Gangaa 17th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Gangaa 17th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Yash records bytes from every family member in the handy cam on love. Niru shares his feelings on love. Niru gets up to go. He asks Sagar to take care of the family. you are the man of this house! Pulkit is hurt to see this.

Supriya brings green tea for Pulkit. He recalls his previous misconduct with Supriya in the morning. Yash asks for their views on V-Day and love. Supriya says love means accepting my partner the way he or she is. True love does not want to change anyone or anything. Prabha indirectly taunts her. Educated girls may not know everything on love but they do speak well. She speaks of money, gifts and all the useless things which are important for people in love.

Madhvi is excited about tonight’s party. Such party has never happened before. Sagar asks them what the need

for a party is. Janvi points out that this is what she said. Madhvi speaks about the different types of games and food in the party. Sagar gives in. She notices Yash. She tells Sagar that Yash is recording everyone’s opinion on love. Sagar and Yash both remember their last fight. Sagar says he is not interested. Madhvi asks him to agree for Janvi’s sake. Janvi notices Ganga upstairs. Madhvi heads towards the kitchen. Janvi insists upon Sagar to record for her sake atleast. We will do it upstairs.

Janvi pulls Sagar upstairs reluctantly. Sagar and Ganga look at one another. Sagar is irked. Yash says sorry to him once again. Forget the past. I have seriously changed. Janvi also asks him not to be angry so much. Janvi says I don’t enjoy sharing what is mine. I can do anything to keep my love with me for life. It is Sagar’s turn now. Sagar fails in another attempt to go away when he is almost near Ganga. She says maybe Sagar does not know anything about love. Love means sacrificing anything and everything for the one you love. you cannot tie anyone in that relation by force. You have to allow them to fly with a faith that he or she will come back to us if they are mine, or we should let them be free. We can be in pain but the one we love is happy. That is what matters! Yash enjoys their convo while Janvi is tensed. Sagar excuses himself. Yash tells Janvi it was an indirect taunt to you. Janvi tells him to shut up. Don’t taunt me this way! Is the job done? He nods. She says Ganga has said enough. She wont be able to say anything from now onwards!

Ganga’s words echo in Sagar’s head when he is walking in the corridor. Madhvi asks him to call Pulkit.

Pulkit apologizes to Supriya for speaking rudely to her in the morning. She tells him not to say so. I know you cannot hurt anyone intentionally. Don’t think that your words hurt me. We don’t know each other well yet, we will take some time. Sagar is tensed to hear their convo. They are so shy. If this continues then they will say nothing to each other on V-Day today! What should I do? Supriya gets a gift from Pulkit with a note. I don’t know your likes and dislikes so I brought what I liked. She gladly wears it. Sagar smiles seeing her happy. I should check on Bhaiya now. Sagar goes to where Pulkit is repairing a computer. He picks up a gift kept nearby. Pulkit is all shy. Sagar teases him. Pulkit is also happy to see a new watch. Supriya comes there with tea. Sagar thinks to handle the situation before Pulkit does some mistake. Sagar teases Pulkit on V-Day gifts. She smiles shyly. He asks them both to go out. They finally go. Sagar is relieved to think they did not realise he is the one who kept the gifts.

Janvi says this V-Day is going to be special for me and Ganga. Sagar and I will be together forever. You will be out of the house and his family. Sagar asks Janvi why she is sitting alone in the room. He sees the video in her handy cam. What is this? She looks at their video together. it is good that I changed that video in haste. I was looking at your old videos and photos. You stay in another world these days. You did not give me a gift or said I Love You or gave byte for the party. He says sorry to her. What do you want? She says I cannot ask for anything but you! I want to spend my entire life with you. I know you behave differently before your family. I also know that everything will be the same once we go to London. Our love will bring us closer to each other. He is again thinking of what Ganga said. She asks him if they will stay together always. He nods. She hugs him as she says thanks. We have kept a masquerade themed party tonight.

In her room, Ganga is also thinking about what she said before Sagar. Janvi comes there. Are you studying or thinking about someone? Ganga says you have no other work. You always want to know what others are doing or thinking. It isn’t your mistake though! You don’t have any other work. You should do something better for your future. Janvi taunts her. I will celebrate V-Day with Sagar tonight. You can enjoy with your books. You have nothing else to do. Ganga says such topics might be special for you. you might need excuses to have her lover close to her. I don’t think so. For me, every day is special. How will those, who give importance to just one day, understand love! Those who love someone for real are never alone. Wish you could understand it. Your love is with you then why are you wasting your time here with me! Janvi looks angrily at her. Ganga advises Janvi. Life is beautiful. You get to live it once. Instead of interfering in other people’s lives, think about your own life for once. It will do you good. She goes from there. Janvi is irked by her arrogance and pride. I will break it. Ganga always walks with her head held high. She wont be able to hide her face behind anything after tonight’s party!

Precap: Janvi and Yash discuss about the gift they are going to give tonight to Ganga. what will Ganga do when everyone in Banaras will point a finger at her?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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