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Gangaa 1st February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ganga wakes up as she hears beating, and wonders where the sound coming from is. She walks outside the house. Shiv was vigorously beating a wooden log with an axe. She recalls Dai Maa’s advice that Shiv needs a support. The next morning, Ganga requests Dai Maa to do something. Shiv comes to the table and announces he can’t hold the seat of PrataDev. The right must be given to Pratab. Savitri and Pratab asks how they can take his place. Shiv replies that Pratab must take their father’s place. Yesterday it has been proven he isn’t worth the seat. Pratab reluctantly agrees. Dai Maa looks in shock, Shiv was happy and so was Jhumki. Shiv informs about having arranged their turban ritual. Ganga was moved at the decision.
Later, during the turban ritual, Savitri and Pratab share wicked smiles. Ganga

thinks there is something wrong for sure, she must find out. She walks outside, and in the drain she finds milk. She thinks this means Chotu still used to throw the milk, then how can his father blame Shiv for his death. Dai Maa comes behind, Ganga asks her about the whereabouts of the man. Dai Maa returns with the address. Ganga wants to go behind him, with a will to prove Shiv as innocent. They cover their faces with the veil.
At the bus station, Ganga and Dai Maa search for the man. They hear Chotu being forcefully taken by a coupe, after covering his face. She shows this to Dai Maa, she thinks this is important to stop this child and inform Shiv about it. Dai Maa sends Ganga to call Shiv, as she will keep an eye over the child. Ganga dials Shiv’s number, but the phone was on silent. She then calls home, Mukesh ji asks to speak to Shiv and informs the child is alive. Mukesh repeats the words, Pratab takes the phone. Ganga informs Pratab that Kishore is running away with the child who is alive, and tells him to come to bus stop. Pratab promises to come soon. Ganga. Dai Maa suggests about saving the child by taking the attention of people. Kishore and wife run to hold Dai Maa as she acts to fell down. Ganga walks to Chotu and asks why he has placed the cap over his face. Chotu recognizes her, and says his Baba told him to cover his face. Ganga takes him aside and clutches his mouth. Chotu calls Kirhsore, they come to save Chotu. Pratab reaches there and strictly tells him to go to the car. He then beats Kishore for blaming Shiv falsely. They take Kishore to Shiv’s feet. Kushal says that since Shiv has been proven innocent, he must get the turban. Savitri comes to apologize Shiv, and announces him as Prata Dev. Pandit asks Ganga and Shiv to touch the alms. Shiv’s hands touch Ganga’s, both were moved. Ganga notices Shiv’s turban was lose and asks to tie it properly. Jhumki tells Radhika she is helpless, as Ganga has taken over her father. She plans against Ganga.

PRECAP: Radhika was tied to a chair, Jhumki assures Shiv will make Ganga leave the house. Ganga leave the house for accusations by Shiv. Dai Maa cries in front of Shiv to have thought before blaming Ganga.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Summer…. Hi…..paper butterfly…. On that day when Ganga expresses to Sagar that she was feeling something wrong was going to happen… Niranjan reminds them that they have to leave to Switzerland for honeymoon… Sagar then gives her a paper butterfly and says her to be ready for a surprise….

    1. Hi Bhavana, thanks for filling me in. But i don’t understand, how did that butterfly survive the storm in ganga river? Don’t forget, she didn’t recieve her own trunk, in fact it was young Ganga’s suitcase of belongings?

      Thanks Sona for speedy updates.

  2. Thanks Sona for the updates….

  3. plz makers stop the show its totally irritating….boring…bakwas…
    sagar ganga plot was the best….!!!!

  4. I have been watching and waiting so long for ganga and sagar to settle down with their child. I don’t understand why the writers have changed the story line. And i hope that ganga does return to sagar eventually … although i am not watching it now as not happy with the change of story! And im scared that sagar might never make a come back… still dont know what happened to krishna?

