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Gangaa 18th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rahat reveals to Niranjan that Zoya is his daughter and because of him, she tried to commit suicide today. Niranjan refuses to believe it. Rahat says she had come to Amma when she was pregnant, but she didn’t let her meet him. Amma says she never came and is lying now. Ganga says she thought Amma is religious and wouldn’t take wrong swear on her God. Sagar gets angry and asks Ganga to leave from there. He says she’s so changed and it’s all because of Rahat whom she knows from just now. She says she is not changed, it’s his family who has changed. It’s shame that a judge like Niranjan failed to see what’s right and what’s wrong. No girl would complain about getting raped and spoiling her life unless it really happened. She says she has full faith on Rahat and Zoya and will fight in high court.

Other hand, Zoya comes to meet Rudra. Rudra asks why she accused him for something that he never did. Zoya says because she loves him and she had given him choice to run away. Rudra says he loved her because he didn’t know Akhtar was her husband. She tells him if he marries her, then she will take all charges back. He says court has already proved him innocent, but she says who is going to believe him. Everyone will think he made false reports by giving money. He says he has never seen such a disgusted woman. She says she’s doing all this because she loves him. If he doesn’t marry her, then she will commit suicide. She takes out knife. Rudra says people like her can only kill others, not themselves and sad thing is that Ganga believed her and risking her career behind her case.

Sagar and Pulkit come to Niranjan. He tells them that he liked Rahat once, but he never got any letters or such from her. He doesn’t get it why Rahat is lying about all this after years. He tells them that this was his past and he never let it come between him and their mother. He has always been loyal in their relationship. Sagar says they trust him. Their mother comes there and episode ends.

Precap: Rudra has recorded Zoya’s confession and he shows video to Sagar. Sagar tries to contact Ganga who is on her way to high court.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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