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The Episode starts with Sagar seeing Ganga leaving. She cries and goes home. Sagar picks the black thread and beads. He recalls their childhood moment. She ties him the thread and says this is me, Ganga, don’t remove this thread ever. He recalls her words and says this thread was strong Ganga, maybe I could not keep our relation strong,I have hurt your heart, you went and this also broke. Madhvi asks what, how dare Ganga slap Sagar. Jhanvi says they are childhood friends. Madhvi says it means she felt bad that Sagar wanted her to marry Sahil, it means she does not want to marry Sahil. Its time to show her real place, her dreams are touching sky, we have to show her truth.

Ganga comes home and recalls Sagar. She cries and goes to Sagar’s room. She sees her and Sagar’s pic and cries. Little

Ganga appears. She asks her to see what happened with her, everything was dream, this house is not mine, childhood Sagar was mine, but today’s Sagar is not mine, he would have not thought to give her to someone else, how did he say he does not love me, he asked me to marry someone else. Little Ganga asks her to clear the matter. Ganga says I m living with this sindoor since 10 years and he called it madness. Little Ganga says Sagar is mine, don’t lose so soon. Ganga says love can’t be asked for, I will not beg for love. she removes her anklet and says I always wore one anklet hoping Sagar will make me wear another anklet, now he will make me wear anklet or I will never wear it. She keeps anklet on the pic and leaves. Little Ganga says Sagar did not do right.

Maharaj asks where did she go. She says I m stupid and does all mistakes. Jhanvi asks Sagar why was Ganga upset. He says I don’t want to talk right now and goes. Madhvi looks on. He goes to his room and recalls Ganga’s words. He gets her anklet and recalls their childhood. He says why are you doing this, I don’t love you, you were adamant and wanted me to fill sindoor in your maang, so I did so, its your mistake, why are you breaking relations, that was childhood.

Ganga tells Niranjan that she does not want to marry, Sagar had misunderstanding. He asks are you fine. She says yes, I want to study, I don’t want to marry. He says fine, its your life, study, I m with you. She turns to go. He stops her and asks is there anything else. She wipes her tears and says no, I will go and see did Pulkit get ready or not. She goes. He says don’t know what happened, she does not look fine.

She recalls Sagar’s words. Pulkit comes and asks how am I looking. She says great. He asks what happened, did you fight with Sagar. She says no, does my life revolve around Sagar. She fixes the broach to his sherwani. He asks shall I talk to Sagar. She says no, are you happy. He says yes. She as asks really, you don’t like this color. He says mum likes this. She says family chose the girl, what about you, you are marrying for Supriya’s helplessness, will you forget Saloni. He says Saloni moved on, everyone has right to move on, I don’t know I will forget everything and move on, but I will try. Sagar hears them.

She says your heart is really big that you have forgiven Saloni, but I m not great like you, I can’t forget anything and can’t move on, I can love by my wish, some people don’t keep love and call their weakness their necessity of live. Pulkit asks about whom are you saying. She says nothing, I will just come. She sees Sagar there. She says Sagar got the stole, he will fix it. she goes. Pulkit asks Sagar what happened, did you fight with her again.

Ganga recalls Sagar and cries. Sagar sees her and covers her with the shawl. She removes it. he covers her again. She puts it down. He covers her again. She asks why are you doing this. He stops her and says even I want to know why are you doing this, you are ruining your life because of me, I can’t see this. She says you have hurt me by breaking relation and you are getting hurt. She asks him to live his life, but he can’t change her. He stops her. She says don’t give me lecture, I can’t move on, I know to keep relations, you forgot this, but for me, you are my husband and I m your wife. He looks at her.

Sagar says Jhanvi is my girlfriend, I love her, I will tell this to everyone. Ganga is shocked. Jhanvi and Madhvi smile.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. That’s really bad of sagar…

    1. i know yeah he should just love her.

  2. Oops what d hell is d precap..still wt n al l should gangaa face…but it ws a gud epi

  3. What will sagar tell to evryone??
    Only dis much k jhanvi is her gf or abt his n gangaa k relationship n madness??

    Poor gangaa. … it always happens …u love smone frm bttm of ur heart n they pass by n move on just saying dat they haven’t seen u in that way….

    Bt whatever gangaa… don’t let her turn negative. .. plZz writers gangaa ko achcha hi banaye rkhna .. kuch faltu k harkat mat krwana usse… plzzzzz

  4. Feeling bad for Ganga as her heart broke….Bt Ganga can’t force sagar to love her,,,also Sagar can’t be blamed ,,,If Ganga can make Sagar as her husband without his consent then Sagar hv the right to see Ganga as his best frnd,,,{ bt Ganga is looking older than Sagar }

  5. Wowww great…i had no expectations frm Sagar nd now i m 110% sure day he’s a ullu

  6. sagar can’t be blamed for this………….but anyways,sagar will surely realise his love for ganga when she will not be around sagar………hate madhvi,she’s so mean……..

  7. Ganga should forget Sagar and move on any sort of childhood marriage is wrong let Jhanvi become Sagars shield. Ganga is strong

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