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Sagar asks Fufa ji to begin the puja. How will Ganga get well otherwise? Omkar tells AMma ji that he will do the havan for Sagar’s satisfaction. She nods. Omkar sits down for the puja. How could I do this! I dint want to kill that girl. It was all unintentional. I don’t know what will happen now. He begins the yagya. Amma ji is glad that Omkar is doing so much for their family. Madhvi is not impressed by it though. She heads back inside Amma ji’s room.

Sagar tries to pull his brother to sit in the puja but Pulkit stays rooted to his place. There is no point in doing anything now. She is gone. He thinks of how positive she was about the situation and how she helped him. Sagar too thinks of Ganga and how she has always been with him, helped him, has supported him in everything.

Doc notices

some movement in Ganga’s fingers. He checks her pulse. There is a hope that she will be saved. Maid informs everyone else. Pulkit tells Sagar that his puja is having the desired effect. This is no less than a miracle. Omkar is surprised yet the puja continues. Pulkit too joins them for the puja. Maharaj ji offers water to all three of them but none of them take it. Madhvi too prays for Ganga’s recovery. Listen to these kids atleast.

Ganga coughs. Doc checks her. He announces that Ganga is gaining conscious. Everyone gets thrilled. Amma ji congratulates Omkar and Sagar for their belief. Omkar says it is all Lord’s blessings. They all go inside. Omkar is tensed.

Madhvi helps Ganga in sitting. Doc tells them to make her drink lemonade. It will give her strength. Maid goes to make it. Doc asks Ganga if she can recall in case someone gave her anything to eat or drink. Omkar is worried that Ganga might tell them about him. She too thinks of the same thing. She looks at Omkar who is staring back at her wide eyed. She points out her finger at him. Everyone looks at him in surprise / confusion. Ganga says he mixed sweet tablets in the water. I started feeling dizzy afterwards. I don’t know what happened then. They all look at Omkar pointedly. He replies that he had given water to Ganga. She had come from outside and her face was all red. Maharaj ji had brought the water. Maharaj ji nods. Omkar adds that he only mixed sugar tablets so she gains strength. Ganga disagrees with him. You had mixed something else. She asks Madhvi to take her to his room. I will tell you what he had given to me. Omkar is trapped.

They all reach Omkar’s room. Ganga points at something kept on the table (sugar free). Omkar repeats that he dint add anything wrong. Madhvi notices something lying next to the side table. She looks closer and finds one of the tablets lying on the floor. This is sleeping pill tablet. It can kill someone if the intake is high. This info shocks everyone. Omkar stays put. I don’t know anything about it. Everyone eyes him suspiciously. He shouts that he dint do anything. She might have mixed it on her own. He turns to Ganga. You only had said that you will mix it on your own. You might have added it. You cannot read. Ganga denies. I dint add anything. I only mixed what you had added in water. Omkar acts all sad. I hurt my hands while doing the havan, stayed empty stomach but the very same girl is blaming me for her attempted death. Why will I kill such a sweet girl? I should leave from this house now. I have had enough. Amma ji stops him. He refuses to stay where he has been insulted. He tells Babli that she will get married in Gazipur only. Amma ji requests him to stay. He tells her not to do so. You are like my mother and will always be but I wont stay here! Amma ji scolds Ganga for creating mess. You have ruined my family. Amma ji, Madhvi and Pulkit go after Omkar.

Sagar looks angrily at Ganga. Ganga says I wasn’t lying. Why would I lie? He doesn’t know why she would do so. I thought you will die so I wanted to apologize to you. I sat with Fufa ji and did puja for you but you are framing him. He is right. It will be your fault only. Why will he do so? He was so concerned about you! He did yagya for you overnight. Why would he try to kill you then? The truth is, you don’t like him. he loves you so much. He is leaving the house because of you. You are very bad. He walks out of the room with her following him. He doesn’t want to talk to her or hear her. You are bad. I was mistaken. You are very bad. I will never talk to you. She says you will realise it one day that I am not bad. You are doing wrong. You will repent behaving like this with me. You will surely repent. I never lie. I dint lie today as well but you don’t accept it. Let it be. I am mad to call you my friend. I saved you so many times; got scolded because of you and you are behaving so badly with me. you have changed all of a sudden. He withdraws his hand from her grip and leaves. She thinks / vows that one day he will come to her on his own and will say sorry to her.

Precap: Babli is talking to niranjan. I will make you talk to Mami right away. Omkar calls out for Babli angrily. Babli tells Niranjan that Ganga is not well. She heads to Amma ji’s room as he wants to talks to Ganga first. Omkar gets tensed thinking what if Ganga tells Niranjan everything.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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