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It is time for results. Lawrence School comes second. Amma ji thinks of Sagar. He must be sad that he came second. He will still be the best for me. Ganga’s school wins the trophy. Ganga and the girls jump in joy. Sudha Bua has tears in her eyes. Madhvi, Pulkit and Babli get up from their seats to clap for them. Amma ji too gets up reluctantly. Mrs. Chautala whistles as the girls come on stage. Raghubir feels bad. Yash looks at Ganga. Prabha is irked. She doesn’t deserve a first proize. The judges must have felt pity for her.

Principal Sir gives the trophy to Ganga. You did what you promised. Ganga refuses to take the trophy alone. I haven’t won it alone. My team is still incomplete. She asks for the mike. This prize isn’t mine. The Gurus teach us everything. How can we forget

Gurus while taking the prize? I know Sudha Bua that you are here only. Amma ji is confused. Ganga points at her. Sudha Bua dint want to come on stage as she is a widow but it isn’t a sin to be a widow. Everyone claps for Sudha as she gets up from her seat. Ganga holds her hand and takes her on stage. Bappa too comes in the hall. He feels proud as he looks at the people clapping for his daughter and her team. Ganga smiles seeing him. She picks up the mike again. I want to say something else too. My Bappa used to say that you lose if think that ways and you win when your mind is positive. Principal Sir gives the trophy to Sudha Bua on Ganga’s insistence. All the girls proudly hold it too. Amma ji wipes her tears. Raghubir walks out of the hall. Sudha is overwhelmed.

Raghubir scolds Bulbul for the delay. Bulbul says it all happened because of Sagar. He saw me cutting the rope and saved it. Raghubir calls him stupid. He wanted his school to lose? Sagar denies. I wanted our school to win. I worked hard. I did what you taught me on stage. I made no mistake but I dint want to win by cheating. It is wrong to cheat someone. Bulbul calls him a cheater as he has cheaten his team. He corrects her. You have cheated your school. You don’t like Ganga which is why you did this. You always find ways to trouble her. He turns to his Sir. I respect you a lot. I fought for you with Ganga. I scolded her when she blamed you for stealing the song. But I heard everything when you were talking to Chandan and Bulbul. I still dint take your name before Principal Sir. So many people were around. What would they have thought of you? You dint do the right thing!

Ganga and her friends enjoy their win. Ganga gives the trophy to Principal Madam. Keep this trophy in your room. You can proudly say now that our school has won. You must be happy. She indeed is. My dream came true because of you all, especially you Ganga!

Sagar comes there with his team. Principal Madam goes to meet the organizers. Sagar compliments their dance. Ganga too says the same for them. Reena adds that they had thought of doing better than Sagar’s team as you did great. A girl (from Sagar’s team) says you were the best which is why you win. Sagar says I was really ashamed to introduce Ganga to my friends earlier. She cannot talk properly and says anything before anyone. But she is my best friend from today onwards. I don’t feel ashamed to call her my best friend anymore. She reminds him that she had felt bad when he had refused to acknowledge her as his friend. I had made up my mind to become good enough for the same. I proved myself but you still aren’t worthy to be called my friend. You will have to prove yourself too if you want to be my friend! Sagar is confused. Ganga walks out of the room. Yash smiles. That girl insulted you!

Madhvi asks Pulkit to wake up Sagar as it is 10 am. He notices the wound in his hand. Sagar tries to hide it but Pulkit insists. Tell me how it happened or I will call everyone. Sagar finally tells him everything. Pulkit realises that Ganga doesn’t know anything. Tell her everything. A bigger problem would have arisen if you hadn’t gone back stage. Sagar doesn’t want to be great in front of her. Let her stay like that. She will understand my importance once she finds out the truth. He takes promise from Pulkit.

Maharaj ji questions Ganga. Sagar extended his hand for friendship and you declined? Ganga replies that she has many friends. Why should I depend only on him? Sagar overhears this. Dadi brought you in the house because of me. Why dint you go to their houses then? I too am not dying to be friends with you. I have lots of friends. I don’t need you. Maharaj ji says you hurt him again. Ganga reasons that she too feels bad. He hid me in the closet when his friends came. He refused to acknowledge me as well. He should understand this too. Maharaj ji is confused about the kind of relation they share. You both keep on fighting with each other yet do everything for one another too. You both cannot see each other in pain but still hurt one another with words!

Yash wants to play or see some movie on laptop. He picks up one CD.

Pulkit and his girlfriend are talking on phone. Pulkit takes the CD from Yash’s hands. These are horror movies. He gives him another set of CDs to choose from. Pulkit tells his girlfriend that they will be meeting outside a cinema hall.

Yash wants to see a horror movie only. Sagar isn’t interested. Yash thinks of scaring Ganga today. She was acting so arrogant yesterday. Wont you seek revenge? Let us call her here.

Sagar and Yash come to Ganga’s room. Yash invites her for the movie. You like seeing movies? Come we will show you one. She denies. Sagar tells Yash to let it be. She will get scared. We will watch a horror film. Girls aren’t so daring. They are cowards. Ganga says I don’t get scared of anything. You both will get scared instead. Yash and Ganga make a bet as to who will get scared while watching a horror film!

Precap: Sagar, Ganga and Yash are watching the CD which Solanki had put in her bag. Sagar notices that Ganga’s face is all pale. She screams out in shock. These were the same people!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. I love gangaa her acting is just adorable! But I hate the injustices towards her, how dare they make her a child widow im furious at the storyline!

  2. thts why the story revolves around her many girls in india are going through the same injustice …. so through gangas story they are trying to break the stereotypes

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