Gangaa 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Gangaa 16th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Savitri, Pratab and Jhumki watches the news about Ganga and Shiv. The criminals had demanded 10 lacs along with visa and passport. Savitri also cheers about the news.
There, Shiv had been stabbed by a knife. He struggles to get up and says they must get out of here as soon as possible. Ganga was unable to walk and asks Shiv to leave, Shiv holds Ganga in his arms.
Riya calls Savitri to inform her that Shiv and Ganga have been kidnapped. Savitri tells Riya to return home as police would help them. Riya says they are going towards the venue right now and will bring Shiv and Ganga along.
Shiv carries Ganga outside with much pain in his bruise. He fell over her lap and asks her to pull the knife outside as its much painful. Ganga couldn’t gather the courage. He says there is no time to think

when one is at verge of life or death. Ganga finally gathers the courage and pulls the knife. Shiv screams out of pain. Ganga was worried at the bleeding. She tears her saree and ties it around his bruise. Shiv cried in pain.
The criminals had come looking for Ganga and Shiv. They had hidden behind a room and comes out when the men had left.
Kushal and Riya had reached with police. They hear bullet shots inside. Riya was worried about Ganga and Shiv. The inspector calls from outside at the criminals to surrender.
In a room, Shiv cried badly out of pain. He spots police outside the window and asks Ganga to move on, their destiny is closer. The criminals now enter the room holding them at gun point. Ganga was shocked to see the man as he came to bear Shiv with an iron rod. Ganga was successful in snatching the gun off them, she fires a bullet in air and warns them to stay aside. She tries to hold Shiv up. The criminals get through the other way and approach them with an iron rod and hit Ganga’s hand. The gun fell down. They get hold of it.
Shiv was able to grab the rod and bear criminals. The criminals get out. Shiv and Ganga places a table to lock them outside. The criminals decide to put the room at fire and burn them alive.
The police had entered the building and had an encounter with the criminals. Shiv and Ganga watches the door burning. Shiv breaks the glass of the window and breaks it. He peeks through the window and comes to help Ganga outside. Ganga successfully steps outside the hole. She urges him to pass through it, Shiv says he can’t come out of this small hole. He tells Ganga if he can’t get out of here alone, he wants to share a truth with her about Krishna; Krishna is no more. Ganga was taken aback. Shiv says he is aware Krishna is life for Ganga, he couldn’t have let her go as Ganga is his life. He says he has seen Parvati leave in front of him, he realizes the pain of it and never wanted her to bear the pain. He apologizes for hurting her and hiding this truth. He requests her to take care of Radhika if he can’t get out of here. He asks for a promise but Ganga doesn’t hold his hand. Shiv fell down.

PRECAP: Ganga cries for Krishna on a barren land. Savitri gives the servant some money for coronation, and announce about the appointment of Mathadesh.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Is shiv going to die???????

  2. Oh shiv story ends here -:(
    I knew he will die because writer has no choice to take this serial further

    Now wait n watch ⌚️
    3rd hero entry will be soon now -:)

    Writer gone mad i guess …

  3. It looks like Shiv will die and Ganga will become window once again. I do not understand what kind of story is this . Writer seem to be the biggest enemy of this show , he is deliberately trying to write such a bad story so that ratings of this show fall down to floor and he already succeeded in doing this. All the artists are great and extremely talented in this show but because of this bad story line they cannot make this show successful . It is such a shame . I request to the producer and director of this show that please replace the writer immediately . Writer is absolutely clueless !!

  4. PLEASE PLEASE tell me Shiv is still alive. They can’t make Ganga a widow for the third time !! Just NO!

  5. shiv won’t die…

  6. shiv is died his story ends here now gangaa vl beccome widow for third time hahaha isn’t too funny what kind of rubbish story it is i completely agree wid Hannah all the r actors extremely talented but the story is so bad ??????u can see vishal he is doing so much good in jaat ki jugni he is looking extremely handsome nd moreover his role is more important than herione…… i wish shiv dies now at least directors vl concentrate on gangaa’s life at least she can now esacpe from jha family coz she has not taken the promise of taking care of radhika……. im wondering is gangaa came here for taking care of others only means her daughter died husband also died so now she vl stay in this house only to take Care of others daughter nd sister nd all……… rubbish serial everrrr

  7. Does this mean Shiv is no more? Why?

  8. May be he doesn’t die as there have been no news about Shakti Anand leaving the serial……..

    1. Hi Priya,

      I must admit i was shocked to see the precap. I did not see that coming. It would be a shame if Shiv did die. Savitri will escape her crimes along with Pratap. She will ensure that she gets all the assets and status. What will happen to poor Radhika? Will Ganga be thrown out the house and poor Radhika mistreated by her step-grandmother or abandoned? The precap certainly left me feeling disturbed.

