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Gangaa 18th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ganga is hesitant. She holds Sagar’s hand worried. He assures her papa will handle everything. I am also here. She nods. They both go inside. They look at the place where Amma ji was sitting. Niru sees them. He calls out Sagar’s name. Sagar hugs him. Everyone comes there as well. Sagar asks his father to explain to everyone. I am not doing something wrong. You don’t know what happened here. Niru says I know. Sagar holds Ganga’s hand. Make a decision when you know everything. Tell everyone Ganga has a right to live. We have a right to marry the one we like. We love one another. Love isn’t a sin. How can we be wrong as per religions or scriptures? Ganga is your favourite. You used to say that she cannot do anything wrong. Why was she insulted in the house then? Make everyone understand. Niru

tells him to wait a minute shocking both Ganga and Sagar. Today I need to make you both understand things. Sagar and Ganga are taken aback. Sagar asks him if Ganga has no right to live. Niru says she does have a right to dream, to study, to live. I helped her. I brought her from the widow ashram, raised her but what did she do? She misused her right. How could she think she will become the DIL of Chaturvedi family? You too misunderstood. You very well know Ganga is a child widow. Pitying her and bringing her home is one thing while making her the DIL is another. I don’t accept it. I wont allow this! Ganga and Sagar are stunned. Ganga takes her hand back. Sagar and Niru look at her.

Ganga steps back in tears as Niru’s words haunt her. Niru looks away. Ganga thinks of how she met Babu and when he took her with him to his home. Niru does not look her in the eye. I know you have been hurt by words. You are a really nice girl. I am attached to you, love you but! Ganga asks him but what. I was living in this illusion that you love me. I got to know today it was a lie. You never loved me. You have kept me in dark over all these years. Amma ji warns her to stop. How dare you say that to niru? He brought you here when you had no roof over your head! How dare you call him a cheater? You will question him? Ganga says nothing is left to ask now. Babu brought me here. He fought with the world to keep a lonely little orphan girl to keep her here. Was that fight for me or to prove yourself as a just person? You became a great person. Everyone appreciates you regarding humanity by talking about your good deeds. The truth is, you never thought me to be a human. I was a prize / trophy for you so you could gain in people’s eyes. You indeed are a great person. Ganga got burdened under it. I was so proud of my self-respect. Today I realise you have trampled it under your feet to fulfil your motive. The Ganga, who you raised up and tried to gain the respect of society, why did you get scared today when she was asking for her rights? Say something. Madhvi asks her how she dares talk to Niru like that. Ganga says I loved you like a mother. I never questioned anything you say. The truth is you could never become my Maiyya. I used to feel bad but never complained. You might not think of me to be your daughter but I looked at you as my mother. I am not upset with you. I am upset with Babu and of my immaturity. The day, when he saved me from falling in the river, wiped my tears and brought me here, I felt like God sent him in place of Bappa. I was stupid. I couldn’t realise that you were taking care of your respect that ways. I cannot believe it that the person who I gave place of Bappa in my life will be this selfish! You have done many favours on me. Do one last favour now. Look at me now. Niru looks at her. She asks him to call her mad. Tell me I am wrong to think this is my Bappa’s love for me. This is the pity of Judge Niranjan Chaturvedi! I pitied on you like people pity on animals. I hated words like pity and alms. I stayed hungry but refused to eat what I got in alms. You broke my pride. You gave me everything in pity! Pity in place of rights! Did I ask for it? Why did you do it then? Niru says these things don’t matter now. I have already said what I wanted to. Ganga leaves from there in tears. Pulkit tries to go after her but Niru stops him. Let her stay alone for some time.

Sagar looks at him. Leave her alone for some time? You left her alone for forever today. She thought of this home as her own, the Babu who she trusted broke her trust today! Niru says I dint do anything wrong. Sagar says she gave you her Bappa’s place. She trusted you more than anyone else. Everyone knows she wont take anyone’s pity. She would rather choose to die. You broke her trust completely. You proved her today that she was living on your pity till date. The hurt you have given her cannot be healed in this life. Niru tries to make him understand. She cannot get what she wants. Sagar demands to know why. You call yourself a modern man. When Sahil wanted to marry Ganga, you readily agreed. What happened today when it is your own son in Sahil’s place? It does get difficult when you have to follow the big words you say. In common man’s language, it is called double standards! Niru angrily raises his hand mid air to slap Sagar but stops himself.

Sagar turns to go when niru tells him to look at himself first. What are you? You said you loved Janvi. You did Roka with her. You fell in love with Ganga as soon as Janvi left? You are lecturing me about love and trust. Dint you break Janvi’s trust? Wasn’t your love towards her a lie? You backed off from your promise. I am not one of them. I have promised Janvi’s parents. You will marry Janvi only and that too very soon! Sagar tells Niru I understood you know nothing about relations. You are a Judge though. I am married to Ganga now. She is my wife. Legally, I cannot marry someone else now. Niru asks him who will accept this marriage. You came in a village and put vermilion in someone’s forehead. Who will accept it? Sagar replies that he does.

Precap: Amma ji tells Niru that Ganga fooled him. Niru says I will handle everything. I wont let it happen. Sagar cannot go against me. Sagar assures Ganga he will always be with her. I will never cheat you. You will never have any complaints from me. Your every tear is mine while my every happiness is yours. He hugs her to comfort her.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Neeru apne aj acha nhi kiyq

  2. Niru is a disgusting hypocrite! Hes a typical corrupt lawyer and all these years he was faking to be so good and just when hes selfish just like the rest!

