Gangaa 14th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Gangaa 14th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Ammaji’s residence
niru tells sagar that he has to pull out all meories and instances that pain ganga, and reminds him that this path of regret and guilt abstinence is a long way ahead and difficult too. sagar eyes tensedly. niru asks him to have patience.

Scene 2:
Location: Ganga’s residence
As ganga, krishna and kashish are excited to get out, all dressed up and ready to go, ganga is still lost in what ammaji said. they are about to leave, when an unusually bright and perky zoya rushes in, with food, saying that its been a long time, she paid a surprise, and how she shall have a sleepover with them, along with dinner. she finds them tensed and non responsive, and asks whats the matter, and if they didnt like her coming here. krishna informs

her about the plan. zoya apologises for not informing, and asks them not to cancel the plan for her sake as she can come some other time. but ganga insists that she stays back. krishna wishes to go out, but they all get her to agree to stay back, as its good food. krishna eyes ganga tensedly, and resignedly gets to playing video games, while cursing Zoya for the change of plans. the ladies get to laying the dinner. zoya hesitantly brings up the topic of ammaji coming here, as she overheard when madhavi was speaking to sagar. ganga refuses to talk. zoya insists and tries to take info out of her. she says that she understands everything, as they wont leave her so easily. kashish hears tensedly. she starts exaggerating, and talks about ammaji not really liking the adoption of juhi, and actually wanting krishna to come back. Ganga hears tensedly. at the dining table, zoya tells ganga and her family, that she has to do something, and fast, as they are powerful people and shall go to any lengths to get what they want. ganga asks zoya what should she do, as she said what she had to. she tells ganga, that she has an idea, that she should take krishna and kashish and leave benaras, to a far away place, to stop being bothered by chaturvedi family. ganga is shocked. krishna is taken aback, ganga doesnt realise how it shall materialiose, with their current lives. zoya talks to ganga about selling the house, and the cash that she gets shall be enough to settle and start a new life, as they both shall get job easily, and krishna shall get admitted in a new school today. ganga doesnt realise what and how to react, as she talks about how attached she is to the house, and this city too. zoya says that she realises her inhibitions, but the truth is she doesnt want to return to that place, as there isnt any place left for sagar in her life, then why would she want to go. ganga doesnt respond. kashish notices this. zoya says that even krishna doesnt need him, and beforelong she loses krishna, she shall have to decide, and asks what shall happen if they take away krishna, as she is her lifeline. ganga gets extremely upset at that.

Later, while working in the kitchen, kashish asks ganga why didnt she clearly refuse that she doesnt love sagar at all, when zoya asked her about it, which means that zoya was wrong, and she still loves him dearly. ganga denies. kashish asks her not to lie, as her eyes speak the truth of her feelings, as loving is easy, but to forget it is very difficult, and she realises it, remembering pulkit. an emotional ganga talks to kashish and says that she is right as she tried everything, and despite everything thats happened, the truth is that she still loves him and that she hasnt been able to take out sagar from her heart. she says thats why it pains, as had she forgotten, she wouldnt have been affected. krishna hears this from hiding and gets tensed.

Krishna rushes to her room, happily, saying that she is happy ganga still loves sagar but wonders why they dont stay together and wonders how to get them together, and stay under the same roof. she decides to herself do something, and then apologises that she had promised ganga, that she would never bother her, but today she shall have to break it, and is ready for punishment. she says that she might be angry now, but would get happy later on, when she finds that she was doing it for her only. then she calls him up, and as sagar hears her sounds, he immediately stands alert. he asks if everything is okay. she says that she wishes to talk about something important and asks if he loves her. he complies. she says that ganga too loves him. he asks how does she know. she says that she cant tell right now, and has to meet up, to tell him about a lot many other things. she reminds him his promise, and says that she too wishes ganga to be happy, and she shall get him friends with ganga, after which they shall stay together. he is overwhelmed with happiness. she asks if he hears her, and shall help him. he excitedly says yes, saying that this is what he wants. she says that if ganga decides to leave the city, then there would be huge problems. he is shocked. she asks him to meet her tomorrow, outside her school then. as she wishes him goodnight, and places the phone back, she realises that ganga is standing behind her. ganga reprimands her, and doesnt listen to anything, and puts her to sleep. krishna silently complies. ganga takes the phone and walks out. Outside, she wonders why was krishna doing this, as today she was talking, tomorrow she might meet, and already they are trying to snatch her, and what if she gets distracted. as zoya comes out with kashish, ganga hurriedly says that she is ready to sell the house, and asks her to arrange it soon, as she wishes to leave asap. kashish is tensed too, and asks her not to be hasty and sit and decide calmly. zoya is all smiles. but ganga says that she has thought and there isnt any other option left, as her own daughter isnt listening to her, and they have to leave soon. zoya says that she shall miss them, but seeing the situation, she has taken the right decision and shall arrange for the selling tomorrow itself.

Scene 3:
Location: ammaji’s residence
ammaji is shocked as she finds sagar rushing out hurriedly, telling her that he needs to go right now, as ganga is planning to leave banaras, and she needs to be stopped. she is shocked, as he hastily leaves.

Scene 4:
Location: On the road
As krishna is ready for the school bus, she tries to get ganga to talk, but she resiliently stays quiet. krishna says that she knows she is angry at her for yesterday but promises that it wont be repeated. ganga doesnt pay much attention and asks her to focus on school, and that her leaving the city is final. krishna gets tensed. the bus comes and she is sent off by ganga, along with other children.

As ganga comes back to her house, she finds the room all set for selling of the house, with zoya in charge. she reminds ganga that she wanted her to get the house sold. she says that the auction shall start today at ten, and she can take her part and leave very far away, forever, as she shall get that much that she can easily settle in. ganga asks if she would plan everything out, and leaves it on her, and decides to go packing. she asks zoya to finish up before krishna comes back, as she doesnt want her to see this and get disturbed. zoya smirks evilly, as ganga is determined that she wont let sagar take krishna away at any cost. The screen freezes on her evil face.

Precap: Sagar meets krishna and asks if she had a talk with her mother. krishna says that she isnt saying anything, and just wants that she leaves banaras, and goes very far away. meanwhile the auction begins at the ganga’s house, and ammaji comes in placing an exorbitantly high bid, over the other bids. ganga is shocked to see her.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Like the auction part…. That’s amama ji with loads of money Threw for her grand daughter…

  2. Thanq very much rimjhim for the update. Sagar and Krishna work together to get ganga back to Sagar. Hope this would be interesting. Nice to hear from ganga that she still loves Sagar.

  3. Ganga and Sagar meet fast plz plz


  5. In this show… When ever v feel happy… It was followed by a big fight… Now Sagar was going to file a case in the court for the custody of his daughter… Even though his intention is to stop Gangaa from moving away from Benares… It will create more problems between them… Let us see what happens….

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