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Niru wipes Ganga’s tears. It is a happy moment. He gives her the result. She straight away runs to give Amma ji a hug. I cleared the exam and won the bet too. You lost. Madhvi too gives her a warm hug. Babli too congratulates her. Niru asks for sweet. Maharaj ji was sure that Ganga will pass her exam. She hugs him too. He blesses her. She makes Niru eat a piece of sweet. He gives it to her too. She asks for Sagar. She runs out to give him the good news. Maharaj ji offers sweets to Amma ji but she stands there tight lipped.

Sagar is playing with his friends. Ganga calls out for him. He is ecstatic to know that she passed the exam while Yash is unhappy. Ganga confidently says that she too will study in their school now. I will talk in such fluent English that you will be surprised. She talks in broken

language and all the kids laugh at her. Yash mocks her and then corrects her. Sagar stands there all quiet. Ganga asks him if he isn’t happy after hearing about her result. I have really cleared my exam. Question your friends why they are making fun of me. I am not stupid. I don’t know its meaning but it will be surely wrong if you (Yash) have said it. She again wants Sagar to tell everyone that she too will study in a big school. Sagar recalls putting her in the cupboard when his friends had come to his place last time. The kids yet again taunt her again. She sadly turns to go when she hears someone clapping. It is Sagar. She confirms with him if that clap was for her or for himself after hitting a 4 in the match. He replies that he clapped for her. She smiles broadly. You proved yourself right. Congratulations! He eats the sweet from her hand. Ganga thanks him. Yash fumes in a corner.

Madhvi and Niru tell Ganga to get ready. We have to go to market to shop for you (new bag, notebooks, uniform). Ganga smiles imagining herself wearing the school uniform. She gets super excited that she will get new stuff and go to school from tomorrow itself. She tells it to Sagar when he comes there. She goes to get ready. Niru talks to Sagar. Ganga is really happy. no doubt she has worked really hard for it but you too have a hand in her achievement. I am really proud of you. Sagar is happy to know that Ganga will be going to school from tomorrow.

Ganga is making her braid as she looks at her bag and books. She smiles seeing her Bappa. He loves the uniform. You will look like a princess in them. it is all because of your hard work. It proves that one can even touch the sky if he makes up his mind at something. He kisses her on her forehead. You are really lucky and intelligent. There are many parents in the world who send their kids to school forcefully while there are many who are unable to do so. They don’t know the importance of studies. They don’t know that its all darkness in life if you aren’t educated. I am very happy for my daughter who studied hard to make an identity for herself. You are going to study in such a big school. She is scared though. He tells her that he is always with her. She shouldn’t be scared. He gives her a hug.

Sagar gets ready for school. Ganga tells her Bappa that she misses him a lot. He replies that he too misses her. But you have got Babu and Bahu ji in my place. They take so much care of you and love you so much. Sagar and Madhvi talk about Ganga. Ganga’s Bappa is surprised to see so many books. He arranges them for her. She shares that she is a little worried if she will be able to live up to her word. He is sure it will happen if she puts her heart to it. What you will think of can always happen! Take everyone’s blessings before leaving for school. He disappears by the time she thinks of seeking his blessings. She kisses the cycle and hugs it. I know you are with me. Bappa had told me to seek everyone’s blessings!

Niru asks for his file from Madhvi. Ganga comes there just then wearing her uniform. Madhvi and Niru look on sweetly. They compliment her as she is looking very good. People will recognize you from far only. She says that she has come to seek their blessings. You are like my parents for me. She bends down to touch their feet but they stop her. Girls don’t touch feet. Ganga insists but they anyways bless her for a good and bright future. You have a right on every happiness and you will get it. You have taken the first step. Your destination is in front of you. Madhvi adds that they will always pray that she becomes successful.

Amma ji greets Omkar. She calls out for Ganga as she needs her medicine. Maharaj ji brings it. Omkar asks for Ganga. Prabha asks for breakfast so Maharaj ji leaves. Yash comes downstairs all set to go to school. Prabha compliments him. Amma ji asks for Madhvi, Niru and everyone else. Sagar too shows his new uniform to everyone. Amma ji is all happy to see him thus. It is your first day in the new class. She showers him with love and blessings. Prabha too enacts like her. Everyone smiles seeing it. Madhvi and Niru come there as well. Madhvi says that they were talking to Ganga. Amma ji is curious about Ganga’s whereabouts. Niru calls out for Ganga. Amma ji, Prabha and Omkar are aghast too see her dressed wearing a school uniform. Amma ji wants to know why she is wearing a school dress. She questions Niru once again. This red frock and shoes! Niru reasons that Ganga will have to wear school uniform like all the other kids as she too will join school from today. Babli compliments Ganga. Amma ji is shocked and angry. Madhvi tells her to come for the breakfast but Amma ji tells them to stop.

Precap: Amma ji throws a white saree at Ganga. This is the truth of your life. It will be your identity till your last breath. No other colour can ever replace it in your life. This is the life of a widow. Change your clothes! Ganga sadly turns to go and change.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. I hate umma ji….how can she be so cruel

  2. I hate umma ji…how can she be so cruel

  3. Ganga is so cute in d serial.she is soooooooo lovely……..
    but i hate umma g bcous she is so cruel and every time shouting on ganga.

  4. what a piece of shit ,a young baby girl a widow , does the story writer live in a jungle or what.put a bullet to your head.

  5. sorry about m y comment thats how i feel

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