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Gangaa 19th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amma ji requests / begs Omkar to stop. Who is that gilr after all because of which you are leaving the house? He stays put. Amma ji makes Madhvi request him. Madhvi does so unwillingly. Drishti’s roka is going to happen soon. Omkar doesn’t want to be insulted anymore. Sagar stops his Fufa ji. Ganga made a mistake. Please stay back. You are a very good man. Please stay back. Omkar acts to be touched by Sagar’s affection. Omkar touches his head. I am feeling weak. Amma ji tells Maharaj ji to bring food. He hasn’t eaten anything since yester night. Amma ji assures Sagar that she wont let his Fufa ji go anywhere. Omkar, Amma ji and Sagar leave. Pulkit heads upstairs.

Maharaj ji shares with Madhvi that he finds something weird in Omkar’s behaviour. Everyone knows thta he doesn’t like

Ganga yet he was taking very good care of her. he did yagya for her. I belive Ganga. Madhvi suggests him not to think of this way about Omkar. He is the SIL of the house. Maybe Ganga was mistaken. Don’t say this in front of anyone, especially Amma ji. She gives him breakfast to give to Omkar.

Madhvi gives lemonade to Ganga and sets the bed for her. Ganga tells Madhvi that it was yumm. My Bappa used to make similar lemonade for me when I used to return after playing with my friends. It keeps head light and calm. I am feeling better. She lies down to sleep but Madhvi asks her if she had mixed those sugar pills / tablets herself. She thinks of the incident and then agrees. I only mixed what Amma ji’s SIL had poured in it. I dint even touch the box. She recalls Omkar threatening her. he had warned me one day to stay out of his way or it wont be good. What does it mean? It means he wants to kill me? Madhvi shakes her head. why would he do it? Anyone can make mistakes. It is nothing. Ganga sleeps.

Madhvi thinks that she comforted Ganga but she herself doesn’t know what the truth is. That what Ganga said or that what Omkar had been telling us? She tells the maid to bring her phone. I want to talk to Niranjan asap. Maid goes to bring her phone.

Amma ji tells Omkar to eat properly. The roka is tomorrow. Maharaj ji brings kheer as Amma ji had got it especially for Omkar. Maharaj ji next scolds Maid for not helping him in the kitchen. Maid tells him that she is looking for Madhvi’s phone. She wants to talk urgently to Vakil Babu. Omkar gets alert. He notices Madhvi’s phone lying under the table. He asks Amma ji for water and meanwhile goes to pick it up. Amma ji sends maid to the other room as Omkar is eating here. She too goes to take medicine. Omkar decides to make sure that Madhvi should not be able to talk to Niranjan. He adds another digit in Niranjan’s number. She wont realise it as she will be in haste. He notices the landline next. I will have to do something.

Omkar disconnects the cord of the landline phone. Now I will see how they both talk. Niranjan will immediately return if he finds out about Ganga’s health. He will then also find out that I haven’t submitted the form. It is time to take the next step now which will take me closer to my aim. Omkar keeps the phone over the clothes. Maid is washing them. Madhvi is looking for her phone. Omkar gives it to her. He scolds the Maid for not being careful. Maid is confused. I searched the entire house but couldn’t find it. Amma ji asks Madhvi if she spoke to Niru. Madhvi says I am doing that only. She tries Niranjan’s phone but is not able to get through. The landline is also down. Amma ji suggests her to call Niru through Pulkit’s phone. He is not home yet. Amma ji sends Maharaj ji to bring someone to fix the phone but he tells her that they are on off. Omkar gets glad that things are working in his favour.

Niranjan calls Babli. He wants to talk to Madhvi. I tried her number but it’s not connecting. Babli calls out for Madhvi. Mama ji wants to talk to you. Madhvi hasn’t heard it but Omkar has. He gets tensed. He asks for a medicine for headache from Madhvi. She goes to bring it. Babli is heading towards kitchen. She tells Niranjan that Ganga is not well. She heads to Amma ji’s room as he wants to talks to Ganga first. Omkar gets tensed thinking what if Ganga tells Niranjan everything. Omkar is worried that his own daughter might ruin things for him. Babli gives the phone to Ganga. She requests her not to tell anything to Mama ji. I only said to him that you aren’t well. He is very far. Niranjan asks her about her health. She is in dilemma as she cannot lie to him. She starts talking about other things instead. He tells her about Allahabad. She wants to go to Allahabad. He tells her to study hard for that. I am very happy that you learnt all the tables. You will have to write an essay on my family without anyone’s help. She makes faces. He guesses that already and she is surprised. Can you see it through the phone? He denies. I know my Ganga so well that I can guess her reactions. You can start studying if you pass in this exam. Don’t worry, try to write. I know you can do it. I have full faith on my Ganga. You are very smart. There is nothing that you cannot do. She agrees to write the essay. Omkar wonders what they are talking about. Amma ji finds him peeking inside her room. She asks him what he is doing here. He lies that he came here to ask about Ganga’s health. She calls him big hearted. He nods. I am elder. I cannot keep grudges with a kid. She tells him to come as Madhvi has made tea for him. He cannot hear Ganga’s convo now.

Niranjan tells Ganga that she will get all the happiness in the world if she studies. You must learn how to read or write. She thinks of Sagar’s outburst and agrees to do whatever he will ask her to. He says that’s good. I will talk to you when I am back. She smiles broadly.

Ganga comes to Sagar’s room. He is playing with his toys. He senses her presence. She tells him that she knows what he feels. You think I cannot do anything? But Babu has told me that I can do anything. I will do the task that he has given me. You will see for yourself, just wait and watch!

Precap: Amma ji thinks of what to do with Ganga. Prabha tells her to throw Ganga out of the house. Amma ji agrees. This is true that no one will be at peace till the time she is here. Ganga overhears their convo from behind a pillar.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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