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Gangaa 1st September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sagar paces in his room. He is worried about his position in the dance group. I hate Chandan! I don’t like him at all! He sits down to write the same in the notebook.

Shankar is on with MLA. Niru is still not back. Till when should I wait here? There is no point. MLA agrees. Get the CCTV footage of that area where SOlanki was. We will find some clue there. Be very careful. It will be a problem for you if too many people see you. Shankar agrees. Ganga holds his kurta to seek his attention. Why are you peeking inside my house? Shankar tries to say something but she doesn’t give him a chance. She calls out for everyone. There is a thief in the house. Everyone inside hear her screaming. Shankar pushes her to escape. Ganga gets hurt in the process as her head collides with a cart kept nearby.

Madhvi, Amma ji and Maharaj ji ask her what happened. She shares that a man was trying to look inside our house. I asked him about the same. He ran away when I assembled people. Madhvi asks her if it was the same guy whose sketch police had shown that day. Ganga denies. Amma ji asks for description. Amma ji correlates the description with Shankar’s appearance. She decides against contacting the police. We will think about it when Niru comes. We should be careful till then. Madhvi and Maharaj ji take Ganga inside. Amma ji is tensed. Was it really Shankar? Why did he come here? Did he find out that it is my house?

Sagar tears that page when he notices his mother and Ganga coming in. Madhvi shares the incident with him. It must be some thief. Ganga acted bravely and made him run away. Sagar wonders if Ganga is lying. She reminds him that she never lies. I took your side when no one was with you. He is angry as kids were poking him later. They felt that I cannot do anything on my own. Ganga says that is right. Chandan dint win. You did. The other kids understood it when I took your side. He refuses to take her help. Madhvi tends to her wound. Sagar angrily tells his mother that he hates Ganga. He walks out of the room in huff. The ink spreads on the notebook. Ganga sets it right. She sees what is written in the notebook. Madhvi too reads it – I hate Chandan!

Madhvi asks Sagar if he has written this. Sagar gets tensed. He finally nods. Madhvi wants to know the reason behind it. Sagar relates the incident at school. Should I not be angry? Chandan is very bad. She understands his point but why did he get angry on Ganga. Amma ji is sure Ganga would have done something wrong. What’s wrong in it? Madhvi denies. He tore one page but the other page still carries imprints. You can blame Ganga all you can till you want to take out your anger but no problem will be solved that way. Think if you are getting weak. Face Chandan bravely if he makes too much fun of you. You will find a way out of it for sure. Say sorry to Ganga now. Amma ji tells him against it. Ganga too does not want it. I only want Chandan to get on the right track like Bulbul. She became my friend now. I want the same for Chandan and Sagar.

Next day, Bulbul is eagerly waiting to see Ganga’s sad face. Ganga shares with Principal Ma’am and Gunwanti that she took the stage size and made all the marks. They are very impressed with her smart work. Bulbul smirks. She will cry real soon. They reach the classroom but there are no marks on the floor. Bulbul decides to go in to start the drama. She asks Gunwanti Ma’am what happened. Bulbul says maybe peon cleaned the room. Principal Ma’am confirms with the peon (Shyam Singh). He had locked the room after Ganga and Reena had left. Reena recalls writing it down on a piece of paper. We can make it again. Sadly, she cannot find the paper there anymore.

Gunwanti and Principal Ma’am very sweetly advise Ganga never to lose her confidence or hope. We will practise now like before. The final rehearsal is anyways going to happen in the main dance hall. Ganga recalls Madhvi’s words. You tore away one page but the other page has the imprints of what you had written in the previous page that you tore. Ganga asks Reena to give her that copy in which she had written the measurements. A confused Reena gives her that notebook. Ganga gets the marking back by making a shadow on the imprint. She gladly shows it to everyone. We have found the exact measurements once again. We can make the markings one more time. Gunwanti and Principal Ma’am are amazed at his sharp mind. Principal Ma’am is sure Ganga will make her name one day and make them proud. Ganga smiles. Bulbul and Chaya do not look happy. The girls have to assemble for Morning Prayer now.

Sagar shares with his dance teacher that he is perfectly alright now. I can practice today. The dance teacher takes them out for a treat as they did very well last week.

The girls have marked the positions on the floor. Gunwanti appreciates team work. Chaya is irked as Ganga became a leader of them once again. Bulbul is in no mood to give up.

Precap: Sagar and Ganga’s troop get into a challenge. Ganga gives a fitting reply to Chandan. Get ready now. It will be a tough competition / call this time. We will see who wins!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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