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Gangaa 15th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Sagar’s residence
Sagar’s father is getting tensed, as he rememebers his day at the court. he gets a call, and cancels it, pacing around nervously. sagar comes and assures him, along with rudra. he apologises to his father, that he has to bear this all due to him. his father says that due to his wives, he has to face much public humiliation, as people have started voicing their opinions to him openly now. but rudra intervenes, saying that some people may be acusing him, but there are sill some people, who are proud of what he is and what he stands for. he asks him to ignore whats happening, and asks him to justifiably react, even if the situation isnt in control. he says that he too is a part of this family, and hence is apalled for him, and wants to find a solution

together. he gives his father a glass of water, while sagar watcehs tensedly. he then walks out, while they both are tensed.

In ammaji’s room, they discuss, along with madhvi, that sagar should remarry soon, or else he remains distracted. sagar passing by, hears this, and lashes at them, saying that he wont agree ever to marriage. he gets berserk while they are apalled, and try and calm him down. rudra arrives there too. they try to convince him, but he says that he has already decided that he wishes to stay alone now. they are tensed. he reminds the story of his life, how he has been hopeless in their marriage, and maybe this is what he deserves, and maybe he is wrong, and ganga right. they both shut him down, while he says that they are all blaming ganga, but maybe he is wrong, as had he not been there, this wouldnt have happened. he reiterates what rudra explained to his father, and says that he knows what he needs to do, to alleviate the pain, that he has caused them. he rushes out, while they are all boggled, as to what he means. rudra goes after him, and finds him packing his stuff. he stops and asks him whats he doing. sagar says that he shall go far away, to relieve them. rudra asks if thats whats going to happen. he says that if he thinks, leaving is the rightway, then so be it, as when he leaves, according to him, his family shall forget him, and move on. he tries to explain to sagar, that be it any amount of anger, they wouldnt be able to forget him, and vice versa. sagar gets emotional. rudra tries to explain, asking him to be happy, for their sake, and that he doesnt even understand the incredible luck that he has, to have gotten this kind of a family. he talks about how they lost their family, and hence he understands the importance of family, and asks him to stand by his family. he hugs sagar, who remembers that even ganga taught him this. ammaji and madhvi are releived to see this.

Scene 2:
Location: Unidentified Location
Ganga comes with the lady to her house, when a girl from inside the house, rushes to the drawing room, seeing the lady, thinking that she came so soon. ganga gets down hesitantly and then gets inside the house, hollering for kashish, while she steps in after her. they find the doors ajar, and the lights completely off. the lady searches around for candles, but then gets a surprise, as the lights go on instantly, and she is shocked to see a surprise birthday party planned for her in the room. ganga is tken aback, as 3 ladies come and hug her. they animatedly banter, and then cut the cake. ganga watches all this tensedly. the lady then introduces them to the three ladies, Dolly, prema and kashish, who greet her. she nervously complies. ganga narrates everything to them, who are apalled, as to what her people did to her, and when they ask the name, ganga asks why malign anyone by taking their name. she then thanks the lady for all that she did to her, and says that she doesnt know how to thank her, as she is overwhelmed to have met her and her daughters. they are emotional. ganga then gets up and says that she shall forever remember them, and asks for permission to leave now. they are all tensed. the lady stops her, as she turns to go. ganga turns around. she says that she is free to go if she wishes, but before that, she wishes to tell something, and that these girls arent her daughters. she explains the situations of dolly, who is a tortured bahu, whom she helped when she had nothing to resort too, and even attempted suicide, and was then thrown out, and she fought for the custody of her child, and is now leading a sustained life, and then talks about kashish, who was thrown on the streets, since her parents wwanted a boy, and she adopted her and gave her love. ganga is apalled as she hears their stories, and tears stream down their cheeks. she then narrates prema’s story, who was kidnapped, and sold off at a brothel, but was somehow salvaged, and she adopted her too. she says that these people made her house a home, just like she met them incidentally, and tells that they are lucky, to live together like this, having chosen their own family. ganga is overwhelmed with emotions. she assures ganga that they are with her, and asks her to grab thie second chance, and that she isnt doing any favour on her, and its just that her talks shows her genuinety, and knows she is self respecting, and if she still feels so, then she can find her own way to repay back. ganga is led to thinking. she along with others, welcome her in the family to stay together. they extend their hands, while ganga stands tensed. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Ganga is at the mazaar, when sagar arrives with ammaji, both oblivious of the other’s presence. as he walks past, ganga instinctively feels his presence, and turns around, while he is lost amidst the crowd. she looks around tensedly.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. HI Rimjhim, Nice to see you back. I took the liberty to briefly update july 15 for eagar readers, like me, I thoroughly enjoy the serial. I know i am impatient waiting to know what happens so thought i share with other fans what has happened so far. Hope you don’t mind. 🙂 Looking forward to Monday episode. Thanks.