  3. oh my godness ? “Your every tears is mine while my every happiness is yours” Sagar word’s makes me goosebumbs ❤️ This is what a true love called ?

  4. Itne acche character ko raaton raat itna badal diya wow n I hope ki sagar Yeh baate yaad rakhe of trust n etc etc

  5. Dude this is baaaad too bad, i don’t knw what to say. Seriously i don’t kbw why but i m in luv with this serial. It is literally showing us the truth of the society. Today niru’s true colors were seen. He’s just the same as the others.??? Live u gangaa…i really want ganga to study further and become a lawyer and then show this society what she is.

  6. Niru and Madhvi considered Ganga as their daughter. How can their son & daughter marry? Pulkit & sagar are brothers of ganga. How can brother & sister marry? No society allows this. It is so wrong. Niru is a man of ethics, morals & values. He is always right. He is a gentleman to the core. Niru is not against widow remarriage. That is why he welcomed her marriage with sahil. But he cannot allow his daughter ganga to marry his son sagar. Sagar and ganga should have brotherly & sisterly love between them.

  7. I agree wid sagar and ganga…..about the doublw standards…niru was ok with ganga marryimg sahil but now wen it is his own son in place of sagar he is objecting it n i jst dnt like madhvi.

  8. Thank u for the updates. I cannot view the shows daily but no worry I can know the story from ur written updates.

  9. Sagar- well said! How come accept Sahil for Gangaa and not Sagar. This is mean, hypocrite, selfish n greedy to have a modern DIL. I think a leap gonna take place soon where Gangaa will be famous lawyer and Sagar will be in search for her as they get separated. 🙁

  10. I feelniru unde some pure from khan is side

  11. Niru is under great pressure

  12. Awesome acting by aditi sharma. Today’s episode was superb dialogues of ganga was superb and so true.

  13. Vishal and aditi together are looking awesome. I must say chemistry is so real…….. Hiten is looking superb irrespective of the character…… Amazing script…… Amazing….. Hold of all the characters…. ammaji also excellent work,she is so much into the character.

  14. It’s very sad that the adults forget they were young ones. I have seen many Hindi movies and so did my parents. Those films induced love in our hearts, yet, in our culture, loving another is forbidden and considered as vulgar. Gangaa and Sagar, both are no longer kids, but this is how our parents treated me. I was never treated by them as an adult. When it came to marriage, it was not my happiness they considered, but their own pride, their own diginity. In this drama, I get the feeling Sagar will marry Jhanvi, simply to please his parents, but still love Gangaa. Love is not something you can turn on and off to please the traditions, the cultural values and customs or to please the adults. Treating a helpless little girl the way they have done is appauling and it is obvious Niru agreed to get Sagar married to Jhanvi, only for his selfish reasons. Very sad. Unfair and unreasonable to force young people to suppress their feelings. How can they ever learn to love their own wives and kids or anyone else?

  15. Poor ganga……niru goes aganist her and sagar ab kya karenge ganga & sagar…..

  16. wow wht a drama yar…niru rly u dos vry rong wth gangasagar…thy lov ech other n u dnt suport thm..ths is out of ur chractr..hw cn u do ths
    u knw vry well k sagar kbhi nhi leve krega gangaa ko so y r acted to mch…n ur famliy is too disgustng..niru tum kaise kr skte ho ye i cnt ne gangasagar ka trust hi khtm kr dia..ab wo kaise manege tmgari bat. ..kl to rona aa gya ganga k lie tmhari bate sunkar. u r rly a slfish prsn nt a good prson fr gangasagar..u agnst thr felings n ondy ull realiz thre love n acpted thm…gangaa to mar hi gyi kal tmhri bato se..tmne bilkul b acha nhi kia un log k se km tm to wse rhte whi gangaa k bapu bane disgustng k tm b badal gye..n itna jyada k lgta hi nnhi k whi niru h..ystrdy sagar is rite k u r a duble face prson wth donle standrd…
    bt koi nhi gangaasagar dono ek din tmhe apna pyar aur carer dono proof krk dikha dege..n thn u aall of acptd thm..

  17. I think Sagar should stand by Ganga at any cost. But one thing I want to share with u all that Ganga look far more senior than Sagar. The casting is not proper. The small Ganga and small Sagar looks perfect.

  18. I agree with what sigma said, but at least nirtu can explain that they are brother and sister and they cnt married not by saying he pities on her. and noru always says gangga is sagr’s friend not his sister.

  19. I disagree with you sigma, they never did legal paper work to afopt ganga into the family. All they did was being her to the house and claim her as there daughter.

    If they considered her as a daughter she would not be cleaning the house, and other stuff like a slave. They would have listen to what she had to say when the video was released.

    Besides everyone in the show kept sAying sagar best friend and even the neighbors know it. None of them see ganga as sagar sister like the show veera. So its not wrong.

    Their not related and they never claim they were sisters and brothers. When sagar made it clear to ganga about jhanvi he said i see you as my best friend, never once did he say sister. Pulk and ganga are more close as beother and sister than sagar.

    So niru is just confuse right now, he wants to go by his words but he thinks of society standards and what they think

  20. What if this is a ploy by Niru in otder to convince the family members that Ganga and Sagar are inseparable without putting up a fight with Ammaji and Bahuji?!

    1. Exactly my thoughts..Niranjan Babu can’t take such 360 degree turn.
      Lol, but today I was thing Gangaa was gonna say ” Ek chutki sindoor ki kimat tum kya jaano Babu?”

  21. Samaira kapoor

    I think niru is testing the love of sagar and ganga but putting them in dilemma and wanted to see whether they can survive this love test

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