Gangaa 19th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Gangaa 19th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shiv watches Ganga teach successfully to the kids and ladies.
Jhumki sits for the pooja. The Pandit suspects this house surely has some ill shadow, he does a pooja against it.
After the class, a lady asks Ganga’s permission to let her take her daughter, girls must not be let to wander alone. Ganga thinks about Radhika going to forest, and thinks she didn’t get time to speak to Shv about Radhika.
The Pandit asks Jhumki to light a candle on terrace. Shiv had arrived by then, Pandit takes a left. Ganga comes inside. Jhumki also comes outside and sits on a corner, Savitri tells her to come inside. Jhumki and Savitri leave, Riya asks Ganga if she also wants something as Shiv is going to city. Shiv wonders what if Ganga dislikes his offer and leaves. Ganga thinks he didn’t

even ask her once. Riya says to Ganga that Shiv has really changed since he returned to city, he speaks less to anyone. Ganga tells Riya she had to speak to him about Radhika, but she would now manage by herself. She leaves to take Radhika.
Radhika was walking towards the forest. Ganga comes from behind and asks where is she going, there is no way towards home. Radhika says someone told her about a way from here, and asks why Ganga came to take her. Ganga says she would now give Radhika pick and drop from school. Radhika looks towards a ruin house desserted in the forest. Radhika leaves the other way, but Ganga looks towards it suspectedly.
Jhumki watches a medical attendant aware of her case and wonders what if he reveals her truth about pregnancy. He stops to inquire about her health, Jhumki scolds him in return to save her life.
A servant brings a letter to Ganga. Radhika says her studies have finished and asks for her permission to go and play outside. Ganga forbids her to go towards forest. Ganga reads the letter from Shiv, he had offered his help anytime through letter to her. Ganga thinks about writing a thanking letter. She writes that his suggestion really worked, she is now sure that not only the children but women would also come to school. Savitri calls Ganga, she turns to go leaving the letter fallen on floor. Shiv enters the room and comes across Ganga. He finds the reply of letter fallen on floor and cheers finding it. He decides to reach it only when it has reached him the right way, he holds it worthy that Ganga wrote a letter for him.
Radhika was playing in the terrace and was about to slip over. A lady holds her. She asks why she came here, if someone watches her she would never be able to meet her again. Ganga had come to Radhika’s room to take the forgotten letter. She now comes calling Radhika. Radhika insists on the lady to leave, she goes away. Ganga goes to post the letter.
Radhika runs inside and hits Jhumki on the way. Jhumki brings a candle to the terrace and prays around. She was terrified as she watches the lady wandering inside their house and goes towards Radhika. Ganga hears Jhumki’s scream and runs outside. She brings Jhumki inside. The doctor says she is unconcious because of shock, she might have seen something. Jhumki wakes up and tells Savitri she has seen a ghost upstairs, it seems it was Parvati. Radhika at once denies the possibility and says Jhumki is lying, she goes to the room. Shiv forbids Jhumki to say this again, Parvati is a pure soul. Savitri makes up to Shiv that she is pregnant and might be getting illusions.
Ganga comes to Radhika and asks her not to be afraid and pay heed to waht Jhumki says. Ghosts and souls are only illusions and don’t belong to real world.
The next morning, Shiv comes to ask Savitri if she needs something from city. Riya gives him a list as well. Ganga comes out and tells Riya that she is going to pick up Radhika. Radhika comes home then, Ganga asks how she came earlier. Radhika tells Ganga a girl’s grandmother had died, so they got an off earlier. She goes inside cheerful, and tells Ganga she got full marks in her exam. Ganga gets a call from her principal inquiring about Radhika’s health as she isn’t coming to school for a few days.

PRECAP: Ganga follows Radhika to the forest where Radhika was requesting the lady not to come home, Ganga already suspects them. Ganga comes to hit the lady with a wooden rod but was shocked to see her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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