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Gangaa 16th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Ammaji’s residence
ammaji is aghast and reprimands sagar as to how he could detach himself so easily. he says that he already has, and she shouldnt bother much about it now. he asks her to get ready to go with them, as she had promised, while he gets her visa arrangements done, and describes how happy they shall all be living together as a family. he rushes upstairs, while ammaji keeps calling out to him, in vain. she turns to madhavi and says that she cant let this happen. madhavi is tensed herself. Meanwhile, zoya gets a message and she goes out, to reprimand sonu, as he is here to meet her. she snubs him off, saying that she doesnt need him anymore, as she talks about the family drama ensuing, and how it shall lead to her having the entire property. she reprimands

and leaves. sonu thinks that he knew she would expose her true colours, and hence he kept her ace card intact. he thinks that sagar is going, but madhavi wont let him go, when she knows what storm is there in pulkit and supriya’s life.

In his room, sagar gets the visa formalities done. madhavi comes and tries to explain to sagar that what he is doing to ammaji, and forcibly coaxing her into going with them doesnt seem quite right. madhavi says that this isnt right, as ammaji is tensed and upset, and she might have complied, but how would she adjust as she would break down. Meanwhile, in the temple, ammaj hassled and distraught, prays and asks maharaj as to how would she adjust there. he says that she pines for sagar. she complies, and says that she wont be able to leave her city and its life, and that this house shall see her last day, and is in a dilemma as to how she can choose between niru and sagar, in her old age. Madhavi tells sagar that he has placed ammaji in much dilemma, as she would shatter if she is separated from her son. he says that in difficult times, people take strong decisions. he says that they both did, and ammaji too would have to do this. madhavi is tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Hospital
At kashish’s workplace, pulkit steals her and locks her in the room. he pins her against the wall, and caresses her face, teasing her, asking why is she scared now. after they exchange greetings and hug each other, kashish asks how long shall this continue. he says that he is pained too, but has no solution yet. she says that she has one and thats to divorce her. he gets tensed hearing this. he says that his family wont agree and his wife wont be able to bear, and explains how conservative his family is. she asks what should she think that their relationship is over, as she cant be the second woman. he shushes her saying that she isnt that. Meanwhile, Ganga hurriedly arrives at the hospital, looking for kashish. she knocks and they both wonder what to do. finally, when she doesnt get a response, ganga leaves. kashish opens the door, and says that she shall have to leave. but when she opens. she finds ganga, seeing whom she is shocked. Pulkit hides in the meanwhile. ganga talks about how long has she been searching. while kashish is tensed, ganga comes inside, incredibly tensed. she tells about what sagar did today, and she had no one else she could share this with. she bares out her heart to kashish, while pulkit hears tensedly. ganga laments as to why is destiny playing like this with her, as he always manages to freshen up her wounds, and she is tensed about what she shall tell krishna, if she ever gets to know. kashish asks her to calm down, and not cry. she points out that sagar still loves her, and thats why he never married, unlike some people who swing two people hanging around him. pulkit gets disturbed. kashish takes ganga to escort her to the outside. pulkit is still tensed.

Scene 4:
Location: Ganga’s residence
Krishna goes around and starts looking for more clues, and stumbles upon a diary co ntaining numbers. she dials niru’s number, but doesnt get through. then she dials another number, listed as emergency contact. she dcides to use it, and madhavi picks up. she is tensed to hear the voice, as it feels exactly like ganga. but then when she utters uncle junglee, sagar gets alert and takes it from her. she keeps asking who is it, but he doesnt respond. krishna animatedly chats and gets to know that niru is his father. then she goes onto talk about meeting up. just then, ganga comes home, and asks her who is she talking to, while krishna gets scared and tensed. ganga hollers at sagar on phone, as to why he called and he cant let them live in peace. krishna continues to insist to talk, but ganga refuses. sagar hears all this silently. finally, krishna blurts out, that she called him up, and has gotten to know that he is niru’s son, and shows the pics to ganga. ganga gets enraged, and slaps her tight, while krishna is aghast. sagar is apalled. The screen freezes on Ganga’s enraged face.

Precap: Krisdhna develops a fever and keeps talking asbout wanting to meet junglee uncle, as he is going away to london, and she still has so much to tell him. ganga is apalled, as her health deteriorates, and all she talks about in her uncle. Oblivious to this, sagar gets the visa papers ready and asks ammaji to sign them, while she is heitant, as she asks him to think over it yet again.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Aww choti bachi ko maar khaana pada jaasoosi karne ka… Sagar says that he got rid of all the memories… But still hearing the name gorayya..he runs to the phone…. Oh… How cute he and Krishna were bonded….Madhavi also felt happy hearing krishna voice and remembers ganga…. Monday full of drama… Wait and watch….

  2. Wow, thanks for speedy update Rhimjhim. Please keep it up.

  3. I can’t understand relationship between Pulkit and Kashish. How did they know each other and how long they were in relationship? I remember that when Ganga was staying newly in Rahat’s house kashish was a school or college going girl(not sure of school or college).By that time Pulkit was a completely married man. There is huge difference between their ages. I’m confused. Please any one can clarify my confusion.

  4. Next week episodes.. They may show about this relationship… Again ganga gets blamed for this…. Because they will remind us that dialogue… Is ladki sarvanaash lekar aayegi…by dadhi… Just to drag the show they ruined pulkit character…..

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