Gangaa 17th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Gangaa 17th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jhumki bangs her head crying for Shiv. Savitri and Pratab comes to her, Jhumki wonders what would the world think if she doesn’t cry. A servant comes there, Savitri gives him money for coronation ceremony and to announce the election for new MathaDesh would take place at the coronation ceremony.
Pratab gets a call and was left in shock. Jhumki still cried aloud. Riya enters the house and runs to hug Savitri. They watch Shiv and Ganga enter the home with Kushal, injured. Radhika runs to hug Shiv and Ganga cheerfully. Ganga recalls she heard a bullet shot, the criminal stood right behind Shiv then but was shot by a police inspector who then saved Shiv.
Savitri says she is relieved to see them alive. Ganga was upset and silent, she walks towards her room silently. Kushal asks Shiv and come and take

rest. In the room, Ganga cries remembering her Krishna, hearing her voices. Shiv feels helpless watching Ganga cry. Radhika comes to Ganga and gets worried why Ganga cried. Shiv wonders how he must get Ganga out of this pain.
The next morning, Savitri complains Ganga didn’t put sugar in tea. Ganga takes the cup and fills it with sugar. They wonder what happened to her. Ganga now comes with a cup for Jhumki but drops it half way. Jhumki asks what this is, she wonders what has happened to her. Riya tells Jhumki to think for a while what she might be doing so. She says Ganga came to know her daughter is no more alive, but they must not speak to her about it. Ganga comes to wipe the broken glass and tea cup. Riya tries to take the cloth piece from her but Ganga doesn’t listen. Shiv observes this.
Ganga walks outside, away from home with the broken glass. She throws it on the un levelled earth and turns to go back. A thorn gets into her foot, she sits there and cry missing Krishna. She screams Krishna, Krishna.
Riya awaited Ganga at the door step. Kushal comes there, Riya shares with Kushal she must not have let Ganga leave home. A lady comes to tell them Ganga was walking towards the forest, worried. Kushal suggests they must leave Ganga alone for some time, he will go to take her if she doesn’t return after a while.
Ganga sits up again finds a stuffed toy there. She thinks this belongs to Radhika, then how it came here. She calls Radhika and looks around for her. She finds a piece of saree along with the toy.
In the room, Ganga comes to Radhika with the toy and asks if this is her toy? Radhika says her friend Namrita also plays with it, she doesn’t look towards Ganga and asks her to find her tie. Shiv enters the room, Ganga’s saree gets tucked with Shiv’s watch. Ganga thinks she would never be able to get well again. Shiv thinks he really hurt Ganga. Kushal comes to Shiv with some papers for signatures. He says Ganga knows everything now, why these misunderstandings. Shiv says Ganga would never forgive him for hiding the truth. Kushal says Shiv now has to become Ganga’s courage.
Savitri comes to Jhumki who was crying. Jhumki says they must all practice to get to Ganga’s feet, she know her daughter is dead and she returned to rule this house. They must apologize her before she throws them all out of the house.
Shiv watches Ganga sit in the kitchen, lost in thoughts. He thinks he can’t let her waste herself this way. Riya comes to him. Shiv asks for her help, he thinks they must send Ganga closer to kids in Math. She would be happy while teaching, playing and spending time with kids. Riya assures to speak to her.

PRECAP: Ganga finds Parvati’s photo near Radhika’s bed and recognizes the cloth piece of saree. Radhika was running in the dark when a lady with lantern holds her hand, she recognizes her as Parvati. Ganga spots leaf and soil on Radhika’s bed and asks how they came here, Radhika was confused at once.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. He’s Alive! Yayyyyyy… thank God panic over.

  2. Now please don’t tell us that Parvati is going to return back in shiv’s life……….if this happens I’ll genuinely stop watching this serial

  3. Yes!!! He is alive!!! Now that is good news!!! 🙂 Hi Sandy and Priya, so pleased that Shiv is alive. Now hopefully Ganga will find evidence against Savitri and Pratap. The precap is certinly intriguing.

  4. Writers have even shown the face of Parvati in today’s episode……I think they are planning to bring her in the show…….but I don’t think this twist is relevant at this time………even radhika identified a woman as her own mother…….. before this they had never shown parvati’s face

  5. Hi Summer, yes definitely intriguing. I think it’s Parvati’s sister remember someone posted here a while ago that they would be introducing the sister who looks like Parvati, I think this is her. No idea why she’s out at night scaring poor Radika.

