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Palash’s mom keeps her hand at her son’s shoulder. He wipes a tear out of the corner of his eye. This is what I wanted to tell you. The dream that you are seeing for her can never be complete. I couldn’t give her ring that day also as I was not sure if what I am doing is right or not. But when I went to Chaturvedi House on the day of Janvi’s death, I saw them both breaking down and cry hugging each other. Their bonding was so clear. I realised there is more than friendship there. I am sorry Ma. I had to be rude to get her talking. I doubt myself at times. They are joined by a thread since childhood which can never break or can weaken. It is good that I realised it in time or I would have done the same mistake that Sagar did. I dint want to ruin lives of 3 people. She is worried for him. You liked a

girl after so much difficulty. Will you be able to like someone again? He says it depends on you. She promises to find such a girl for him. He suggests doing it later. I have to go to police station. She sweetly caresses his face and hugs him.

Janvi’s post-mortem report still hasn’t come. It is taking time for blood tests maybe. Janvi’s dead body was handed over to her family. Palash wants to meet Sagar. Inspector says he went for her last rites. Gaga informs Pulkit.

Pulkit tells the family members about Janvi’s last rites happening at the moment. Sagar has also been taken there. Amma ji advises him to go. She was the DIL of our house. Sagar will be alone. He needs you. Madhvi too tells him to go. we are here with Supriya. Supriya too nods at Pulkit who finally leaves. Pulkit notices them taking care of Supriya.

Janvi’s family has gathered for Janvi’s last rites. The family members glare at Sagar. Palash and Ganga reach there just then. Janvi’s brother holds his collar. Why did you do this to Janvi? I considered you my friend but you are a cheater! She loved you. She only wanted to spend life with you. You killed her! Janvi’s mother takes him away. Ganga cries seeing this. Pulkit comes there as well. Pundit ji asks for Janvi’s husband to do some last minute rituals. Sagar steps forward. Ganga too goes closer. Janvi’s father stops Sagar from putting vermilion in Janvi’s forehead. You are Janvi’s killer! I wont even let his shadow fall on her, let alone do her last rites! Just leave. Sagar requests him to let him do it. This one ritual is to be done by Janvi’s husband. Janvi’s father refuses to let him do it. Ganga intervenes. Don’t snatch this right from Sagar. Let him do Janvi’s last rites. I understand your anger but think about Janvi. She loved Sagar. Like every wife it will be her wish to leave this world as a married woman only. She would want Sagar to her last rites only. Please agree for Janvi’s sake. Don’t snatch this right from Sagar. She requests Janvi’s mother too. Pundit ji seconds her. Every married woman has the same wish. It helps get them peace in the other world. Janvi’s mother makes her husband understand. We can do this much for Janvi’s sake. He cries. Sagar puts vermilion in Janvi’s forehead and does all the necessary rituals. Everyone is crying by the end. Ganga holds Sagar. He cries hugging her. Palash looks on. Janvi’s brother gets angry seeing them thus. When you both loved each other so much then why did you spoil my sister’s life? Why did you kill her? Sagar says don’t say so. I dint kill her. He refuses to believe it. Janvi knew about your affair yet she wanted to marry you. I tried to make her understand but in vain.

Janvi’s father thinks of Sagar’s concern for Ganga all the time. He holds Sahil and comforts him. Now I understand what happened with my daughter. You both killed her. She was the biggest obstacle in your way so you killed her. Palash says you are wrong. This is not the case. Janvis father says I was thinking wrong till date but I know the truth now. I will get Sagar punished. Ganga says I understand your pain and anger but you cannot get an innocent punished. This isn’t justice! Janvi’s father asks Ganga if she will tell him what justice is. I wont spare my daughter’s killer! You both will have to bear the punishment of your act. You killed my daughter to save your illegitimate relation. She says you don’t understand what you are saying in anger. You speak of revenge. He is not interested in learning law from her but she only wants to remind him of the oath he took before becoming a judge. You cannot get an innocent punished. If you are bent upon getting Sagar punished then I too am determined to prove him innocent!

Ganga is in temple. She thinks of Janvi’s father’s words. Pundit ji asks her what happened. why don’t you come inside? Ganga denies. God and I have some issues right now. Pundit ji again tells her to come inside and pray to God. Ganga says I have never begged till date. I wont do it today too. God knows Sagar and I are honest. If he cannot help honest people get justice then it will be his defeat. It is not mine but God’s test. We will see if God will succeed in this or not. Palash shows her a proof in Sagar’s favour. She reads Janvi’s post-mortem report and is stunned. She thanks God for telling her He is with her. She runs away. Palash asks her where she is headed to. She shouts back that she is going to meet Sagar.

Sagar and his family are shocked to know that Janvi took drugs. Ganga nods. She died because of drug overdose only. Madhvi says this is why she kept sleeping all day long; couldn’t work in the kitchen too. Amma ji is shocked. Why dint you tell then? Sagar thinks of the change in her behaviour. Why couldn’t I understand it then? Madhvi says how we could understand it when Sagar couldn’t. Ganga says we cannot change what has happened now. But we know the truth. It means Sagar is innocent. We can appeal for bail in court tomorrow using this report. He will get bail.

Precap: The people in Sagar’s cell speak against him and even beat him up.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. I dont think palash character will turn negative, i think that later he was the one who will reunite gangaa and sagar relationship , he’s not that kind of person , maybe after he finished sagar case he’ll leave the town , and i also think that the one who will turn into antagonist is sahil , he’s really had a deep grudge against sagar bsc of janvhi death

  2. i never expected the case will wrap up easily. as the time being sagar should struggle again his cell-mate.
    stay strong sagar!!!

  3. Arrogant sugar…. Bail plea may be rejected…. Again family suffer for this…. Cool sagar… Cool…. Be strong…. And fight back…

  4. it was written in spoiler Palash will win the case & then he will turn negative.But looking today’s episode i m in doubt will he become negative???

  5. hi … as per story sagar re unite with ganga …they r waiting for janvi:”s death …..janvi”s father words become true ……
    she won”t accept Palash also …..then he should not become negative ……
    bcz sagar requested to PALASHto accept ganga and got the oath also indirectly …….

    now after releasing if they unite definitely become negative ……. palsh also loves ganga

    ganga should go far from sagar ……and palash ……
    sagar should be alone…… this is the punishment for him ….ganga he loves still sagar …..she should move on but she is not .. so she could not live infront of sagar and his family …… she has to live alone ..PALSH MOVES ON HIS LIFE …….


  6. sorry …unsteady mind sagar

  7. New trailers reveal Palash to turn negative after winning sagar janvi case
    What the hell yr
    How can CVs make such a awsm character Bcum negative? ??

  8. plzz dont chnged sagar’s mind..
    acrndng his tlks he thnks he is murdrd janvi..
    n i thnk khi wo khud ko punish krne ka na soch rha ho…bcz he told to pulkit bhaiya k bhaiya evrythng ll be fine
    khi wo khud ko galat proof na kr de ..plzz aisa kuch mat kro aap log story me k sagar apna mind close kre ar sab blame khud pe le…plzz dnt do all ths sagar…bcz u r rly inocent…u r nt a murdrur…so plz dnt do anythng rong

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