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Gangaa 16th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mamta breaks down. Everything is finished now. Amma ji sent her problem to us. This girl is inauspicious! She runs out. Pishi Ma and all the other ladies are sad too.

Amma ji returns home. She looks uspet. Barkha asks Sagar if something went wrong. Amma ji is upset with Ganga, right? Madhvi asks Amma ji if everything went smoothly. Amma ji says nothing can happen right till that girl is there. Meanwhile, Sagar runs upstairs. Amma ji tells Madhvi everything. Barkha too listens intently. Amma ji cannot think about anything else but that curse. It is haunting me. She is about to head to her room when she notices the food of piece on the floor. Barkha takes responsibility but but Amma ji scolds Madhvi. I don’t like it when outsiders speak in between. Why don’t you (Madhvi) explain things

to your sister? Both these girls will not let me sit peacefully. Madhvi apologises to her on Barkha’s behalf. This won’t happen again. She is trying to learn our rules. Amma ji has no more patience for it. Barkha will have to do penance. She will have to keep fast from tomorrow. Barkha refuses but Madhvi says yes from Barkha’s side. Barkha still takes things lightly.

Sudha is crying. Pishi Ma comforts her. Ganga looks at her. Pishi Ma tells Sudha to calm down. We cannot change what has happened. This is our destiny. Mamta tells her clearly that Ganga cannot stay here anymore. She will have to leave! Sudha tells her not to do so. Where will this small girl go at this hour? Mamta stays put. Pishi Ma says we all know that Ganga did not do right. But we cannot send her out at this hour. Mamta does not want to think of her. Amma ji too spoke negative things about her. I don’t want to see her face anymore. I prayed day and night for my late husband’s soul’s peace but this girl got us cursed. It is better she leaves. She was with us when we were working hard to get that food for Mahant ji. A curse has fallen on us because of her. So much food is lying waste in our kitchen when we arrange things with hard luck. Other ladies also take Mamta’s side. She refuses to even hear Sudha. I don’t care where she goes at this hour! She leaves Ganga out of the ashram. Pishi Ma asks Mamta not to be so hard hearted. Ganga requests them all to make Mamta didi understand. I dint do anything wrong. That guy spoke so rudely and insulted everyone, including food. I am scared. Please open the door. Sudha cries helplessly.

Ganga is scared as she walks alone on the road. She sits down outside near a cot.

Next morning, Sudha calls out for Ganga. I cannot see her anywhere. Pishi Ma and Sudha get worried. Where can she go? Ganga walks in just then. Where will I go? She looks at all the food. No one ate anything? Mamta Didi too would not have eaten anything. It was my mistake but she could have atleast eaten it. I know it is my mistake so I did not say anything when she pushed me out of the ashram. Please call her. Sudha and Pishi Ma have not seen her. They ask Durga who shares that she went out with a few ladies to some place. A few ladies also went with her. Sudha is surprised.

Madhvi scolds Barkha for eating biscuit. Barkha is not at all interested in keeping a fast. I am not used to it. Amma ji questions her on the same. Can you not stay hungry for a day for penance? She scolds Madhvi as well. Now give her whatever she wants to eat! Madhvi reprimands Barkha but Niru takes her side. It is a compulsion. He is wearing the tshirt given by Barkha. Everyone should be free to decide what they want to do. Why force her when she does not want to do it? Barkha runs to give him a hug. Madhvi is taken aback. Amma ji mutters about the same as she prays. I only will do penance. Madhvi offers to do it. Niru asks Barkha to have breakfast. Your Di will not understand. Her outlook is still old even though she is of this modern age. Barkha is impressed by his thoughts. You are not at all orthodox or the kind of people who do not support women. Madhvi thinks of Barkha’s words about her dream man. Amma ji ask Madhvi if she got everything as per the list. I am going to temple to make arrangements for my husband’s shrad.

Mamta and a few other ladies are at Bal Mahant’s place. They apologize to him from Ganga’s side. Please don’t injustice to us because of one girl. Bal Mahant cannot take his words back. Mamta blames Ganga. How can we be responsible for it? She does not live in our ashram. She lives at Niranjan Chaturvedi’s House. Amma ji sent her to our ashram for a few days. Please don’t punish us. Sahyogi asks them about Amma ji. Who is she? Mamta says she is one who came to the ashram yesterday with her grandson. Ganga has been sent to their ashram by her. Sahyogi asks Mamta if Ganga is one of the family members of Amma ji. Bal Mahant and Sahyogi are taken aback.

Precap: Amma ji asks Ganga if this is how she will punish her just because she did not take her home with her. You went to Mahant ji’s house. You told him that you live with me. You want him to be angry with me because of you, right?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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