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Gangaa 15th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sagar continues to vent his anger out on Janvi. My papa thinks the same. he thinks that the defence lawyer is more smart and intelligent than me. Are you happy now? He heads upstairs followed by Ganga. Janvi wipes her tears.

Ganga claps for Sagar. Wow, advocate Sagar Chaturvedi! You troubled everyone just because of losing a case. He says you don’t know anything. You weren’t there. Ganga shares that she was present there. I saw everything. He asks her if she enjoyed seeing him humiliated. She says you know me so well. Truth is I was really happy to see you there. I was praying for you as well. Remember all the games that we played in childhood? I always wanted you to win. I always used to encourage you, clap for you. I was so proud of you today in the court. I thought you have changed so much

and have matured. But I was wrong. You are still the same. You still cannot bear competition or defeat. You dint change at all. You cannot bear anyone winning or believe it that someone else can be better than you. You still don’t believe it that the other lawyer was better than you.

He wants to know if she means Palash was better than him. Ganga says yes. I could have lied also to make you happy. I could say that the other lawyer was not as good as you but I wont lie. I want your good, your progress. He holds her. Why do you think he is better than me? What did you see in him? She repeats that the other lawyer is better as he trusts his brain more than heart. You will have to overcome your weaknesses if you have to win. Sagar says ofcourse you will like him. You too are like him. You don’t have a heart. You would have understood me if you had a heart. You only have arrogance and have extra self-respect. Your ego, self-respect, and mind has taken over you. You and Palash are alike which is why you see everything good in him and everything bad in me today!

She asks him if he feels better after taunting her now. You have always done this. You have problem with someone else but take it out all on me. He sits down quietly. She too sits down next to him. Will you listen to me now? You might not believe me but truth is that I want to see you reaching new heights. I couldn’t bear it in the courtroom that someone defeated Sagar. I couldn’t bear it in childhood too. Sagar thinks of their childhood (kite competition). I have always wanted that you never see defeat but a true and honest person learns from his mistakes. There are two sides of a coin. Truth too has two sides. One, that other lawyer won. Two, you used your heart so you lost. Think on these lines if you can. She turns to go but he holds her saree’s end. You have become so smart and speak of two sides of truth. You couldn’t realise it till date that there could be 2 sides of our truth too. it is true that I take out all my anger on you. Have you ever tried to figure out why I do so? I think of you as mine and take it all out on you. You get upset with your loved ones only. I married Janvi, hurt you and took revenge. This is one truth. Another truth is that I too am dying because of it. We both are being punished. Am I right? Ganga wipes her tears. He says you took yourself away from me by giving me your swear but (he touches her face) even if any amount of distance comes between them; he can extend his hand anytime, not touch her yet touch her soul anytime. This is also one truth! Ganga opens her eyes with a start. He backs down. I can drown in your tears even after being far from you. She asks him to let her go. It was all past. It cannot come back. Please don’t do this to me. Don’t push yourself in this fire which will burn everyone. Leave me. you are married now. She goes. Ganga notices Janvi standing outside. Janvi leaves without saying anything to her.

Janvi closes her room’s door and cries. Sagar’s words echo in her head (of touching Ganga’s soul). Madhvi knocks at the door. Janvi curtly asks her if she has some work. Madhvi denies. She notices Janvi worried. Janvi says everything is normal as per you. Why do you worry now? Who cares for Janvi? Your son married me and brought me here. It is my problem however way he behaves with me. nothing is right with me. I can’t take this anymore. I don’t want to see anyone. Just leave. She closes the door on Madhvi’s face. Janvi is in tears again while Madhvi is concerned. What happened to Janvi? She never behaved like this with me before.

Janvi continues to throw stuff in her room. She looks at the medicine which Yash gave to her. She looks at the pill.

Pulkit asks Ganga to check Supriya. Something has happened to her. I cannot understand anything. Ganga goes with him. They hear Supriya vomiting. Pulkit shares that it’s happening since morning. Plus she is feeling dizzy. Both Pulki and Ganga get concerned for Supriya. They don’t let Supriya say anything and make her lie down. Ganga asks Pulkit to call doc home. Pulkit agrees. Doc only will scold Supriya. She does not listen to me. Pulkit complains to doc. Supriya smiles. Doc says it happens in such condition. It is morning sickness, nothing serious. Pulkit asks about vomiting (still confused). Doc shares that Supriya is pregnant. Ganga hugs Supriya. Pulkit is elated. Ganga teases him calling him papa ji. ganga hugs both of them. You both have given me such big happiness today that I don’t know what to do. I will inform Babu and Bahu ji. They will be thrilled. Pulkit stops her. He tells her against telling anyone. they don’t care about us then why include them in our happiness? Ganga says this is not the time to be stuck in past. We both have no clue or experience of this. Amma ji and Bahu ji will take very good care of Bhabhi. Pulkit stays put. He goes. Supriya says if Pulkit does not want then we wont tell anyone. Ganga says this is a very big (good) news. Everyone has a right to know and be a part of it.

Precap: Niru tells Sagar that Janvi’s father called regarding a case. He wants you to handle it. Later, Sagar tells his papa that he took the case. Sagar tells Niru that he took the case. Niru deduces the reason for him taking up the case – to prove himself before Palash.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Sagar and gangaa should be together!
    Palash needs to excuse them and leave them rather than creating a love triangle!!
    If palash and gangaa are paired up this show will loose its followers as well as will have a low trp!!!