    1. Hi Sandy,
      Yes, now you mention it. I really hope this is not going to be the love triangle? Too much going on at the moment and we need some chapters closed before the story swiftly moves on. For one, Ganga is grieving for the loss of her daughter and Sagar. I wonder if the new introduction of character will be a distraction for Ganga in terms of her grieving? This will side track her attention…leading her to find the truth of Patrap and Savitri? I am not sure if i recognised rightly, but i noticed the hut in the background when Ganga was crying in the forest, looked the same hut as when Pratap stood and shot Sagar. His wristlet sllipped onto the floor covered with hay straws. I wonder if Ganga will find this? I wonder if one trail will lead to another?

      Hi Deeksha, good to see you back on forum. 🙂

      1. Ooohh good call on spotting the hut and if she finds the wristet that will defiantly help in placing Pratab at the scene of the crime.

  6. ThankGod! He is alive!! 😀 The precap sure looks interesting! I guess if the news of gangaa going off air is true, the story is going to pick up pace and soon we will get to see the end of all villains! 😛

    1. Welcome back Deeksha hope everything went well with your studies 🙂 .. if the show is ending in a couple of weeks time they’ve got loads of loose ends to tie up. I hope when they end the show we get a glimpse into the future and see that she is very happy with Shiv, they could have a child together, she could help Shiv with his duties, help the village folks with legal matters, or teach the children as a full time teacher.

  7. Hi everyone
    Oh she is Parvati’s sister who look similar to her……..yes summer you are correctly interpretating that Partap ‘s wristlet slipped from his hand and the place is also the same one
    May be gangaa once again goes there to find out about that saree and finds that wristlet and recognizes it as Partap’s in upcoming episodes………..I think shiv must be aware that this woman is Parvati’s sister and not her previous wife……… of course new mystery has begun in this serial making it more interesting
    I think this woman tries to interrupt between shiv and gangaa which makes gangaa realise importance of shiv ………. let’s see what happens

  8. Hi everyone
    Ganga is surely becoming intinging. I think writers are quickly wrapping the story and exposed all the villains and loop holes to conclude the serial. I personally would not want to see Ganga accepting Shiv. If that the case then the story before the leap become meaning less. Ganga is only for sagar. The story should end with Shiv letting Ganga go and live her life as she wish.

  9. Shitttttttt damnnnnnn shiv is alive i thought he is deaddd whyy he is aliveeee pls makers kill him like sagar so that gangaa could live her life in her own wayyyyyy pls shiv let gangaa be alone…..there r so many loop holes in this serial Omggggg first gangaa is not at all worried that how did sagar died second shiv js also not worried after all sagar saved shiv’s life shiv forget that but he didn’t forget that sagar gave him the promise to keep gangaa wid him naa he didn’t forget thatt………Ganga vl never ever fall in love wid shiv she herself said that the pain shiv has given by hiding the truth about krishna vl cannot be heal i dont think that person is parvati’s sister if she is parvati’s sister radhika would recognized her as her maasi pls directors dont say that radhika had never saw her maasi….. plsss if its going to a horror track like parvati’s aatma hahahahah soo funny… pls guys u can just make write from me that this serial vl not have a happy ending makers vl end this show in mid track C’mon guys do u really think makers r going to show all these things now they have started this stupid track which vl last till 2 weeks then in this 2 weeks gangaa vl develop feeilngs for shiv leeme tell u guys no mother can live normal after her child’s death….. a women is not that much sad if her husband paases away coz she knews that she have now her child whicb becomes her whole world……. same as wid gangaa she alone taked care of krishna when sagar was not there wid her in that time krishna became her whole world nd now i don’t think she vl forget her daughter’s death nd like detective she vl solve case for radhika i seriously don’t know guys wht have u found so much interesting in it nd the funny part is that u still keep Hope from this shit ……..
    Keep watching this bullshit

  10. Totally agree wid u pooja this shud only happen in end coz gangaa is made only for sagar…..

  11. kaythwe (Myanmar)

    YES YES YES !!!
    Hi Pooja Aashika Anushka
    Thank you soooo muchhh for comments .
    I’m so happy to know that the story will end soon.

  12. Yeyyyyy kaythwe!!!!!!!! Yaaa soooo happyyyyy that the shit vl end soon..:):):):):)

  13. Yeyyyyy kaythwe!!!!!!!! Yaaa soooo happyyyyy that this shit vl end soon..:):):):):)

  14. kaythwe (Myanmar)


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