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Gangaa 20th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ganga and Supriya are surprised not to see Niru there. They think he dint hear anything or he would have run up to them. She leaves for court.

Niru brings Jalebis. Madhvi reminds him that he just recovered. You cannot eat sweets. He notices Pulkit and Supriya. He begins to talk loudly. You cannot stop me today as it is about my son’s success. Sagar smiles. I dint win the case. He touches Niru’s feet. Niru blesses him. You cannot understand a father’s heart. There can be many differences but the happiness that you gave me today! Sagar notices him looking at Pulkit and Supriya and is confused. are you coming to court today to see my case? Madhvi denies. he has to go for check up today. Niru adds that he might not be there before his eyes but his blessings are always with him. you will find me

near you in every occasion. You might not include me in any of your happiness but your father’s shadow will always be behind you. sagar is confused hearing his words. Supriya looks Pulkit who excuses himself. Sagar tells Niru he is feeling nervous today. Niru feeds him jalebis. It is a very good day today and I am super happy. Everything will be fine. Sagar leaves.

Ganga and Palash ready their file. Ganga asks about the opponent lawyer but he has no clue. He asks her to ready the file and heads inside to do some work.

Sagar, Raghav ji and Malhotra are all set for their case. Sagar sends them inside to check the files. He notices Ganga there and smiles. Sagar and Ganga talk about the case. He asks her to wish him. She asks about the case he is fighting but he does not share. She says I too will attend the first hearing of my first case. Someone collides with Sagar. The files fall down. Ganga and Sagar bend down to pick up the papers. Either of them misses some papers. Ganga wishes him luck as he heads inside with Raghav ji. He gestures it back at her as well. Palash comes just then. Are you ready with the documents? She tells him to go inside. I will just come. He tells her to be quick.

The hearing starts. Palash is surprised to see Sagar as the defence lawyer. Palash shares his point of view on the case (about drugs killing innocent people especially youngsters). Ganga also enters. She notices Sagar and nods at him who nods back slightly. She sits down tensed. Sagar thinks he knows she has come here to see him win. I will surely fulfil your wish. You will see me win today. Ganga is shocked to realise that Sagar is the defence lawyer. Sagar begins to give counter arguments. Sagar relates the old cases in court. The decision was given in my client’s favour back then as well. Palash speaks of a document which is a very big proof to prove his argument. My assistant has collected some documents which I would like to present to you. Sagar is shocked to realise that Ganga is Palash’s assistant. She hands a file to Palash who submits it before the judge. Sagar is clearly upset with Ganga and keeps looking at her.

Palash notices Sagar staring at Ganga. He looks at both of them and gets thinking. Judge gives another date for the next hearing. Malhotra does not look happy with Sagar. Palash asks Sagar why he dint argue in the court well today and asked for another date. Maybe you were not prepared? Sagar looks at Ganga (observed by Palash). You were fully prepared though. He leaves. Palash asks Ganga to come.

Outside, Ganga looks at Sagar who is busy talking to Malhotra. Palash applauds Ganga and thanks her as well. You proved it that I can trust you. you don’t know how much this case matters to me. Let’s celebrate it with lunch. He gets a call just then.

Sagar tries to make Malhotra understand that the case is still in their favour. Malhotra is unhappy with his silence in the court. Sagar says I asked for time and I got it. The case will be in our favour in the next hearing. Trust me. Malhotra says we will see. He goes. Ganga hears them.

Palash stops Ganga when she tries to go to talk to Sagar. He asks her where they can go for lunch. I am new to this place so I have no idea. She lies that she has a headache. I have to go home. he says the day just started. I thought to discuss the case after lunch. She says I couldn’t sleep well because I was busy making preps for the case. He allows her to go home for the day. She thanks him and leaves.

Ganga calls out for Sagar. Listen to me. he sits in his car angrily. She keeps knocking at the door trying to make him hear her but in vain. He drives away.

Precap: Sagar is doing work when Janvi stops him. why do you behave like this with me? you behave as if I don’t exist. He says I know it already. I accepted it before everyone that day. What do you want now? She replies that she wants his love and support.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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