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Gangaa 19th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amma ji also checks the video. Pulkit refuses to believe it. Who did this? Ganga looks at Sagar. Every person in the party is looking at Ganga. Ganga notices everyone staring at her. She explains to them that she did not do anything. I don’t know who this person is. Trust me. Amma ji sits down shattered. Ganga says I have been brought up by you. I cannot go wrong. Amma ji asks her if this is how she paid her back. She pushes Ganga away. don’t touch me! She requests Pulkit and Supriya to speak up. You know me. I dint do anything. Madhvi also is broken. You should have thought atleast of your Babu! Sagar is all quiet as well. Ganga asks him to speak up. Ganga can never be wrong. He is still quiet. Ganga looks at him in disbelief. She steps back in shock. You also don’t believe me? Janvi

smiles. Ganga says there is nothing left for me now when you only turned your face away. Janvi tells Yash he did a great job. You are intelligent. Yash says if I push the send button then the entire town will know of Ganga. He does so. Janvi compliments him.

People in Banaras check the video.

Prabha walks up to Ganga. She pulls her hand to make her turn towards her. Are you happy now? You have stained our name. You were found on road. Niru brought you from there. You deserve to stay there only! I wonder since when this is going and with how many men! She looks at Sagar. Prabha asks her to look at her. You used to speak so highly of self-respect. What happened to you now? Your name is Ganga and you do such things! She turns to Amma ji. I told you this girl will bring shame to our house. You dint listen to me! Ganga used to roam around town so openly. This was bound to happen. You were taking her side a while ago. You said you will not spare Ganga if she goes wrong. You have been shamed because of her today! She asks Ganga to say something. Is this what your mother and Bappa taught you? Ganga tells her to stop. Don’t say anything against my parents. I did not have my mother by my side for years but my Bappa took care of me very nicely. I am his pride. I can never do something which will make him look down. Prabha claps for her. you are still acting to be so good. Ganga declines doing anything like that. I don’t know from where these photos came. I don’t know that place or the guy in the video! I did not do anything. Someone has certainly! Amma ji slaps her. Shameless girl! if it was any other girl in your place then she would have killed herself by now. You are still arguing with us! Yash asks Janvi if she is enjoying. Amma ji requests the guests to leave. Pulkit tries to say something but Amma ji does not let her. She also quietens Prabha. People remark that Ganga has hurt Amma ji badly. The guests leave and so does Prabha and her family.

Amma ji asks Ganga if she does know thta guy. Don’t you know what was happening to whom? Should we refuse to believe what we saw with our own eyes? She is also in tears. Sagar stands there silently. Amma ji leaves for her room and so does Sagar. Everyone leaves one by one. Ganga continues to cry alone. She looks at her hands.

Janvi meets Yash. This was not in our plan. Yash says but it added spice to our plan. I thought Ganga and Pulkit’s video might not do justice to our plan. I used my brain then. I had Ganga and Pulkit’s photo. I browsed online and found a new video. I replaced the girl’s face by Ganga. A new video was made. This will create the kind of drama we want! You must have understood now how smart I am. I can jump in Ganga river for my beloved bhabhi. This is nothing. Ganga will not stay in the house now. No one will let a characterless girl stay in this house anymore! A girl’s respect is like mirror. If it breaks once then it can never be repaired. I did half of the job. You can do the rest. Sagar was stunned after seeing the video. He dint doubt even for a second. She says good job done. She gives him money. You deserve a big amount for such a task! He agrees. Janvi thinks to use this time to her favour. I should do something right now so that this family throws Ganga out of the house right away.

Ganga recalls the party scene and how Sagar stood silently. You did not say anything. Just like others, your face also had question marks. Amma ji comes there. Why are you sitting here now? Amma ji picks up her slipper. She asks Ganga to hit her with this. People are anyways going to do this only after knowing about the video. Ganga stops her from doing so. Trust me. I did not do anything. Why are you punishing yourself? Amma ji says how I will face people. What will I say to others? You did bring doom to the house! This is what I feared. Ganga says I did not do anything. The world, society can think anything. I don’t care. I know I did not do anything wrong. Ganga was and is pure as Gangajal. Amma ji replies we saw it with our own eyes. Your arrogance has brought your doom. You might not care but I do! I will have to answer people. Our respect is gone. You are still the same! Ganga says this is my confidence, my self-respect. Any lie, be it big enough, cannot snatch my self-respect from me.

Ganga tells Amma ji to hear her heart. I will also listen to my heart though. My heart says that I should fight till I am sure I am right. I should fight for myself and against the society even if I have to do it alone, even if anyone else refuses to stand by me. I should continue fighting for my self-respect and I will fight! Amma ji is all the more tensed. She might not care but I know the world more than you. A storm will come after this incident.

Precap: Javnvi tells Sagar Ganga should have been careful before getting physical with someone. She should have checked if someone is looking or recording it. He is about to slap her and shouts at Janvi to stop. He stops his hand mid-air. People pelt stones at Chaturvedi House. Everyone ducks for safety. Amma ji throws Ganga out of the house!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. I wish Sagar had slapped janvi…nd i m sure ganga will fight back this and her babu will always be there by her side. I don’t understand what sort of family is this, ganga has been staying there for soo many years and they are believing this petty thing instead of believing what she says. I have never seen such a mad family.

  2. This episode has infuriated me! I can’t watch this bullshit! Pulkit should’ve married gangaa since he’s always by her side! Sagar is a waste of space!

  3. i wish k sagar ne jhanvi ko thappad maara hota… at least wo chudail … bekar ladki jo real me ladki krhlane k layak b nahi h.. use apni value to jh mr aa jati… n babu b out of town h 10 din k liye.. dat means abhi gangaa k help krne wala koi nhi h???
    plzzz gangaa don’t give up. .
    jhanvi n yash k sach saamne aa jana chahiye jaldi.. i wish k sagar ko wo video wala ladka kahin raaste me mil jaaye……

  4. Freedom Fighter

    I wish Prabha Mami dies!!!
    Or better still……I wiish someone throws acid in her eyes and mouth and face. Then mamaji should abandon her at the ghats to beg for a living!!!!

  5. janvi u r rly vryy bad..ur thinking is so. cheap…u alws dos rong wth gangaa
    bt i wsh k sagar tumhara truth jan jae..sagar alws savd gangaa n ths time he saved her too…n one day he ll kick u frm his life..bcz gangaa n sagar made fr each othr in ths story

  6. janvi u r rly vryy bad..ur thinking is so. cheap…u alws dos rong wth gangaa
    bt i wsh k sagar tumhara truth jan jae..sagar alws savd gangaa n ths time he saved her too…n one day he ll kick u frm his life..bcz gangaa n sagar made fr each othr in this story

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