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Babli congratulates Sagar for winning again. Amma ji is lost thinking about the man. Did I see him only or did I imagine it? Everyone notices her lost in thoughts. Maharaj ji brings sweets. Sagar shows him the trophy too. I dint do it all thought. Ganga joins them. She brings water for Amma ji. Maharaj ji congratulates Sagar. Ganga was putting something in your presentation. I thought maybe she might ruin it. Sagar confirms with Ganga if she did it. She nods. Niru and Madhvi talk in favour of Ganga too. Niru realises now why Sagar was so confused seeing his own presentation. It is all Ganga’s hard work. Ganga thinks that everyone is praising her but Sagar will certainly fight me. He surprises her by saying sorry to her. I wont because of you. This trophy should be yours. Ganga denies but he points out

that it is theirs. We will share it. Ganga holds the trophy along with him. Everyone looks on happily.

Pulkit compliments Ganga for making Sagar’s collage all the more better. Sagar says I will win in inter school competition too, that too without your help. Niru comes there. He calls out for Ganga. Pulkit hides his phone. Niru gives a notebook to Ganga. She sweetly says thank you to him. Sagar gets his atlas too. Niru tells Sagar to prepare his best but it isn’t wrong to take Ganga’s help. She might have some great idea which can help you. You can find out a lot many new things by discussing it with one another. He suddenly realises that Pulkit was going to participate in a romantic comedy play. It dint happy. Pulkit lies that his partner fell ill so they had to cancel it. It was at the last minute. Niru gets a call from Raghav ji so he leaves. Sagar thinks why his brother lied again. Ganga asks Sagar if her school too will get to participate in that competition. He nods. Your school too would have got the registration form. She wonders as to who will participate in it when no one was even ready to sing the national anthem.

At night, Amma ji is yet again thinking about that man. She doesn’t pay heed to what Babli says. Ganga gives her medicines. She asks Babli what she is reading. Babli reads a poem for her Rabindra Nath Tagore’s). Ganga looks at her in confusion as she dint understand a word of it. Babli shares that one should continue moving ahead in life even if you have someone by your side or not. You should never stop. Amma ji announces that it is time to sleep.

Next day, everyone laughs at Ganga when she tells them that she too wants to participate in the inter school competition. The other teachers too mock her. Their school have never won in years so no one calls them. How will you go? Gunwanti hopes it would come true. Ganga gives her hope. We can win now atleast. Gunwanti reasons that they can only think about winning if someone calls them in the first place. They all go out for prayers. Ganga makes up her mind to participate. I will have to get the invitation for my school anyhow!

The man shows a young Amma ji’s photo to the people in the market. Madhvi too is in the market. She is talking to Maharaj ji about something when that guy comes there. He shows Amma ji’s photo to the vegetable seller asking him if he recognizes her. Madhvi glances upon it too by chance. The guy leaves by then. This face looked similar. I wonder whose photo it was! I couldn’t see it clearly.

Ganga comes to Sagar’s school. She requests the guard to let her in. I want to meet Principal Sir. He knows me. The guard declines. Even the peon cannot help her. She notices Yash and requests him to let her go in. Yash tells the guard and peon not to let her in or Sir will fire you both. Ganga reasons that she will only talk to sir and leave. Why will they fire them? Please let me in Chacha. Sagar too comes there. She tells him what she has come for. Please help me. Sagar requests them but they cannot let anyone inside without checking their ID Cards. Ganga shows them her school’s ID card but still doesn’t get to enter as it is of some other school. She threatens the peon now that he will lose his job if he doesn’t allow her in. I am from my school for some important work. I am not here for fun. Is it also a rule that kids from other school cannot come inside for important work too? My Principal Ma’am will complain to Sir then. You both will get punished. Plus Yash too will get punished. Show my Card to Sir. If he agrees then call me inside. I will go back if he says no but I wont budge from here till he says something. Go inside now. (I love this girl! 🙂 ) Peon leaves. Sagar calls her hero. Yash is sure Sir wont call her in. Right then Peon returns. Come inside girl! Ganga points out that her name is written in the Card. Why are you calling me ‘a girl’? Open the door then only will I come. Peon takes her inside.

Principal agrees to let Ganga participate in the competition. I know you wont return till I allow you. He gives her the form. She is thrilled. He shares that all schools can take part. Your school was never inclined for it. Ganga thanks him and leaves. My school will also participate this time!

Sagar asks Ganga what she will do. She wants to sing. He replies that she will definitely lose then. You sing real bad! Ganga retorts that she doesn’t sing that bad. She asks him if she can write essay then. He recalls the precious essay that she had written on ‘my family’. That was good for in-house only. Niru and Madhvi stop to hear their convo. Sagar tells Niru and Madhvi about what Ganga did today. Niru happily nods. Now Ganga too will take part in the competition. Ganga is happy as Babu is happy. Principal Sir also agreed. Niru nods. Ganga will also participate and win. Epi ends on Ganga’s happy face.

Precap: Bulbul challenges Ganga that no one will support her. Reena tells Bulbul that she is with Ganga. Bulbul isn’t much bothered as no other girl will side with Ganga. Ganga tells her clearly that she will make a dance group along with other girls.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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