  9. I think he might be dead. In precap Savitrius giving money to someone to arrange for cremation. May be they might end the serial now

  10. If Shiv is dead then they’re going to finish the serial. There’s no way they’re going to bring another guy opposite Gangaa. It will most likely end with Gangaa raising Rhadika as her own daughter and exposing Savatri and Pratabh of their crimes.
    What they should have done is finished the previous story with Sagar, Gangaa and rest of the family living happily ever after. Then re-start the show with Gangaa in this new set up. Fans of pre vamp would have been ok with this as it wouldn’t have been the same Gangaa. But instead we got the amnesia storyline, this rightly upset fans of show who cared so much about these characters and when Gangaa regained her memory and they started the silly story lines they upset new fans like me who had just started watching the show. It’s a shame it had to go this way because there was actual potential in the new story but the writers have ruined it. @ Priay – I’ve also been searching the web to see if Shakti is leaving the show but there doesn’t seem to be any news on the serial at all?!!

  11. I agree pooja coz one new serial is starting might be it replaces gangaa nd its better to end shivs role here now directors vl concentrate on gangaas life rather her love life now she vl struggle nd that vl be interesting now the serial is becoming more interesting day by day it was boring till day before yesterday but it vl be interesting todayy as gangaa is crying for sagar nd krishna not for shivv goood ………

  12. Hi Summer
    Good to hear from you. Yesterday episode was a surprise to me as well. Writers do keep us on our toes. Did you notice that that in precap Ganga was not wearing white, which make me think whether Shiv is really dead?? If he is then may be Ganga will fight and expose the Jhia family on her own. Obviously Savitri and Pratab will cause of sort of problem for her and want her out. Somehow I have a feeling we might see the old Ganga back fighting for justice with the help of Ria and Kushal. It will be interesting to see where we go from here.

    1. Hi Pooja,
      Likewise 🙂 Yes, your’e right, Gangaa was wearing her usual attire when she was crying her heart out. Its a real shame the story has taken this turn. There were many ways the writers could have revived the show, maybe they got tired of writing?
      It would be really good to see Savitri and Pratap face justice…they really should not get away with murder! Perhaps Radhika seeing her Pratap and Savitri true colours will lead to Radhika supporting Ganga? I hope so Pooja, I really hope that Kushal and Ria will give the support to Gangaa. I hope Savitri and Pratap will be denied what the property and it goes to Radhika.

  13. I just re-watched it I’m pretty sure he’s dead. When he was telling Gangaa to look after Rhadika the sound was empathised like they do when something important is being said also when he told her I know Krishna means the world to you like you did to me … again his dialogues were made dramatic and he said like you did not like you do. Hope I’m wrong but I doubt it.

    The much awaited news is out guyss Gangaa is going off air soon the serial is going to end in june’s first week or in may end i told u guys new serial is going to start nd it vl replace gangaa i knew itt……… gangaa recently dropped its trp so the channel is thinking to replace it wid new serial nd this news is confirmed im really happy… this is the reason they killed shiv nd shiv is died pls accept it guys we aslo saga fans accepted that sagar is died so the serial is going to end yeyeyy yippeee!!!!!

  15. jab tk ki parvati ke hatyare ko saja nahi mil jata shiv ko kuchh ni hoga.
    i think.

  16. Hello everyone! Finally done with exams and free!!
    The writers sure do keep us on toes. The precap is exciting! I do hope shiv doesn’t die.
    If however he does die then I believe people will elect Gangaa as the Mathadesh and hence Savitri and Pratap won’t be able to throw her out! 😀 She will raise and love radhika and we might get to see a strong bond between them! She might also expose the villains and bring about certain changes in the society! If this happens it will be really interesting to watch 🙂

  17. Hi Deeksha, Sandy, Priya and Everyone,

    I’ve tried searching on the internet for news of Shakti Anand but no mention of him exiting the show. Is the show really ending?

  18. Yes summer the show is ending u can check it on iternet i found this news on insta than i checked on internet its true nd yes u all guys r thinking that gangaa vl do this nd all nd parvati ke hatyaare ko saza nhi milti tab tak shiv ko kuch nhi hota do u really think guys that the makers vl show all this in just 2 weeks one whole week vl spend on gangaa fighting for herself than wht vl happen i dont know…its obvious the directors have really nothing to show so they vl end the show coz they have no other option its too late to fill all loop holes noww at leat at this point its impossible…..

    1. Hi Aashika,

      Thanks for the info. 🙂

  19. Hi pooja
    Why vl gangaa wear white saree nd that too for Shiv if she wants to wear she vl wear for sagar not for shiv coz from the starting she wanted to live as sagar’s widow nd ok if she vl live as shiv’s widow why she vl wear white saree so fast means itni jaldi tw gangaa ne sagar ke marne per bhi nhi pehni thi for 2 days she was roaming in her casuals …. i dont think kushal nd ria vl help her coz all vl blame gangaa for shiv’ death nd they shud?…… today’s episode vl clear alll suspence ……..

  20. I don’t really want gangaa to end like this! One of the amazing Hindi serials! I just hope it ends on a real good note 😀

  21. ONE of the amzing serial is gangaa???????
    I think u have some misunderstandings!!!!! Amazing serial is beyhadh Whuch comes from sony tv just watch it u vl forget gangaa forever its such a amazing serial the story the script that pagalpan in that serial is tmreally amazing gangaa is becoming irritating nd bekaar it has no story at all now so the directors r making it a horror serial by introducing paravati’s aat ma poor aditi poor shakti wht a poor they have got such a poor serial nd a really really really poor directors nd producers one of the low budget show on hi di television……… never mind guys

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