      I agree but sagar jaldi me faisla le or ganga uska wait kre yeh to galt hai… ganaga ko apni life jeene ka haq hai and i think it will be good if palash and ganga will pair kyu ki tbhi sagar mature hoga vrna kya pta aage jaake bhi sagar immature hi behave kre…

    2. Rightly said

  2. Nice episode

  3. Pls pair up sagar and ganga again
    And remove janvi from the show
    Where is ammaji?!
    Palash is tooo old for ganga older than phulkit also

  4. This time I am agree with Gangaa, I want to see Sagar progress. I ‘love’ Sagar so much that I want to see him become better and better as a person and as a lawyer ^^ But I didn’t agree that he lost because he use his heart, I mean it also important as well, but yea logic should be the first thing. This should be a great point that will make Sagar special as a lawyer. I am sure next time Sagar will win a big case because he use both his intelligence & hearth.
    And why Sagar’s line always so deep touching and undoubtful? He might be wrong but now he currently suffer a lot, to see Gangaa hurt and should endure her behave toward him, beside he is not happy on his married as well. How could he didn’t died ??? But he is a guy after all, he should stronger time to time. And I want to see it on this serial. Well for Jhanvi, I really sorry to her, she try to be nice wife but she end up get nothing. I wonder what she’ll do in the future. By the way, Yash still free outside, I thought he should gone to jail. Why dragging this case so long?

  5. Anandita Chakravorty

    Yes i do agree that now that Sagar is married things might be different. But so different that the main track of Sagar and Ganga is lost will not yield any result. Yes if Palash can change Sagar for the better is fine But love triangle again between Sagar, Ganga and Palash will lead the story nowhere and four lives will be spoilt. Pls don’t do that and spoil your ratings and viewership.

  6. This is right ganga and palash should be paird u no asiti shema(ganga) age is 32 but sagar age is 23 how could the should palsh should marry palash..

    1. But gangaa looks younger for her age and perfect with sagar

      1. Sagar will always hurt he married janavi not with kunkum but with the court registration now he is thinking about gangaa.No wife let her husband to go to another so ganga and palash should marry.

  7. Sagar will become a great lawyer because he have intelligence & heart. I dont want see love triangle between Sagar-Gangaa-Palash ??? please dont let it happen.

  8. aayushi sharma

    plz throw out janvi from this show … .she knw already tht sagar is in no sense tht time bt she still marry to him… now jo bhi usk sath ho rha h only she and mads will responsible for it…!!

  9. I don’t think Sagar would ever afford to repeat such a mistake again in his life for he’s being punished so badly already! Sagar and Ganga make the cutest pair! Also Janvi is not at fault now but karma is playing with her for what she did with Ganga earlier! It would still be better if Janvi and Palash pair up and mainly reunite Ganga and Sagar!

  10. I think the romance of Sagar and Ganga has become boring. It would be really good to see Palash and Ganga pair. They would make a good strong couple. When Ganga accused him of using dirty tricks to win the case, how Palash explained his reasons had Ganga listen to him with respect. It even changed her views and she used the same line with Sagar – every story has two sides, like a coin. Also, echoing what Pulkit says, Ganga needs someone strong like her, someone who can ground her and support her emotionally and mentally- Palash is that character. Sagar is weak, immature and hot headed. He does not take responsibility for his own mistakes well, very quick to flip out. Sagar was quick to act revenge on Ganga when he did not like what he heard. Despite being warned by Ganga he still did it, if he loved her that much he would not have gone ahead and married Jhanvi. Now, Madhav have seen the otherside of Jhanvi, it would be interesting for the story to develop where the rest of the family learns the true colours of Jhanvi – her unkind and manipulative ways. Yash – he should be captured and thrown back behind bars.


      Rightly said…

  11. Just keep adding characters no matter if the story anymore makes sense or not!!!!
    Its like anyone can wake up one day and start writiing scripts for these Hindi serials… makes no sense now supriya is pregnant???? Just a few episodes back pulkit wasn’t fully ready for the relationship….no intimacy seen between these two….and all of a sudden she is 2 months pregnant???
    Brainless writers!! :/

  12. Sagar is too immature he always blames other people for his own mistakes. First gangaa and now Jhanvi. And I thought supriya and pulkit had no intimate relationship, so where did the ‘pregnancy’ come from :/ and supriya finally smiled!! She usually has no facial expressions, a lot like a statue to be honest! And loved the arrival of Palash.

  13. Yes Maine news m padha h Ki ganga apne real husband k sath romance karte najer ayengi palash real husband h Ganga ka.

  14. I do agree that sagar has done a very big mistake by marrying janvi but that need not be the end of life for all the three or the story anyways. Janvi can leave him and sagar and ganga can be united again. Director can use palash character in bringing them together rather than separating them. Also it is very strange to By time will you ee that 2 serials coming in the same channels showing us 2 different versions of marriage. Putting vermilion is considered as marriage in Santosh maa serial but in ganga serial sindoor is of no value and court marriage is ultimate. Directors please do maintain some standards.

  15. Serial won’t be good if they show sagar compromising his whole life with janvi and ganga marrying palash.

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