  2. We missed your updates rimjhim.nice thank-you dear.

  3. hey can any1 say who is rudra? and that mad girl? pls…

  4. Sagar’s childhood friends.

  5. Sagar turns antagonist….. New entry… Karan tacker as protagonist…. Y.y.y….all this happening….

    1. Hi Bhavani, are they revamping serial? Its this the end of the track ( Ganga leaving Sagar) and they are now developing in new direction?

  6. I hope No revamp for now… Ganga looking for job… In a hospital… Maybe she finds ratan mama… Unable to guess how they are going to expose evil tricks of prabha…. Chaturvedi family especially sagar know well that prabha is not of fair mind… Even though they believe her words and not gangaa..

    1. Hi Bhavani, thanks. Sagar always let down Ganga with his lack of trust in her and faith. He always lashes out on her when things doesn’t favours his way but then soon realise his mistake and regrets his actions. In the process he causes much pain to Ganga,, I really hope now that Ganga will stand firmly on her own two feet. Prove them wrong, and be happy with her new family. Sagar should realise his mistake at a high price especially when he learns the truth. Not only he denied Ganga, he also denied his unborn child.

  7. On Wikipedia it was mentioned,
    Aditi Sharma as Gangaa Rudra ( Main lead female protagonist)
    Mohit Abrol as Rudra (Main lead male protagonist)
    Vishal Vashistha as Sagar Niranjan Chaturvedi (Gangaa ex-lover main antagonist)
    I was surprised to see this and edited wikipedia of gangaa and changed this information as we cannot make statements untill something happens. Nothing like this has happened till now and hope does not happens. This was done to betray us i hope.
    Presently Aditi Sharma and Vishal Vashistha are the leads and i hope they remain too. They both make a good couple and i also don’t want that the plot on which they have focused from the very beginning i.e. Gangaa and Sagar changes because all the viewers are eagerly waiting for this reunion. Does anybody knows why such information was uploaded to wikipedia???

  8. AditidevSharma

    Yes, but guys listen… gangaa is a girl of her word. If someone doesn’t trust her, she proves them wrong and leaves. Even if Sagar realises that he was wrong and the baby is his Gangaa won’t accept him. So please forgot SaGa and focus on how Gangaa gets justice and fights for her child.

  9. Yeah exactly all viewers we want aditi and vishal nly leads

    Ganga shld teach nd sagar shld realixe
    Then ganga and sagar reunion plzzz


    I hope Ganga and Sagar do not unite now and ever in future. Becoz its Sagar and his family character since childhood that they first do not believe Ganga and when she prove them wrong they ask for forgivness and she forgive them. Why only she need to bear all the pain. wondering even pulkit and his wife do not believed her..
    I hope now pain is bear by all of them and Ganga get her happiness. As since they introduced Palash; i wanted them to unite as sagar was immature that tym even but they made him turned negative for sagar and ganga unite which should not happen as sagar is immature and can’t handle things if they are not in his favour infact all start to blame Ganga.. How can even full family think so being literate and knowing her since childhood.. infact they hve shown that how much you for others as Ganga did for them; they will believe only what their blood said; like they believed what sagat said…

    1. Exactly my thoughts too. Pulkit believes Ganga, because when he overheard conversation Prahba and Ammaji, he tries to reason with them but no avail. Basically Sagar and Niru have accused Ganga being unfaithful and bring shame to the family. Amma Ji is confused, but feels a deep sense of loyalty to Sagar and her blind love for him. Madhvi just want them both to sort it out and no doubt confused too. Gangaa should have paired with Palash, but they ruined that story line. Palash was right, Sagar can never give her the love she craves as he is too selfish to think of others before himself. surely, when Ganga almost died for Amma Ji, doesn’t actions speak louder than words? When Ganga was willing to give up her jewellery for Amma Ji debts, does that not count? What i find frustrating, they have one lawyer and one judge, so its a family who are highly educated. Where are their reasoning skills and logic? Do you not question why Sagar not remember? Do you not even find that remotely suspcious especially when Supriya noted both Ganga and Sagar dissappeared early? Too many inconsistenties and contraindications in the storyline.

      As Niru once said, Ganga never lies, especially when Jhanvi tried to stitch her up with the meds. Besides, they acknowledge that Ganga went through all lengths to free Sagar, why would she betray him after all that aggro? Inconsistent story line.


        Totally agree…
        Actually sometime i feel they are from those family that blame females only.. infact they are selfish since start; if things are in their favour they are happy but if things are in others favours they become angry…

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