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Ganga asks for a discount. 7k is too much. The shopkeeper tells her to talk at home first. You will have to pay that much only to get it in a working condition again. Ganga heads back.

Pulkit is checking Sagar’s laptop but it isn’t working. Sagar is tensed. I don’t misuse it. Madhvi comes there. She gets to know about the laptop. You don’t care about anything. Papa will scold you both. I will tell him not to bring anything for you from now onwards. Pulkit tells Sagar that he cannot help him. Ganga feels bad. I will tell Sagar the truth. She tries to talk to him but he is in no mood to listen to her. He closes the door on her face. She requests him to open it but in vain. She goes downstairs.

Ganga requests shopkeeper to help her. She doesn’t have money. It is my friend’s.

Please help me without taking any money. He doesn’t mind doing it but he will have to buy the hardware and motherboard. I don’t have that much money. I cannot help you even if I want to. Ganga wonders where she will get this much money for! I shouldn’t have touched such an expensive thing. Ganga overhears a guy talking to two tourists. He helps them in buying something. Ganga smiles upon noticing a dummy of cycle on the shop. The shopkeeper demands for 2k for a wooden carved cycle. The guy tells him to make 5 pieces by evening for 1.5k each. Ganga agrees to do it. The shopkeeper is amazed. What are you saying? Ganga doesn’t mind doing it. I will make the best pieces. The shopkeeper stays put. I cannot do it before day after tomorrow. One needs time to make 5 pieces. It is a touch task. Ganga reasons that nothing is difficult. One has to be strong mentally to make it happen. She gives good logic to him. You are getting so much money for one piece. I will help you. The ladies find it very cute. They leave after their guide tells them that their work will be done. Shopkeeper panics but Ganga assures him that she will do it. Bappa used to say that customers are like Gods. You shouldn’t send anyone back. Will you give me some money too? He asks her what she will do with the money and how will she do the work that she has promised! She recalls how she had made a car out of wood. Bappa appreciates her for doing it. Nothing is easy but if you are dedicated enough and have a strong will then nothing can be difficult. The main thing is how to carve the shape. The one who understands it can make it happen. Flashback ends. Shopkeeper challenges Ganga to show him how to make it. Ganga sits down to work. The shopkeeper is certainly amazed when he notices the final piece. She has carved Lord Ganesha. She wants to help him. I will help you and your shop will get famous. Those ladies will tell more people about your shop. The shopkeeper thinks for a moment and then agrees. Come in the afternoon when the customers will be lesser. You will have to do it on time. She agrees.

Ganga has packed Prasad as per Madhvi’s instructions. Madhvi takes it. Ganga thinks of going to the shop now. But Amma ji tells Ganga to make 20 more packets of Prasad. I have to send it to the guests who dint come today for the paath. Give water to the guests. Ganga is in a fix. Amma ji gave me so much work and I have to go to the shop too. What should I do? She decides to do all the work at any cost. I want to repair Sagar’s letter. Amma ji and Madhvi attend to a sage on the main door. Ganga gets an idea and runs upstairs.

Ganga makes a rope using sarees and gets down from the balcony. Mehri notices the saree. She also notices Ganga running away. She calls out for Ganga but Ganga is unable to listen to her. Amma ji comes to kitchen. She calls out for Ganga as she hasn’t made all those packets yet. She calls out for Ganga but there is no one. Mehri tells everyone that Ganga ran away. She ran away just like the last time. Amma ji wonders what prompted Ganga to escape stealthily. I had given her some work and she ran away. Omkar asks for Prasad. Mehri shares the news of Ganga running away from the house with him. He is surprised. Why would she go away like this? You (amma ji) are wrong. You kept someone at your house without knowing anything about her. World will point fingers at you in case anything wrong happens to Ganga. Madhvi tries to take Ganga’s side but Amma ji stops her. You are to be blamed for everything. You are very lenient with Ganga. I will punish her this time. I wont allow Ganga back inside the house if she wont return before the evening puja. She will have to stay out of the house for entire night. She will learn a lesson then.

Shopkeeper brings Ganga to the work room. He gives her all the necessary things. You will not get money without completing your work. You have to make 5 cycles out of the wood. I will lose my respect if you aren’t able to do it. Will you run away? Ganga takes out the cycle that her Bappa had made for her. Don’t worry. I will do it.

Precap: Amma ji tells everyone to close the door once the sunsets. Maharaj ji shares the same with Ganga. She tells him not to tell anything to anyone at home. Amma ji or Sagar wont spare me then.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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