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Gangaa 16th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sagar comes close to Ganga and takes his pillow from behind, laying on the bed. He says their family doesn’t know about the reality of this wedding, this decoration is all because of that. He was removing the flower petals from over the bed saying he needs to sleep. Ganga asks about the meaning. Sagar sits up saying this wedding is a show off, but they don’t need to make this up in the closed doors. Ganga leaves the bed furiously, saying he is a stubborn and dry person and has changed a lot. Sagar asks Ganga since when she knows him, didn’t they decide this. Ganga asks what deciding matters, sometimes a person has feelings and a desire to change things; but he won’t understand. He doesn’t feel anything. Sagar says alright, buts its Ganga’s self-respect that blinded her. He is stubborn and

dry, but Ganga is also arrogant, her ego doesn’t let her forgive anyone. He wonders why she is confused, because she herself doesn’t know what she wants. She is clueless. Tears fell off her eyes, she murmurs she know what she wants. Sagar tells her to trust someone else once in her life. Ganga stands up deciding what she wants, she needs him. Sagar was left speechless. Ganga demands her old Sagar from him. Sagar apologizes, it has gone to an extent that it’s impossible. Ganga says sorry to him, and comes to hug him from behind; she accepts he had to suffer so much for her. She hurt his emotions, just for her ego; she also kept him away from Krishna. She know he suffered a lot because of her, she knew he was drunk that night still she didn’t forgive him. She comes to confront him, while he backs up. Ganga says she wants to say a sorry for all of her mistakes, it’s the most difficult for him. She could never understand this single word can put everything at ease, her family, relation and everything would have been in place. She is now apologizing, can he please forgive her. Sagar backs up, saying I am sorry as its really late. He will forgive her for what she did, but he might not be able to forget; its better they do what they decided that is to stay happy in front of everyone. But when alone, they would live as strangers. He jerks her hand away, going to sleep. He lay in the bed, smiling it’s now his turn to tease her; he won’t forgive her so easily and will make her suffer now.
Yash tries to explain his mother that Abha tried her best. His mom was screaming that Ganga and Sagar are now married. Yash tries to calm her down, as it wasn’t the first marriage of Ganga and Sagar. She must only think what they need to do now. She smiles that she got another plan, and asks to call Amma ji. They can use Amma ji as their puppet.
Amma ji calls Madhvi, saying ghunghat wali mata ji told her about the bhasam that is the right treatment for Niru. She tells her about the whole treatment. It needs to be burnt later. Amma ji advices her to try be everyone’s strength, as she is stuck in rush over here. Yash confirms his mother if this plan would work, she says surely Amma ji would convey the message to Madhvi who will follow the instructions immediately without realizing what she has done.
Madhvi brings Niranjan while he was asleep. She hands him the medicine who gulps it with water. She remembers to burn the packet after bhasam, and lights it throwing the paper on floor. Niru begins to cough at once. Madhvi was concerned, and gives him water. Niru gets blood in his cough, Madhvi was shocked to see it there.
Ganga and Sagar answer the knock at the door, Supriya tells Sagar that Niru is unwell and needs to be taken to hospital. In the hospital, doctors rush Niranjan to emergency. Doctor asks if he took something extraordinary. After doctors have left, Madhvi tells her children about the bhasam. Ganga wonders how Madhvi could do this. Sagar asks her about that bhasam. Madhvi says he didn’t get unwell because of that bhasam. She tells the children that she burnt it. Ganga and Sagar insist they need to tell doctor, there might be something mixed in that bhasam.
The doctor comes out to inform everyone they removed the poison from Niranjan’s body, but he is critical. He says they need to keep Niru under observation, and they should all go home. Madhvi wasn’t ready to go, but Sagar insists on her to go home. They come home, when all at once they hear the sound of Mantar. Maharaj ji runs downstairs saying there is someone upstairs. They all rush upstairs. Sagar knocks at the door, then enters himself breaking the bolt. He was shocked to see Ghunghat wali mata ji there.

PRECAP: Ghunghat wali mata ji tells Madhvi this was all done by a lady. Ganga resist, but Madhvi shuts Ganga up. Ghunghat wali mata ji says its Ganga who did this all.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. After reading this episode, I shall not bother watching it! Cannot be bothered with all the conspiracy and negativity. How can they not even recognise Prabha or Yash voice? Another futile episode.

  2. Yeah… Can skip next week episodes… Watching Ghunghatwali mata and yash tricks on Ganga and Sagar r really absurd and negativity at its peak…. Pre leap itself Prabha knew that Sagar never forgets Ganga even though she tried her best to separate from him and ganga was preg because of him and she left ganga that time.. Now again repeated track…. After this what is the track… Time pass has also one limit…. Stupid track… Mataji enters CS and maharaj ji doesn’t know how she entered…. Doors of CS welcomes every one inside happily…. And these chaturs always suspect one and only Gangaa and no other person is suspicious for them… Wahwa wahwa… What a logical brains….

  3. One thing about the new beginning of Gangaa is that she asked Sagar to forgive her… Really shocking to see her asking sorry… Such an arrogant person now expecting sagar will accept her as if he doesn’t bother whatever she did towards him… Even in the wedding mandap she simply neglected his helping hand and even took pheras without holding his hand thinking that she can do anything independently and now why to wait for him… LOL….

  4. Yesterday episode was funny.. Sagar will not do anything, now gangaa will do everything first..but I hate prabha mami..she is villainous villain…. actually sudden change in her character makes me feel better… instead of chillao …

  5. yesterdyas episode was so nice….. i love the acting of sagar.Now sagar will tease gangaa.i think sagar supports gangaa and both of them will leave the chaturvedi sadan because of prabha mami………….

  6. Finally gangs comes to her senses…the episode was great except for that gunghatwali Mata…when will the writer, director get rid of these villians? Its too much…we have had too much of stupid masala…

  7. It was gd to see Ganga. Knowing her own mistakes and oppologising to Sagar. Hope Sagar will not tease Gangaa for Long. They are beautiful together.
    I hate Prabha and Yash back. Please reveal them to the family. May be the children should recognise Yash.
    The family should stay together with Prabha Abd Yash paying the price.

  8. Anu Mittasala

    Whenever we think that the serial came on to the track then there starts new unbearable Drama with full of negativity.praba drama for long episodes then one episode for our relief then again joya will enter to take revenge.Too much of boring episode’s…

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