Gangaa 15th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Gangaa 15th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The criminals decide to take Shiv and Ganga’s favor to get out of here. Ganga was hurt at her foot, Shiv asks her to hurry up and notices she had foot strain. He comes to pick her up and walks away. In the corridor they were held at gun point by the criminals, and says they would be finished if Ganga and Shiv are spared. Shiv and Ganga try to run away from them but they come from front and hit their heads to make them unconscious, then drags them into a dark room. Ganga wakes up in the room first. Both Ganga and Shiv were struggling to get away from the criminals.
Jhumki was afraid of Savitri and wonders what if she finds out what she has been up to. Savitri comes with almond milk, she scolds Jhumki to bend in 4th month of pregnancy. She values Pratab’s child as it is really important for her.

suggests about opening each other’s rope. He opens Ganga’s rope when they hear the criminals entering and sprinkle water over their face to wake them up. They then tape a video that if they don’t receive their passports by tomorrow, they will torn these two into pieces. After the video criminals leave.
Riya was trying Ganga’s number. Both wonder why their number goes switched off. Riya was worried if something happened in the district office. She asks to speak to Savitri. Savitri tells Kushal that Shiv and Ganga must be wandering pointlessly. They must return home after done with shopping. Riya decides she would take Shiv and Ganga alone. Both Shiv and Ganga try to open the knots of each other’s hands. Ganga’s mangal sooter tied to Shiv’s button.
In the police station, inspector were not ready to report a complaint for Shiv and Ganga’s kidnapping. Riya was shocked to see the tape on media, Kushal recognizes Shiv and Ganga. The police leaves to get them at district court.
Shiv and Ganga has succeeded in getting themselves freed. They hit some bottles in the corridor that gets the attention of the criminals who chase them. Ganga and Shiv hide under a staircase on a side. As soon as the criminals run looking for them the other side Shiv and Ganga run across the corridor. One of the man hit a knife behind Shiv.

PRECAP: Shiv helps Ganga get out of a window. He was unable to get out of such small space, and says if he doesn’t come out alive their companionship was written till this point only.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I hope gangaa will understand shiv after this!

  2. Shivs role in the entire plot is tremendously marvellous… He can get into a variety of emotions in no time… Serial should be renamed as shiv ki ganga… I like this serial as it does not drag one plot unnecessarily… Fast pace, good acting and a very tight script makes the watch worth while…

  3. After sooo many episodes got to see gangaa & shiv soft-hearted towards each other……but maybe​ this doesn’t continues further as shiv revealed krishna’s truth to her…….but can’t guess even as this might also happen that gangaa realised that shiv can even die for her and kept krishna’s death a secret for her good…… latter comment it’s truly said that there is no dragging in this serial and always a new plot is introduced ……… Yes of course every episode has something new and totally different from the previous one…….total mystery type…….. genuinely love this serial

  4. Haven’t watched the episode yet but it makes a nice change to read some positive comments. I saw the preview where Shiv tells Gangaa about Krishna, it’s going to get real intense again. To be honest I’m a bit sad I was enjoying the light hearted arguing between S and G. Talking to each other through Riya and the whole men v women talk was fun to watch. But it’s going to be very serious now.

  5. wht i think guys this serial is going to off air soon coz new show is starting on &tv so might it just replace gangaa coz now directors have nothing to show wht i think is they vl end shiv’s role here then gangaa vl continue her life…. but no after telling the truth about krishna i dont think gangaa vl stay happy afterwards nd that too wid shivv i dont think that vl happenn nd if the serial vl end the most happy person vl be me …..:):):):)

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