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Gangaa 1st May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shiv lights the stove as Ganga sat there to prepare tea. She withdraws herself as his hand touches hers. She soon gets a cough due to smoke. Shiv tells her to pour milk in the tea and bring it to shed. Ganga stands up arguing if she is his servant. Shiv holds her close to himself forcefully and smiles as she resists the hold. Shiv says when he prepared tea for her, was he a servant of hers. The older Shiv has died, but she must like the older one who was always ready to help others. Shiv looks towards Dadi and loudly tells Ganga to bring his tea to shed. Ganga was going inside but Dadi stops her and asks her to prepare the tea. She laughs watching Ganga do blunders.
Ganga brings the tea outside and was going to throw it. Dadi comes behind her and tells Ganga to go to the other side where Shiv is in the

shed. Ganga was curt that Dadi won’t give her any privacy.
In the shed, Ganga hands the tea to Shiv. Shiv says she is so late, he has been working now. Even his hands are filthy. Ganga tells him to have it after work. Shiv says it would get colder by then. Shiv warns Ganga that Dadi is watching them. Ganga forwards the glass towards Shiv, Shiv encircles her with his arms and demands her to look into his eyes. Ganga throws the glass of tea. Radhika comes there cheerful, she hugs Shiv and Ganga. Ganga takes Radhika inside.
Inside, Radhika asks Ganga to play with her. Ganga tells her to wash herself. Radhika tells Ganga to take a bath herself, she has been stinking of cow dung. She spots Aashi and goes to play with her. Jhumki comes there and taunts Ganga has been dancing over Shiv’s fingers. Ganga was worried and decides to do something about finding about Krishna. Ganga sends Aashi to ask Shiv bring sleeping pills for Dadi. Radhika insists on Ganga to play with her them. Ganga asks Radhika to come to Math, she has to clean Shiv’s office. The men followed Ganga towards the Math as she travels with Radhika. Radhika watches Ganga looking inside the cupboards and trunks and sits to help Ganga. Ganga thinks there is nothing that can give her any clue about Krishna. She was shocked to see Shiv standing on the door, staring at them. Radhika tells Shiv this is cheating, they were about to surprise him after cleaning his office. She suggests about playing something together. Ganga denies. Shiv says alright, he would play with Radhika. Ganga thinks this is a good chance to do her work. She tells Radhika and Shiv she will play with them, but she would decide the game.
Shiv was blind folded and played hide and seek with Radhika. Ganga was looking inside the drawers and checked papers. Shiv and Radhika had approached Ganga. Shiv gets hold of Ganga. Radhika cheers about Shiv’s victory. Shiv withdraws his hand immediately. A friend comes to call Radhika outside. Ganga takes a leave for home. Outside, a goon comes to tease Ganga. Shiv comes outside and beat the guys, they promise not to do so again. He comes to Ganga and asks why she didn’t introduce herself to them. Ganga says there is no difference in him and those guys, he called her as wife only on his will. They didn’t marry properly, he only put sindoor in her hairline. Shiv confirms if she means he is like the goons to them, then clutches the back of her hair saying he would show her what he is capable of. It’s Aashi’s wedding day after tomorrow, she would find out what right he has over her. Ganga says she is silent only because of Aashi’s wedding, else she isn’t even afraid of him.
At night, Dadi scolds the family for not making the arrangements as per their demands. She had objections over the color of bangles. She rejects the chunri as well. Ganga was worried and goes inside. She comes out with red chunris. Shiv and Aashi were happy as Dadi approves them. Shiv thinks Ganga must be ready to wear this red chunri.

PRECAP: Shiv tells Dadi that Ganga wants to remarry him with complete rituals, so they will marry along with Aashi today.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I hate Shiv. He is bully and He is using Sagar wish as an excuse to get Ganga. Even before he knew that Ganga was Sagar wife he was falling for her and now he is behaving like he own her. Disgusting behaviour. Holding her captive and not telling the truth about Krishna is immoral. I wish Sagar did not take the bullet for him.

    1. What does shiv know about Krishna

  2. YA true but never seen such a disgusting serial it is so funny that gangaa is not at all worried about her daughter wht she says is i vl stay in this house until shiv vl not tell her the truth about krishna nd the most funny part is that she is playing wid radhika attending the functions nd dressing up like bride but she still not worry about krishna pls directors its a humble request pls show some reality in the serial at least show 1% reality coz a mothe would bever ever leave her child like this gangaa talks like that she vl give ‘fancy’ to shiv but the reality is that she can’t do anything if we say that serial is fiction nd it can show anything sorry viewrs serials movies also have 40% reality in it but this serial is bullshit now i can see tgis serial’s sad ending resulting in gangaa’s death after hearing krishna is died

  3. kaythwe (Myanmar)

    i hate Shiv too Pooja. Sargar never treat roughly to Gangaa like Shiv n i think viewers want to see Gangaa’s missing for Sargar Krishna n Niru’s family . I can’t believe that why show directos deleted the Niru family ‘s parts in show n where was pulkit amaji …….. As for me , i love Gangaa – Sargar love story and Niru’s family. i am hoping that Sargar is back in show anyways !!

  4. hi

    Hi kaythwe
    I too also like sagar nd gangaa no one can beat saga they really make grt couple.. wht do u think makers have ousted Vishal ?? No vishal by himself has quit the show coz he was emotionally exhausted nd was not looking like 7 yr old child’s father this all Vishal himself said in an interview moreover he only told the directors that make some kind of story that sagar role should be ended so there in no point of asking the directors to bring sagar back nd im really happy for him coz he got a 100x better serial than gangaa nd also a grt channel to show his talent…….u could request makers for end of this serial …….?

  5. Now this serial is very interesting..nice couple shiv and ganga

  6. Hi
    Actually gangaa serial director was dead 2 mnths back ,thats why this serial was taken by new director n producer.they are totally changed the story line of gangaa , cast n crew except aditi.

  7. Waseem sabbir, who directed veera also.

  8. NO aaradhya this all revamped was planned before waseem sabir’s death pls read my comment above

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