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Gangaa 15th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Ammaji’s residence
As ganga strolls around the house, she is reminded of her childhood memories, with every member of the family, and has mixed bitter-sweet emotions. she thinks that its time for ammaji to return home, from her bathing, and wonders whether the puja thali is ready by maharaj or not. she hollers for him, but he is unable to respond. she then finds the thali and places it properly. ammaji comes and eyes her approvingly, while ganga defiantly denies that she was caring or anything, while ammaji tells her that she cant change her habits, even though she tries to pretend hard. ammaji gives her the prashad, and amusedly says that she saw what she had to. niru eyes happily from a distance. ganga continues to clarify that she is misreading her, while ammaji

doesnt comply. she leaves, and ammaji eyes the prashad tensedly. she is about to go, when she finds niru smiling. ganga again tries to clarify, while niru says that he knows everything, but doesnt want anyone to lose, so that the family can win. he leaves for his room. ganga continues to stand tensedly, cursing herself, and how vehement she is that she wont return back.

In his room, niru vents out his rage and frustration at zoya, while she desperately cries. she begs him to listen to her, as ganga is misusing her influence on the members, and that she isnt at fault. she tries to emotionally manipulate him, while begging to be forgiven. madhavi watches tensedly. she begs for apology. but he angrily asks her to get lost. zoya is bitterly crying and gets to leaving the room, when she eyes madhavi, who turns her face away too. zoya leaves. niru is distraught and apalled. he tells madhavi that he cant even apologise to her and sagar, as sorry wont suffice for what he did, and the way he hurt them both. she asks him not to, as whats done is done, and asks him to move on, and not lament on it, and instead forgetting everything, they should start afresh, and hugs him. he thanks her for her forgiveness and her loving nature. he hopes things get better with ganga and sagar too.

In the kitchen, while krishna is working, maharaj comes and points out how she is exactly like ganga, and starts narrating incidents from her childhood, along with strifes between her and sagar. Krishna asks maharaj what was ganga’s favourite game, and gets to know that its kite flying. she is amused. he says that things and situation forced her to let go of her childish streak.

MEanwhile, krishna and juhi are at loggerheads and fighting severely, when ganga and sagar come and try and pull them apart. ganga takes krishna away while sagar takes juhi away. krishna says that juhi doesnt want to believe that girls can fly kite. their thoughts instigate sagar and ganga, and they start fighting, as ganga says that women can do anything, while sagar takes all the credit for whatever she taught him during his childhood. krishna pulls them apart, after juhi leaves when she eyes supriya watching her. KRishna gives sagar and ganga, the challenge of a kite competition, so that they know who is good at this. they both comply, while madhavi and ammaji look on, and hope that the children’s idea works.

On the terrace, ganga is a pro at flying the kite, while sagar has difficulty even getting it in the air. finally, he manages somehow, while ganga is amused. krishna supports him, and they both start flying their kites on the roof. madhavi and ammaji watch on. sagar is distracted, but krishna keeps pulling him back from staring at ganga and focus on flying the kite. krishna is hopeful that sagar wins. but while doing so, he falls in a dug hole in the ground. krishna sees this and screams that he fell down. ganga hears this, and turns around to find krishna standing beside the trench, and sagar noweher to be seen. she gets tensed. ammaji and madhavi are shocked too. Sensing the tension, gangs rushes too, and all are amused at seeing sagar drenched in dirt and dirty water, while he fumes at all of them. he wonders how to get out. ganga gives him her hand, and he somehow manages to grasp her hand, and she pulls him out finally, while krishna, madhavi and ammaji look on. ganga gets to brushing off the dirt, and notices that he is wounded too. ganga continues to reprimand him thoroughly for behaving so childish, irresponsible and immature. she vents out her frustration, while he smiles at her, throughout the time. others are amused. ganga silences when she realises, and he asks her why she stopped, as he liked it when she was scolding. she is embarassed. the screen freezes on ganga’s tensed face.

Precap: KRishna makes a scorboard for ganga and sagar, and places one point to ganga, in the kite competition. ganga thanks her. she says that this is just the beginning, and knows she shall win ahead too. krishna gives them the task of preparing a nice dish for her, by the time, she returns back from school. ganga and sagar are prepared to take the challenge.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. QueenB


  2. Great episode!! Yaay! Gangaa is finally back on track! 😀

  3. todays episode was so nice…………atleast they both are together.
    Both sagar and gangaa fighting like kids and the kite competition was excellent.and gangaa scolding sagar like a teacher and complaints ammaji .totally todays episode was awesome………………..

  4. The episode was awesome. Loved how Krishna cleverly brought her parents together. Hope to see more of Krishna and Juhi bringing the family, Pulkit and Supriya, Sagar and Gangaa.

  5. Krishnaa

    great!! 🙂 juhi was also helping krishnaa, i hope supriya doesnt spoil the bond between them. nice episode!! 🙂

  6. This epi deeply forward. At least they can together like family ❤️
    Aw sweet.
    Btw, thanks for super update

  7. Nice episode &hope krishna&juhi bond become strong&ganga&supriyas bond will not spoil

  8. Hope now zoya exit from the chatur sadan is done… Krishna and juhi joined hands i think and their efforts do well…. Then what will be the future story of the show…. At least v get answers to the left over matters… Like Ratan… Rudra and ragini… Kashish… Rahat death and that chip… Etc… Be ready for some big thing going to be happen… Meanwhile they are showing us these lighter moments… What all the loyal viewers look for is SaGa ishq nasheen moments… After four months at least they are together….

  9. Bhavani, any guess about the big thing. Hope the writers will not separate saga again. I love it if the big thing is saga marriage. Ganga struggling a lot all these years. She was never happy. Hope she will be happy in the future episodes.

    1. Krishnaa

      even i want them to be marrying. one cannot always have sorrow in life. ganga should be happy with sagar and krishna forever!

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