add some drama to it…….
    Of course the people living in villages and small towns apne vaade ke pakke hote hai
    Yes sagar has broken many promises but u guys have never think that gangaa has also tortured sagar after knowing the truth……..
    Finally when she said that she still loves him what happen this nonsense revamp has take place better to start gangaa2……

  7. Now a days serials have a good track and good start but as episodes goes on….They don’t no how to continue the story lines and they end up filling crap in the story….Ganga is one of the spoiled serial…It had a wonderful story in the beginning…No use watching serials…. Watching news is better…. Atleast V will get some worldly knowledge…. Previous characters in ganga had a little maturity….Now they r saying it’s a new story…..Can someone tel me wats new in this story other the new faces in this serial.Their must b some logics and ethics in serials….I can’t find any….And wers the maturity?

  8. What i understood is when Ganga loved Sagar they both faced problems day by day and no end of worries…. Now Ganga living with unknown man said to be her husband and easily getting rid of all the problems even without a bit of pain…. LOL….the writers decided the fate of the characters like this…. Simply v r there to get fooled…. I repeatedly saying that kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi is running on the same track of seven years leap and a girl child and they are showing with best screenplay… No crying… No shouting…. No dragging…. Female lead shown with maturity and brains….

  9. Julia, u r right. Please bhagwan santoshi ki help krna ki vo gangaa and sagar ko vapas mila sake

  10. I think that kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi is copying gangaa. And nothing else . I also think that the writers of these 2 serials are very nice friends and are deciding to do the same stupidity.

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