  5. I believe that the butterfly which flues in the direction of the wind, resembles Gangaa.
    Not sure though, how the ‘paper’ butterfly survived the storm and how it got back to Gangaa when the trunk was not Gangaa’s.
    I should congratulate the writer on this occasion for cleverly swapping the characters and the plots. Love watching Rathika and her mischieves. Yes Radhika is a child and obviously will not want to see another woman in her mum’s place. It would to lovely to watch her trust and love for Gangaa develope and swatch her trying to bring Shiv and Gangaa together.
    Sorry that most Gangaa fans might not agree with me but let’s think outside the box and not believe that There’s no Gangaa without Sagar. Is it really that very important to know what penned to the Charu family and Krishna, when they are not part of the plot.
    If they do turn up again and the story could restart from where it was left.

  6. bhavaniasapu

    That paper butterfly… Ganga kept folded in her saree pallu that day…. Sorry… I forgot to mention….

  7. How did I miss the paper butterfly….Let me watch the episode again.Now coming back to the plot, I appreciate the writers on taking up a rarely reported topic. The scientific and medical facts of RA is ..Gangaa is in dissociative fugue state. This means patients are bound to regain their memory suddenly and completely within weeks or months. On regaining their memory they go into depression if they come to know that they have done something illegal and unethical. They will also forget the things they have done when they are in dissociative fugue state. Keeping these facts in mind, Dear Precious, it is not possible for SaGa fans to accept Gangaa and Shiv. Gangaa is the legal wife and mother of Sagar,s child.
    Sagar has been faithful to her entire his life. If Gangaa is not able to unite with Sagar, she will not live with anyone, must lead a lonely life solving the problems of others.. never hers. But the show is suppose to provide entertainment not negativity and depressions. I think the present story line focuses on the message to accept people affected by RA.They should be accepted by the family members and allowed to resume their normal lives. If the story concludes in union of Gangaa and Sagar, the serial can win an award for its contribution to a social cause. Most of the people see this RA as mental retardation. Awareness should spread among people. The divorce rate will certainly come down.

  8. Hi Precious, Bhavania and Revathy,
    Thanks for further insight to the butterfly. It explains how the butterfly reached Ganga. Although i felt there was a void missing due to sudden exit and unfilled aftermath of the Chaduvetri family, it did take me some adjusting. Nevertheless, I am quite liking the new track. Ganga has already started her purpose, she has already proven that Shiv did not kill the child and his rightful place as head of hermitage has been restored. Nevertheless, i don’t think her job is done. Somehow I think she needs to expose Pratap and his mother, their real motives towards Shiv, as Shiv blindly trusts them. Can’t help but think that Pravita death have something to do with Pratap and his mum?
    Did anyone recognise the pattern of Sagar repeated in Shiv? He would wrongly accuse Ganga and when realise the truth make amends and feel bad. The tiffin and according to precap, Radhika being tied to a chair. Precious, I understand where you are coming from but Radhika is such a horrid child!
    I think when the time is right, Ganga will be reunited with Sagar, by then Krishna will have done a lot growing. Once Shiv’s family story has been told and it comes to a natural end a reunion will happen and a new leap could possibly take place again? But for now, I am finding the new storyline entertaining and would like to see how it develops.

  9. I completely disagree wid summer they will not show krishna as grown up child and there will be no leap in the upcoming eps and this new track will not last longer…… gangaa is leaving the house but she will return so i think no chance that she will meet sagar. Same story repeating gangaa always trusted sagar but sagar never trusted gangaa and now also gangaa trusted shiv but shiv will not trust gangaa….. same story yaar directors pls kuch toh naya dikhao

    1. Hi Julia,
      That’s ok. Its just my thoughts, everyone is entitled to their own opinions. It doesn’t matter whether you agree or disagree as each viewer have their own concepts how the story will develop. 🙂
      I was thinking along the lines when Shiv family storyline dries up, ‘potentially’ there could be another leap? Like when Sagar left for London feeling betrayed by Ganga due to surprised pregnancy. A 7 year leap took place and not so long after the leap, Gangaa and Sagar reuniting was short-lived, then a revamp took place.

  10. Dont know how this story will take place ☺☺

    1. I suppose we have to give the new writers a chance and see the direction they decide to take Ganga. 🙂

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