Gangaa 15th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Gangaa 15th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Sagar and Ganga’s residence
Sagar responds boggled and tensed as to what to do, as he remembers what happened at the courtroom earlier and in the hospital. he is packing stuff for ganga, as fatherly instincts kick in, when supriya walks in, and asks why does he need baby things. she packs them all up, while he stands tensedly. he tries to talk to her, but she points out to him, as to how she was irresponsible that caused this to happen, and ganga shouldnt be the same, nor should he discard her like that, in such a condition. he expresses his concern for zoya. then he storms out.

Later, he says that he wont be able to do it, while she xplains the importance of it, and asks him to do it for her sake. he complies and storms out, while she is tensed. she then explains

to maharaj, that even in his hatred, concern is hidden, and thats what she wants.

scene 2:
Location: Ganga’s residence
while raahat and zoya talk about how zoya’s fathwer’s truth shouldnt come out in front of her. zoya starts unpacking her suitcase, to find out ay document that can get them the proof that her husband was here, and how they are torturing her asking her to be with a lawyer. ganga comes and says that she shall tackle them. but zoya asks about the lawyer. they keep trying lawyers but dont get one. they wonder what to do now. ganga wonders how to get an impartial lawyer. raahat says that she knows one. they are baffled.

Scene 3:
Location: Police Station
as zoya files her papers, rudra is brought, and she gets scared. the inspector calms her down, and they both are asked to sign their statement. zoya hurriedly signs, while rudra says that this isnt right, and asks why is she doing this with him. ganga asks him not to mislead her by threatening. she comes in lawyer’s form, and reprimands the inspcetor. she narrates the rights that rape victims have, in the conduction of case. as sagar comes in, he reprimands her for breaking the law too. all are boggled as they turn around and face him. sagar comes and presents himself, asking him to point at the accused, and not call him a rapist. she says that she shall prove soon. they tensedly eye each other. sagar and ganga leave with their files.

outside, sagar finds ganga upset, and gives her the food, tat supriya sent for her. he expresses fake concerns and then becomes indifferent to taunt her. he keeps the bag and leaves. she sits down frustrated. later raahat comes and ganga finds her tensed. raahat says that for the first time, a brother is going against his rape victim sister. she decides to go and tell him about it, that zoya is his sister. ganga wonders what can happen if sagar takes this case.raahat asks what shall happen if zoya knows the truth. she asks ganga to try and understand. she complies.

Precap: Sagar is about to get to the court, supriya gives a bag to sagar, and asks him to give it to ganga, while he is taken aback, as he thought it was for rudra.

Precap: in the court, raahat points to ganga, that sagar doesnt even know that he is fighting against his own sister, to prevent the rapist. ganga gets tensed, and decides to tell this to sagar immediately. saying that he deserves to know. raahat is shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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