Gangaa 17th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Gangaa 17th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Everyone return home. Ganga notices the sipari on the tree and asks Savitri if she should remove them. Savitri tells a lady, but Ganga happily moves to get it herself. She hands it to Savitri who stood there curt. A servant was taking a pot, and informs Savitri that Pandit asked him to bring Ganga Jal, he must get it from outside. Savitri gives the task to Ganga, and conditions it to be done bare footed. Ganga was sure she can do this.
Shiv was watching over the arrangements with Muneem ji. Pratab comes to ask Shiv bring fuel for generator. Shiv leaves to get the fuel, Pratab sends Muneem ji to bring sweets. He thinks he must get the news to those monks that no one from the family is here. The servant stuffs the pot with leaves and says she must reach home with them before an hour. Ganga follows

the servant over the broken path.
Pratab makes a fake call to speak aloud outside the monk’s room; he says no one is in Math except a few people to take care of the arrangements. The monks find the opportunity and gets out of the room. Pratab was hopeful this time Savitri won’t have a complaint with him.
Ganga was walking the path with injured feet. Shiv finds her feet bleeding as she walked over stones and thorns. He asks her to get into the car, Ganga says this is a task by Savitri and she would complete it. Shiv stops Ganga, and makes her sit near the road. He was concerned about her injured feet and removes the thorns from her foot. Shiv leaves her there to bring a few herbs and apply them onto her feet, while she was crying out of pain. He was sure she would get rest for her feet and tells her to get into the car with him. Ganga holds the pot and moves forward. Shiv stops her but she insists to accomplish the task given by Savitri. She wasn’t ready to back up from any testimony, she thinks she must win Shiv’s trust again.
The fake monks come in simple clothes to the locker room. Pratab watches over them as she unbolt the window panes of the room. Pratab was alert as he watches Ganga enter there with a pot over her head. She stops the thief and inquires whom he has to meet. The man makes up he came to meet MathaDesh and leaves in a hurry. Ganga wonders where she has seen this man before. Ganga drops a glass in the way making the thieves alert of her presence. They hide themselves. Ganga places the pot but finds the window panes out of balance. She looks around for a worker and instructs him to fix it all at once; bolting it tightly. Pratab was curt at Ganga. The thieves whisper what they must do now. The thieves think about looking for the keys which MathaDesh took by himself. Pratab goes to inform Savitri about it. Pratab assures Savitri he would place the keys somewhere they would easily discover.
At night, Shiv comes to take rest and finds Ganga asleep on the floor mattress. His attention goes to her injured feet. He comes to put a herbal ointment over them, then withdraws his hand thinking again. He goes to sleep. Ganga wakes up, wondering he could have applied the medicine. She now puts the medicine by herself.
The thieves reach the house, one of them shows a pipe to climb into the house. They go to look for Shiv who keeps the keys with himself. Pratab moves across the corridor. The thieves watch Ganga and Shiv sleeping in the hall. One of them drop a vase but the other doesn’t let it fall on floor. They move towards a room to look for the keys. The men get cautious as someone open a door, it was Radhika. They follow to stuff her mouth and makes her smell chloroform. Ganga wakes up at once hearing Radhika’s scream.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. For those who hate the revamp, please donor hesitate to stop watching Gangaa or reading the updates. Do not stop or deter other Gangaa fans from from watching.
    It was not Long ago before the revamp that , viewers request the Gangaa serial to end and had wished, Sagar and Gangaa to go their separate ways.
    Why these change of heart Ang thoughts.
    I love the revamp and the plots are far more interesting the the last one.

    1. I agree

    2. Indeed!


    Caring and confusion fulll episode.

  3. Stereotyped,stale,intolerable ,disgusting and irritating plot. You are welcome to watch with all enjoyment. We will not subject ourselves to be fooled. Our tastes differ. Now it is not worth going through comments either.Happy watching! We continue to demand for the pre closure of the inappropriate show.

    1. Totally agree with you. ..

  4. Yes gangaa is now confused gangaas character is now somehow confused she is now busy proving everybodys innocence….. first she was busy that she will cought prabha red handed as ghungat wali maa now savitri a d prataps real faces….. no one is bothered about her memory even dai maa whom she treats gangaa like her daughter is not bothered haad hai……..
    Moreover the chemistry btw gangaa shiv & gangaa radhika is not working well gangaa krishna look more cute and thier were some cuteness that mother daughter bond btw them and radhika is so much mature she doesn’t look like a 10 yr old child she is 14 -15 old and gangaa shiv will always look mature & old gangaa sagar never look immature…… there is no change in the storyline gangaa will always busy in proving his/her innocence i dont know what people had seen in the new storyline its same for me……..?????

