Gangaa 17th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Gangaa 17th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Court
Ganga vehemently protests that soemtimes, the reports shouldnt be fully believed on. she begs niranjan justice for zoya. but niranjan after hearing and seeing the facts, he discards the case, saying that he empathises for women and stands for them, when they are wronged, but he wouldnt allow them to take advantage of the law. he aqcuits rudra of all charges, and slaps a fine of 25000 on zoya, for misleading the court and defamation suit against rudra. he leaves after adjourning the court. sagar and rudra are relieved, but he is tensed for ganga, who is shocked, and raahat is devastated. he comes to her, but ganga shuns him away. he leaves with pulkit and rudra. ganga takes raahat and zoya outside, as the people start talking bad about zoya. outside, ganga asks them tow

ait while she arranges an auto. but she meets sagar instead, on the road, and their verbal duel follows, as she is talking to him, suggesting that he bought evidence, while he asks how is this possible. he tries to clarify but ganga doesnt listen. they both keep pointing that the other person is wrong. finally, he storms off. ganga catches an auto and takes zoya and raahat home.

scene 2:
Location: Ganga’s residence
Ganga is distraught remembering what happened. raahat is deavstated too. they hear some noises, and find zoya trying to take her life, by committing suicide. they barely manage to save her, and then raahat has to slap her to get her back in senses. they together explain and motivate her not to give up like this, while zoya is apalled. ganga is distraught to see her in this state, while raahat is enraged.

Scene 3:
Location: Sagar’s residence
ammaji roams around nervously, while madhvi notices this. she is about to question her, but supriya stops her, asking about market instead. madhvi complies, and gets ready to go with her. ammaji is tensed hoping that niru and raahat dont talk much, and their past comes up. as supriya is about to go out, ragini asks about her brother. sagar coems in with rudra, and ragini is excited. the brother-sister duo overwhelmingly hug each other. then ammaji is relieved to know from sagar that rudra was acquitted. she takes niru aside. madhvi observes this, and tries to go, but supriya reminds her, and she leaves for the market with her. Inside, the room, ammaji tries to take it out from him, if anything happend, and on her insistence, he gets frustrated, and says that he wont be influenced by raahat’s presence anymore. he says that he taught a good lesson with zoya and raahat. they hear raahat’s screams outside just then, and rush out and are shocked to see raahat standing there. he asks whats she here for. raahat shuts ammaji, when she tries to speak. then Raahat gives niranjan a box of sweets, and taunts niru, in his house, that today is a special day, as a father punished his daughter, and a brother was ashamed to have found out the truth first. all are shocked to hear this. The screen freezes on ganga’s distraught face.

Precap: Ganga taunts and laments to ammaji that she never thought she could stoop so low. sagar comes and asks her to get get lost, as its been enough. niru eyes them going.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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    Updates are coming in late. Don’t know why. I have a sleep disorder wherein I am awake whole night and am forced to sleep during the day. If story line in sent to me, after the serial is over at 9.00 pm., at might I will prepare the updates so that viewers do not miss out getting updates. My English language is also good, compared with the updates till now, but as it’s voluntary, we should not complain.

    1. Please do like that… it is so irritating when updates don’t come on time or it is missed out….

  2. Wah wah wat a episode suprb thnks to Khuda rudra is innocnt n zoya is a vamp. Now ths tym ganga totally wrng sagar do well lyk u sagar

  3. Ganga plz dnt ovr react frnt her sagar sagar lovs u alot evrytym u regret sagar u also show ur attitude whenvr u r ryt or nt bt u did plz make undrsntnding wd each othr

  4. Pls update on tym

  5. Please update dont late..??

  6. Hi Friends,
    I had to junk watch two weeks of episode to catch up with the series. What is happening with the storyline? So many loose ends and the story swiftly moves on without much sense? I’ve read that there will be a 7 year gap and Gangaa will have a daughter? Will Sagar ever learn the truth that Ganga did not betray him and he is the father? Poor Supriya loses her baby and why not Prahba not punished? She was exposed but that was the end of that track. I am not sure i am liking this new track Rahaat maa, Zoya etc. Too many tears, too many crying and too may wailing. Gosh, it’s depressing. Secondly, why would a law student stand in court? For one, the scene demonstrated that Ganga did not do her homework properly, whilst when working for Palash, she was very efficient and resourceful. Thorough! I hope the series gets better and hope that Amma Ji gets exposed for her deceitful controlling manipulative manners. I really hope Sagar learns the truth of the night of passion he and Gangaa had.

  7. Yaar timely update kyun nhi ho rha h abhi 18th August ka update nhi hua Na hi 19th ka koi responsibility sahi se kyu nhi leta

    Yaar hum log update isliye demand karte h kyunki we don’t have time to watch tv

  8. Niranjan learnt that Zoya was his daughter and ammaji lied about rahat.. Maharaj ji revealed that rahat came to ammaji many times and gave letters to post to niranjan… He says that he still had two letters with him… Ganga is dragging her relationship too much.. V r vexed up with gsnga… Y was she behaving too much rude towards sagar…

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