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Gangaa 15th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sagar tells Ganga to stay here only. He goes inside.

Amma ji talks to Sudha about Ganga. You used to question me what I have taught her till date. Now I ask you the same question. That girl should be kept away from Mahant ji. She might ruin everything. Sagar thinks that he wont be able to stop Ganga if she makes any other mistake now. How do I stop her?

Bal Mahant checks the plate. It isn’t clean. Ganga complains to Sagar about him. He is all complaining. Sagar is certain she will create another problem soon. Mamta brings another plate. Next, Bal Mahant refuses to drink water from the glass that has been kept before him. Ganga says he is intentionally troubling everyone. Which Mahant does so? Sagar asks for his birthday gift. Give it to me now. I want to see it. He takes her aside.

Ganga tells him that that cannot be Mahant. He is a kid and is speaking so rudely to everyone.

Bal Mahant looks at the food. Will I be eating this? Pishi Ma says we would have made n number of dishes if it was in our hands. Amma ji sweetly requests him to have it as they have made it with love. Mahant refuses. I can see and understand the food quality.

Ganga complains that Mahant cannot complain about the food without even tasting it. why is he throwing so many tantrums? Sagar yet again asks for gift. She gives it to him. You are so nice. You know that I always look for socks. She wants to go out but he stops her. I have to see if they fit me or not. I don’t want it if you aren’t interested. She tells him to try them. Don’t be angry. They hear Mahant’s voice. He is talking negative about the food. It is not even tasty. Some of the puri’s are half cooked or black. Is this what you call bhoj? You will all be destroyed. Sagar stops Ganga from going out. She knows why he was stopping her from going out till now. Let me go out if you care for us. That kid is behaving very badly. Bappa used to say that one should not withstand bad things.

Mahant keeps blaming the food. He pushes the plate away saying that he does not want it! Ganga confronts him. You call yourself a Pandit and you don’t even know that one never insults the food kept before them! I added a lot of milk and boiled it for 3 hours. I have added so many things in it. Sudha Bua and all the ladies got it after so much hard word. You are throwing tantrums when everyone is respecting you. You are hurting them. Eat it all quietly! Everyone looks on shocked.

Barkha brings gifts for Niru and Madhvi. Niru checks out her shopping even when Madhvi tells Barkha that he is busy. Barkha has brought a red colour tshirt for Niru. Madhvi says he does not wear such clothes. Barkha keeps the tshirt on him and compliments him. You will look 10 years younger. Niru smiles but Madhvi looks uncomfortable.

Sahyogi calls it an insult to Bal Mahant ji. Mahant too says the same thing. The food was not at all edible. All the ladies try to stop him but Sahyogi stays put. Sagar mutters that he was right. Why she stays stubborn all the time! Ganga too tells him not to eat it. Those who have cooked it should eat it. They only will know its taste. They have toiled so hard and begged at people’s door. Poor people don’t even get one chapatti and you rejected so much food. Amma ji tells her to be quiet. Ganga reasons that she only says that food should be respected. This big Pandit is insulting food. Mahant’s group call it a big insult! Mahant starts walking out of the ashram. Sudha says sorry to him. Please give us some time. We will cook once again for you. Amma ji too says the same thing. That little girl knows nothing. Ganga questions them on why he insulted her AMma ji then. She is so elder to you. You spoke rudely to her, Pishi Ma and Sudha Bua. Is it not insult? He disrespected food. He is not even listening to others at this moment. This is also disrespect! Is this how you speak to your elders at home? Amma ji shouts her name. Her hand stops mid air. Everyone is taken aback. Mahant refuses to stay there for another second.

Barkha takes the letter from Pulkit’s hands. He gets it back from her. She asks him if it is love letter. He shares that it is Saloni’s letter. She had written it long ago. She offers to find out the address of Saloni’s hostel. Then you wont need it. I don’t like it when two love birds get separated. I will be glad if I can reunite someone. Madhvi comes there so Pulkit diverts the convo. Barkha sends Pulkit in his room on the pretext of studies. Madhvi teases Barkha. Was it really a story or something related to you? Barkha acts. Madhvi understands it that she is trying to divert the topic. What kind of a guy do you want? Barkha says he should be just like jijz (Niru). He should not be orthodox. He should be very modern, go with me on every adventure. He should be happy with me and vice versa. Madhvi says it only happens in films. Barkha is sure it can happen in real as she too has got such a guy. They share a hug.

Mahant curses the ladies. You were praying that your husbands’ get peace and heaven. It wont happen now. Their souls will be stuck in Mrityu Loka only. Do anything you want to but no good will come out of it! The ladies beg for mercy but the Mahant is firm on his words. He leaves with his disciples.

Amma ji blames Ganga for being a dark blot on women and widows. I have been saying since the beginning that this girl is a big problem. She has only destroyed everything. No one trusted me. You all should collectively decide her punishment now. I have cut my relation with her. Don’t come in front of my eyes again in this birth! Sagar sadly leaves with his Dadi.

Precap: Amma ji notices the food crumb. Barkha takes responsibility but Amma ji scolds Madhvi. She will have to do penance. She will have to keep fast from tomorrow. Barkha refuses but Madhvi says yes from Barkha’s side.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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