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The Episode starts with Amma ji asking Shanta is she done now. Shanta says not yet and farts. Sagar and Ganga smile. Shanta says this is nature, stomach and gases are together. Amma ji thinks Shanta is troubling everyone, how will we bear her for 15 days, what will be the reason of her sudden coming here. Ratan and Prabha are at temple with their son Yash. Ratan asks Prabha to put 10rs in charity box. Prabha says this is kalyug, misery in Lord’s name too, and thinks how to get money, she did not get his bonus and salary, help me Lord, she will not return jewelry, she does not wish to go jail. A lady asks her to walk ahead. Prabha makes faces and sees people putting money in charity box. She thinks they are not asking her, she needs more, they are foolish to give money to Lord, who gives them money.

Ganga and Sagar take care of the puppy Jalebi Prasad. Sagar says its good Shanta Dadi came and topic was changed. Ganga says Shanta talks so much, I have seen Amma ji quiet for the first time. He asks is she saying bad about Dadi. She says no, I don’t insult elders. Sagar says maybe Jalebi Prasad got unwell, he maybe dehydrated. She asks him to get water. He asks her to hold puppy and goes to get water. He brings water and she makes puppy have water. Sagar says he is not drinking, and gets cotton to make puppy have water.

Ganga says I feel Jalebi Prasad got ill. Sagar checks him and says maybe, we have to take him to doctor right now. Ganga asks how will we get money for doctor’s fees. He says I have just 50rs. Ganga says it won’t be sufficient, if you did not spend daily pocket money, we would have got money for doctor’s fees. He says he has spent money to buy anklet for her. She asks did I tell you to get gift for me, just think how to get money. He says we can’t ask money, what will we say.

Prabha asks lady to have patience, she is pure devotee, she will donate real money, not stones. Prabha sees Ratan praying and hides the 10rs. She puts a one rupee coin in charity box and apologizes to Lord. She says she needs money, sorry, I will take some money from this box. The pandit sees her taking money from box and asks what is she doing. Prabha says I was putting money in it, I m donating more as I m real devotee. Pandit blesses her. Prabha says its Lord’s duty to help me, what will Lord do with money. Ratan asks her to have darshan. She says Lord is everywhere, I can’t take heat, come soon. She goes.

Shanta gives saree to Mehri. Amma ji hears them and says Shanta gets already worn sarees in good packets. Shanta calls Amma ji a miser. Amma ji says no, I also gift sarees. I can give white sarees too. Mehri says I don’t wish to. Prabha turns and sees Ram ji. Ram greets Prabha. Prabha asks Lord why did he send the man to ask for money. She sees the beggar and takes his blanket. She hides covering herself with that blanket. Ram tells his wife that Prabha was here, she went, she has taken loan from me, I will get every penny from her. Prabha hides and runs. Ram sees her and goes after her.

Mehri asks Shanta to have lassi. She taunts Amma ji who never gifted her. Shanta asks her why did she not add sugar. Mehri says I have put sugar. Shanta says sugar should be in lassi and on tongue. Mehri goes to add more sugar. Madhvi comes and says she has set the room for Shanta. Shanta says Kanta is very lucky, she got a very nice bahu. Amma ji says my bahu is Gau/cow. Shanta says I have seen you since childhood, you have small heart, you don’t praise anyone and just get angry, if you say good words to bahu, it won’t be bad.

Amma ji says nothing like bad. Shanta says don’t talk infront of me, you don’t even give anything to others. She tells Madhvi that Kanta used to check sugarcane’s size and give the shorted to me, but she did not get sweet tongued till now. Mehri gets sugary lassi. Amma ji holds her head. Madhvi says Amma ji gives a lot to us, she loves us. Shanta says you are satisfied, anyone else would have given her answer and left. Sagar and Ganga come there. Shanta says she got peda/sweets for him. She feeds peda to Sagar. She asks in which class are you. Sagar says 5th. Ganga has puppy inside the cloth bag. Shanta asks Ganga to take peda. Amma ji signs no, and says Ganga is widow. Shanta says so what, Ganga is a little girl, nothing will happen. Shanta gives her peda. Amma ji thinks Jiji always outdoes me. Shanta asks Ganga not to worry and eat peda.

Sagar asks Amma ji for some money. Madhvi asks why. Sagar requests Amma ji. Amma ji gives him 100rs. Ganga thinks they want 200rs. Shanta says see Sagar’s face, he wants more. She gives Sagar200rs. Sagar and Ganga get glad. Shanta calls Kanta a miser. Kanta says I m not miser, and gives 500rs to Sagar. Sagar gets surprised. Madhvi says Sagar will get spoiled. Amma ji says let him spoil, he is my grandson, don’t advice me, I will give more to Sagar if he says. Sagar says no, thanks. Ganga thanks Lord. Sagar takes Madhvi’s permission and goes with Ganga. Amma ji scolds Madhvi for sending Ganga, without taking her permission. Amma ji gets annoyed and leaves. Shanta makes faces and signs Madhvi to take it light.

Ganga and Sagar get puppy to doctor. The doctor checks the puppy and asks what did he eat. Ganga says puppy did not have water and cries. The doctor asks why is she crying. Sagar says she is puppy’s mum and I m dad. The doctor asks why is he not crying then. Sagar says dads don’t cry, I m supporting Ganga. The doctor asks puppy’s name. Ganga says Jabeli Prasad. The doctor laughs and says interesting name. He asks what did they feed puppy. Sagar says biscuits. The doctor asks them to feed puppy food/biscuits. Ganga and Sagar start arguing. The doctor says don’t worry, I will give small injection. Ganga says its big injection, we won’t allow. The doctor says its necessary for his recovery. Sagar asks Ganga to be strong.

Ganga says fine, but slowly inject, I know puppy will be hurt. Ganga holds Sagar’s hand and worries. Ratan takes prasad’s box. Prabha comes and says she was here. He says I was taking Prasad for Madhvi. She sees Ram ji coming and worries. Ram runs to her asking for his money. She thinks how to escape and hires auto to go home soon. Ram ji says I will not leave her. Ratan asks Prabha why did she not negotiate, they could go home in 15rs instead 20rs. She says her legs were aching and makes excuses. Yash shows Sagar and Ganga. Ratan asks driver to stop auto. Prabha says don’t stop. Yash says I have seen them with puppy.

Ganga and Sagar are on the way and are glad that Shanta has come home, and helped them. She asks why did Amma ji refuse to get Shanta Dadi at home, Shanta is so good. Sagar says Dadi is after everyone, she scolds everyone. They have a talk and Ganga jokes on Shanta.

Shanta tells Madhvi that Kanta has kept you away from motherly rights, she is so dominating. She says Kanta is my sister, but wrong is wrong, she is lucky to get bahu like you. You bear all her tortures. Madhvi smiles and says no, Amma ji is good at heart, I will make pakodas for you. Shanta leaves and goes to Kanta. She fills her ears against Madhvi. Kanta says Madhvi is my maid, not servant. Shanta says I did not like Madhvi’s words, she will go against you infront of everyone. Kanta says your habit to ignite fire did not go. Shanta says I did not do such, I was telling for your good. She goes. Kanta recalls her words.

Sagar asks Ganga what will we do when anyone catches us, and ask us to keep puppy out, how will puppy manage. Ganga says we should tell everyone about Jalebi Prasad. Sagar says Dadi will throw puppy out of the house

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. Raj her husband .She got married secretly and he didn’t tell his parents .So they didn’t know about this marriage

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