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Gangaa 16th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Omkar takes Ganga outside. She tells him to leave her. I want to tell him something important. She shares that she knows something important. Pulkit bhaiya’s new school’s principal told me that someone is trying to trap Babu. Omkar sends her away.

Meanwhile, Niranjan takes the case. He signs on some papers that Verma has given him. Verma is super happy.

Omkar brings Ganga to a room and closes the door. He lies that he is as concerned about Niranjan as she is. She finally tells him everything in mute. New Principal said that he dint receive anu paper from our side. Someone is trying to trap Babu. I will tell babu right away. he wont listen to Pulkit bhaiya as he is angry with him. Omkar stops her. it must be a lie. She denies. New Principal said it in front of everyone / media. He offers

to talk instead of her (as it might spill his beans). She wants to make peace as she was the one who gave that real mark sheet to Babu. He is upset with Pulkit bhaiya since then. Omkar reasons that Babu is really tensed at this moment. You look so red. I will bring water for you. He calls out for Maharaj ji to bring water. I will have to stop her somehow. He thinks of what to do!

Niranjan thanks Verma but he thanks Niranjan instead. Niranjan still asks for FIR copy. I have asked Raghav ji to bring it. Verma nods. He leaves then. Niranjan goes out of his study room and sits on a chair outside. Amma ji puts her hand over his head. you look tensed? He gets up but she makes him lie down in a relaxed manner. Madhvi asks him if he needs anything. He denies. everything is sorted now. Amma ji and Madhvi feel good. Niranjan has to go to Allahabad for some urgent work for 2-3 days. Raghav ji is unwell. I have to file a statement in high court. He tells Madhvi to pack his bags. Madhvi is not happy over what Pulkit did. He put his papa in trouble. Amma ji is glad that everything is fine again. But Niranjan is really hurt. Hope God will set everything right!

Omkar produces some medicines from his cupboard. Maharaj ji brings water. He tries to take Ganga outside but Omkar tells him to let her stay here. She is upset over the morning chaos (of media reporters). Maharaj ji leaves. Omkar mixes those tablets in the water once Maharaj ji is gone. He lies to Ganga that it is normal sweet-sugar tablets. She happily drinks that water. Omkar looks on with an evil smile. She wants to go to Babu’s room. Omkar tells her to go. I am also coming after you. Once outside, Ganga starts feeling dizzy. Omkar tells her to rest but she insists upon talking to Babu first. She faints. Omkar holds her. Now I will see how you tell the truth to Niranjan! Madhvi and the maid are coming upstairs so he drags her behind a wall.

Pulkit paces worriedly in his room. Sagar asks him what happened. How did the reporters find out about the fake mark sheet? Pulkit doesn’t share anything. He gets an idea. I can tell mummy. He runs out to look for his mother. Sagar is upset that no one shares anything with him these days. I will ask someone else.

Omkar covers Ganga with a blanket and hides her under a sofa. He puts more clothes over the sofa so she is completely hidden. He runs away from there afterwards.

Madhvi has packed Niranjan’s bag. Pulkit tries to talk to Madhvi but she is upset with him. I have always supported you. I always tried to make your father understand that he should not pressurize you for studies. You did wrong with him. I don’t want to talk to you. he apologizes to her and then shares that someone is trying to trap papa. He doesn’t want to see my face. She gets alarmed. Who would do it?

Omkar is talking Verma Verma asks Omkar what he will do when that girl will gain conscious after 2-3 hours. Omkar says I wanted to save my life so I did that to buy time. Now I will think calmly what to do! Amma ji asks him what he wants to think about. Omkar gets nervous hearing her voice. He ends the call. He lies that he was seeking advise from his friend about the reporters. She tells him that everything is sorted now. You have been with us in this problem. Omkar brags that he can even sacrifice his life for this family. I am the SIL of this family. I wont back down from my responsibility. She tells him about Niranjan heading to Allahabad right away. I have told him to come back asap as Babli’s roka will be done in his presence only. Omkar gets happy. this will be a good change for him though. She nods.

Madhvi gets to know the truth. Pulkit says someone is trying to create problems for papa. The mark sheet dint reach the new school. She goes to share it with Niranjan.

Omkar updates Verma about NIranjan’s trip. I will find a way out till the time he is back.

Sagar comes to the balcony. Maid asks him about it. He says no one tells me anything. She doesn’t know much but he wants to know more. She picks up a few clothes and goes downstairs. Sagar notices Ganga’s feet coming out from under the sofa. He removes the clothes and finds her there. He tries to wake her up thinking that she is sleeping here. He moves the sofa away and keeps on asking her to wake up. Epi ends on his tensed face.

Precap: Everyone tries to wake Ganga but in vain. Sagar is worried that she might be dead. Is she dead? Her pulse is not working. She is not breathing. They all are stunned by his words.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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