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Gangaa 15th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sagar turns to look at Ganga. She walks beside Sagar who forwards his hand for her. Ganga ignores his hand and moves forward. There, Niru smiles looking towards Madhvi. Kashish stood upstairs. Pandit tells the couples to keep standing for Jaimala. The couples perform vermala. Krishna thinks she always wanted a happy family from God. There, Yash was worried what if he gets recognized. The nurse looks towards him and finds his moustache coming out, Pulkit was coming down from behind. She was worried what if Yash is recognized. Yash notices her signal and gets alert at once. Pulkit brings him to get seated.
The couples are seated on stage. Yash thinks if Ganga sits away from the Hawan, his plan would fail. The nurse goes to correct her seat, bringing it near to Hawan. The Pandit asks for oil for Havan,

the nurse brings it. He then asks her to pour it in the Hawan while he would light the fire. She was reluctant, and everyone visibly notices this. Madhvi urges her to hurry up. Yash was worried at once, while the nurse slips over Hawan. Ganga confirms if she is fine, the nurse tries to compose herself and hurries to correct everything. Supriya comes to help, Pandit asks for another Hawan. Madhvi sends Supriya inside for another Hawan pot. Yash was curt. Pandit lights the fire and the function begin. Niru and Sagar fill the head partitions of respective brides with Sindoor. Madhvi was emotional looking at Niru. Krishna was happy for Ganga and Sagar. The mangal sooter ritual takes place afterwards, followed by wedding rounds. Ganga and Sagar take blessings from Niranjan and Madhvi. They notice Niru’s cough, he goes towards the room with Madhvi. Sagar and Ganga were tensed. The nurse turns to look at Yash, who was fuming.
Supriya brings flowers to Ganga and Sagar’s room decoration. Krishna was excited to decorate the room.
In the room, Niranjan tells Madhvi he is a little tired. Tonight is the second innings of their married life, he won’t leave her hopeless. Madhvi wish to be his wife in every life. Niru teases he wanted to have a hot babe in the next one. They then speak about Sagar and Ganga’s new life. Madhvi assures Niranjan that Supriya would make sure Krishna stays with her tonight. They pray for happy life of Sagar and Ganga. Niru says it would only be possible when they stop fighting.
Ganga comes to her room and finds it decorated all around. She comes to the mirror, and takes her jewellry off when she hears Sagar and rushes to sit on the bed. Sagar watches her waiting on the bed, and shuts the door behind. He drinks the glass of milk, peeking at Ganga through the corner of his eyes.

PRECAP: Sagar tells Ganga they don’t need to show off this wedding in closed doors. Ganga curtly stands up. In the room, Niru gets blood in his cough while Madhvi was worried for him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. The episode was too goood 😀 . And the precap!! 🙁 is niru going to leave the show soon??
    Excited to see how gangaa’s new phase of life unfolds . 🙂

  2. Cant wait for what happen next after saga wedding !!!

  3. Finally… After one year of episodes… SaGa wedding happened… And more hurdles in their life also starts… Blind faith of Ammaji and Madhavi will lead to which extent… When will Prabha and yash gets exposed… No clue about future track of the show….

  4. Niru will not die…he will be alright I feel this track was only purpose was the marriage of sagar and gangaa…so that they will unite..btw I am looking forward to see many cute scene bet sagar and gangaa.

  5. Hope so ayushi… v r also eagerly waiting for…but in olv madhavi is asking sagar and Ganga to leave the house for some days…

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