    1. i’ll tell you what is new in this story line..
      they made a person’s wife and a baby’s mother as another person wife and another girl’s mom …
      and they showed us how mad this cvs are and they show us how much a daily soap can be ruined … these are the only differences…

  5. LOL…..

    1. Krishnaa

      hi bhavani, i think u r the only one i know here. reading ganga’s updates after a long time. i can only understand that ganga is in someone else house as bahu after a revamp. from reading everyones comments i find that some like this revamp and some are against the fact a married lady who has a daughter is now the wife of someone else.
      i feel that they should have clearly stated this as ganga season 2 rather than continuing with the first SaGa story. anyways im not watching ganga, just came here to see whats happening and say hi to my old friends bhavani, summer and the rest.
      those who used to like ganga but find it crap now just like i found it a few days ago when ganga was showing too much ego to sagar, just watch some other serials because u’ll just spoil your mood otherwise and you will also upset the moods of those who like the current track. everyone has his views, so please respect them.

      1. Krishnaa

        im not saying this to hurt anyone but im actually saying not to spoil your mood with these. let those who like this continue to watch. there r so many others shows which have been started recently and vishal is soon going to appear in a new serial. if u still miss ruhanna just read news about her after school exams and you will know whether she is coming back or not.

      2. Hi Krishna,

        Lovely to see you back on the forum!! 🙂 How are you? Hope you are well!
        What are you currently watching?

      3. Krishnaa

        hi summer! im fine, thanks! 🙂 how r u? i was just curious to know what was happening in ganga so came to this forum. everything completely changed. im watching ishqbaaz,Dil bole oberoi and peshwa bajirao. IB and DBOmay have loopholes but its definitely entertaining to watch. gangaa was fine too but i stopped because of too much of ganga’s ego towards sagar and other negativities that were occupying maximum screen.

  6. Me already switched off to other shows and still like to read the views of loyal Gangaa viewers….. Krishna nice to hear from you after a long time….. Those who kept posting on SaGa on Instagram almost closed their pages…so nothing is there that I am to be worried…..

    1. Krishnaa

      ya even i was wondering what was happening in ganga as didnt find any updates from gangaa facebook fan page, they even changed the name of the fan page. i just knew their was a revamp but didnt read updates at that time. im watch IB,DBO and peshwa bajirao.

      1. Hi Krishnaa, good to hear from you 🙂 I’m good thanks. Like you, when the story-line became unbearable, i stopped watching. Just read updates. I got tiresome of the ‘ will they – won’t they?’ scenario to the point it became frustrating! For me, any tiny ounce of magic that was left between Sagar and Ganga was ruined by the constant separation. Happiness was short-lived, either misgivings between the couple or others creating drama. I decided to see what happens after revamp and so far so good. 🙂

      2. Krishnaa

        *there was a revamp. **im watching…. sounds silly but before posting my last comment i didnt check whether i made a mistake while typing 😛

      3. Krishnaa

        good then! for me i dont want to start all over again as im already watching three shows. but one day ill read a summary of whats happening in ganga or watch the promos in youtube. it will easier to catch up with the story if in case i start to watch again.
        bhavani, summer get yourselves registered to telly updates. it will be easier for us to communicate rather than coming on a specific forum.

  7. Young and talented child beauty Ruhana Khanna makes viewers go ‘aaawww’ with her smile. The super-cute girl started her career as Ganga in &TV’s popular show Gangaa, for which she has garnered much appreciation.
    Later, the show took a generation leap and the girl decided to move out of the series. However, the child artist was brought back as Krishna (Ganga’s daughter) and with her the charm of the daily was also back.
    The show is now all set to go through a revamp and the entire cast is moving out. Yesterday was her last day of shoot and she simply couldn’t hold back her tears. Ruhana has done a commendable job and has also bagged four awards for her first daily.
    Talking about her journey in Gangaa, she shared, “It was an amazing experience and I am going to miss all of them. The show will be in my memory for lifetime. I want to thank the channel &TV, production house (Sphereorigins) and Waseem Sabir sir. Although not amongst us, he will always be in my heart and memories.”

    Ruhana had a teary farewell. The entire cast was crying on the last day of shoot. Coincidentally, Ruhana shot yesterday at the same spot where she celebrated her first birthday post joining the show.

    She said, “I am shooting at the same spot where I celebrated my first birthday and that day too I was crying at it was an emotional death sequence. In short, Gangaa will be the most beautiful phase in my career.”
    Wish you great luck doll!

  8. So truth is no one gonna to return bk from chatur fmly in Gangaa

    So all who s watching has to bear these characters-:(

  9. I love to watch Ganga with chatirvedi family..i feel it should have a good ending..and this must have named as Ganga season2 ..i quit watching since revamp has begun..y making 1 girl have 2 husbands and memory loss..ganga has already bore alot..dont make us mad..give a good ending ..and start afresh

  10. Why is it so wrong for Gangaa to marry Shiv, when it’s OK she married Sagar. After all she is a child widow. It was not her choice. She had a choice when she conceived Krishna.
    Gangaa is a story about a young girl / woman and the challenges life brings her. It’s about how she take this challenges against society, believes and tradition to make a life for herself thereby showing a path for all child, women and all mankind to face challenges and changes with open arms and mind.
    This is what we should learn and continue to support. A future ahead of them.

  11. We love to watch even if Ganga is doing with her consent..why making bore ..y should this happen to ganga..child widow ..another marriage can b fate but y memory loss concept and creating another family.what about krishna?this would nt have been d way to show challenges of girl child..memory loss track is the not the challenge..its just dragging

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