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Niru talks to Raghav ji about his cases. Madhvi tells Niru that he can go on morning walks now but be careful. He agrees. I start from tomorrow. Sagar tells his papa that he took the case. Niru is surprised. You refused for it earlier. Sagar agrees. I changed my decision when I got ot know that it is Palash who filed the case. Niru deduces the reason for him taking up the case – to prove himself before Palash. Sagar denies. I want to tell you I know how to use brains rather than heart. I will prove it to you. I will win the case. Niru applauds his spirit. Scan the details of your case and client thoroughly. Sagar nods. I will find out everything about this company and then only will sign the contract. Niru wishes him luck.

Palash and Ganga are at police station. Inspector says we have registered

a FIR against the company but suggests him not to mess with big people. Ganga asks him what he means. Someone shot him outside the court in day time. I saw them. you can ask people too. Inspector tells her not to tell her their work. He makes Palash sign the FIR. Inspector repeats his suggestion again. Palash thanks him and leaves.

Sagar speaks to Janvi’s father about the pharmaceutical company. He speaks well of Malhotra and his company. Sagar thanks him and ends the call. He tells Raghav ji the same. I will still find out about their background. I have to find out if this company is real or genuine. Can you find some info about them? Raghav ji gets to work.

Ganga is angry at the policemen. How will it work when police will suggest us to fear people? Palash tells her to relax. He was only following someone’s orders. Ganga asks whose orders.

Janvi’s father talks to Janvi. You asked for help for Sagar’s career so I recommended Sagar’s name. Janvi thanks him. Sagar will have to bend down before me when he will get such a big opportunity because of me. What can Ganga give him? He will soon realise how lucky he was to marry me.

Madhvi reprimands Janvi for not taking care of Sagar. You keep sleeping all day. Show some interest in the household work. She is about to go when she notices the pills on the table. She asks Janvi about it. Janvi says they are sleeping pills. Madhvi is shocked. Why do you need them? This is why you sleep till late and don’t come out. She makes Janvi sit. I understand your worry but I am with you. You have to try from your end to win Sagar’s heart. How will things work out this way? Janvi calls her a typical MIL. You blamed me for everything. Did you ask your son how much he has tried to save his marital life? Madhvi says you also know how much I have tried to talk to my son. If you blame me then it will be good for me to be quiet in this matter. She leaves. Janvi realises her mistake. Sagar does not talk right with me and now MIL is also upset with me. I cannot even control my anger. I need to calm down or I will lose everything. What should I do? She looks at the pills. She takes one. Her hands shake badly as she pours water for herself.

Sagar talks to Raghav ji about the case. There have been a few such cases previously too but they came out clear. The allegations can be wrong this time too. Raghav ji says it might be so. I spoke to the employees who spoke well about the owner. I don’t understand why you are doing so much investigation when Janvi’s father spoke in this company’s favour. Sagar says I want to fight for justice. Money, fame is important but not more than justice. Raghav ji says I see Niru’s reflection in you when you say such things. Sagar hopes to become like his father one day. They end the call. Sagar notices Ganga coming home just then and goes to talk to her excitedly. He realises the truth. I forgot for once what all has happened between us. I came here in excitement to share everything with you. Sorry. She says he can still share. We are still friends. He smiles happily. you are right. No one can break our friendship. You told me to control myself and fight back. I am doing that only. I will win the case. Papa will be proud of me and you will be jealous (as an afterthought). She shares that she joined internship. He asks her why she came alone at this hour. you could have called Bhaiya atleast. She tries to make him understand but he tells her not to come alone at this hour if she gets late again. Call me if Bhaiya is free. I am telling you as a friend. You will either ask someone from office to accompany you or I will bring you. He does not let her talk and heads inside. She is tensed. He dint listen to me. I am doing internship with no one else but Palash.

Supriya tells Ganga how Pulkit gets worried on every little thing. pulkit is concerned as her feet is swollen. Supriya says you took me to doc who said everything is normal. He is relieved to know it. I was worried what if there are some complications. He goes to keep the tub back. Supriya tells Ganga how Pulkit panics because over every small thing. Ganga knows how much he loves her so he gets worried. Supriya nods. This is why I miss elders of the house. They look after you in this condition and guide you but the house got divided. I wish Ma was here. I cannot expect anything from my step mother. Ganga tells her not to think of all that. Take rest now.

Prabha and Yash happily talk about what happened at Chaturvedi House. He says your mind is sharp and I have taken after you. She tells him to be careful. Your father should not know of all this. He is upset with Didi right now but he can have a change of heart anytime. Ratan comes just then. He says Pulkit wants to mortgage his house. I feel guilty. He trusts me so much. She plays the emotional card. Does Yash mean nothing to you? Madhvi and Niru dint feel any pity on us. Sagar and PUlkit too dint spare Yash. Strangers are strangers after all. Yash would have been still in jail if he had not run away. he is hiding from everyone. Ratan falls for her words. The biggest motto of my life is to destroy Chaturvedi family.

Next morning, Niru is coming back home after walk. He stops to buy fruits. Ganga and Supriya see him. Ganga tells Supriya this is the right time. Supriya is hesitant but Ganga says this will be perfect to fill the gaps in relations. They walk past Niru discussing child names. Niru stops to hear their convo. They ask the fruit seller which name he likes. Supriya asks for papaya. Ganga stops her. Doc has told you not to eat it. Niru is confused. Ganga asks Supriya about the name if it is a girl. Supriya suggests names. Ganga dismisses them. they should have some weight as she will be Judge Niranjan Chaturvedi’s granddaughter. Niru hears them and get ecstatic. I am going to become a grandfather?

Precap: Sagar and Ganga talk about the case. Someone collides with Sagar. The files falls down. Ganga and Sagar bend down to pick up the papers.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Sagar denied took the case to prove him self befor palash but he earlier said he did it after knew the opposite was palash. Better make up your mind, what do you mean. HaHaHa Sagar why so cute…
    The show getting way too serious lately, I need such ‘light comedy’ scene or lines. Sagar could do this the best, since Vishal got best actor in comic role HaHaHa.


    Nice episode…. i hope this plan of ganga works and family unites…

  3. Ok… I guess we have to interpret the serial in something like this-
    No doubt the river ganga drains itself in the “sagar” but there are other rivers too that drain in it. Lets name that river janvi. On the other hand, ganga have tributaries too in which it drain partially, and distributaries that drain in the main river ganga. Let collectively name this tributary and distributary Palaash.

    If this is going to happen, where ganga and sagar will remain together as best friends and have their individual lives with Palaaah and Janvi then friends brace up, this is going to be another Balika Vadhu.
    However one thing was good…it was the smike on sagar’s face. Being a follower of the serial just because of him, it was good to see him smile after so many days. He looks really cute doing that. 🙂

  4. I agree with you, looks like it’s going to be an other balika vadhu but seriously are we really interested in seeing balika vadhu version 2 with other actors? Hope directors doesn’t land up showing us again same story as balika vadhu. I still want sagar and ganga to be united!!! Hope that happens. May be ganga might be happy with palash but I don’t want sagar to compromise his whole life with janvi he definitely deserves someone better. Let palash bring the lovers close rather than separating them forever. As I already told real couple need not be reel couple too!!! Let sagar remain main lead!!

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