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Omkar has brought sarees with Maharaj ji’s help. Amma ji is amazed to see how much he does for their family. I said I wanted to give sarees to the ladies at the widow ashram and he left to get it. Omkar acts all modest. I too thought to bring some colors to the life of the widows just like you. Madhvi gets thinking. She recalls seeing Sudha in tears and all shaken up. Prabha is irked that Chaturvedi family spends money so lavishly. Amma ji says one has to donate to get God’s blessings. I have to do all this to make my life worthwhile. Prabha talks about Ganga. She too is a widow. Ganga just enters inside along with Sagar, Yash and Niru. Madhvi asks her about her exam. Yash instead asks for food. Ganga thinks of Sagar’s words. I gave all the answers that I could remember. I couldn’t write. I would

not have been able to give the exam if it wasn’t for Sagar. Babli and Madhvi are glad to know that Sagar helped her whereas everyone else is not glad. Madhvi calls her son smart. Prabha whispers against Ganga in Amma ji’s ears. If this girl clears the exam then she will start going to school. Your planning will flop. Madhvi, Niru and Babli takes the kids to give them food.

Pulkit is talking to someone (his girlfriend probably) in the balcony. Madhvi calls out for him. She asks him who he was talking to. He lies that it was Sunny. He called for some urgent work. Madhvi tells him to sleep as it is late. His phone rings again. He hastily tells the caller that they will talk tomorrow and ends the call.

Ganga comes to Sagar’s room. He asks her if she has some work. She shakes her head. he tells her not to stand over his head like a ghost (wearing a white saree). She says thank you to him for helping her. you helped me in writing the exam. He reminds her of her words. You declined to help. She points out that he only had refused in the first go. I had to give the exam in any case or I would have failed. He replies that she will fail. You made me write all the wrong answers. You forced me. You wanted to clear the exam honestly. Now we will wait and watch the result. She agrees with him. I checked in my book. A lot many answers were wrong. But I wont fail. He says we will get to know about it tomorrow. We will understand who is right here. Amma ji hides while Ganga walks out of the room. Sagar wrote her exam. He is saying that she wont pass so it must be true. Thank God! I don’t have to worry about anything now. Everyone’s expectations will be met and I will be safe.

Ganga is unable to sleep. Amma ji notices her twisting in bed. Why can’t you sleep? She has no idea. Amma ji knows that she is worried about her result. It will come tomorrow. there is no point staying awake the entire night. It will be good if the morning happens a little late tomorrow. you will get hurt. You made Sagar write all the wrong exams. Why did you sit for the exam when you weren’t prepared? She replies that she gave some right answers. Do you know who Akbar’s Bappa was? Amma ji is not interested but Ganga still tells her the answer. This is a right answer. Amma ji points out that only one answer is not enough to clear the exam. Think about puja and dharma now. Ganga insists that she will clear the exam. I am ready to bet! Amma ji makes a bet. I know I will win. I overheard you convo with Sagar. Now you will have to do what I want! She asks her what if she wins. Amma ji smiles. Amma ji never loses. Sleep now. Ganga prays to God to make Amma ji lose this time. She too goes to lie down.

Next morning, Prabha is busy eating dry fruits. Amma ji tells her that it heats up the body. Prabha denies. It gives us strength. Amma ji is tensed about Ganga’s result. Prabha wonders what if Ganga clears the exam. Amma ji tells her to use her mouth to chew the dry fruits. Madhvi is looking for Ganga. No one has seen her since morning. Babli tells her that Ganga is in balcony.

Ganga talks to her cycle. Babu has gone to bring my result. Do you think I will pass? Madhvi sits beside her. You were talking to your Bappa? Ganga nods. I am very worried and scared about the result. Madhvi tells her to hug the cycle and listen to her inner voice / Bappa. All your worries will go away. Ganga does it. She sees her Bappa smiling down at her and smiles. Niru calls out for her. Madhvi says everything will be fine. Go downstairs. Ganga leaves. Everyone in the house is tensed. Prabha asks about the result. Niru instead asks her to say what it could be. It seems like you are the most worried person here. Niru calls out for Ganga a little louder. She walks closer. Don’t you want to know the result? You must be thinking whether you cleared your exam or not? She straight away apologizes to him. Sagar was right. I gave a lot of wrong answers. I know I have failed in the exam. I said that I will become like you but I could not. Please forgive me Babu. I have hurt you. He tells her to let him say something. I had told you never to get sad. He sits down on the stairs before her. The day I saw you I understood that this girl will never take a wrong path come what may. The path can be tough but no one can stop her way. You have proved it today that I was right. You have cleared the exam! Everyone is happy except Amma ji, Prabha and Omkar. Ganga is thrilled. Are you joking? Niru denies. You don’t have to be scared anymore that you have hurt or upset me. You have given me the biggest happiness. You have scored 52% which is great! Prabha tells Amma ji that their fears have come true. Amma ji signals her to be quiet.

Precap: Niru calls out for Ganga. She is dressed up in her school uniform. She too will go to school from today onwards. Amma ji is shocked and angry. Madhvi tells her to come for the breakfast but Amma ji tells them to stop.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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