Gangaa 14th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Gangaa 14th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Brief Update

Prabha reaches the bus stand after she learns that Gangaa had been sent away from the Ashram. Just as Gangaa gets ready to climb into a bus, Prabha hugs her and expresses fake concern for her. Prabha cunningly fills Gangaa’s ears with words against Niranjan and his family and finally sees her off. Meanwhile, Sagar gets furious as he finds out that his father had been insulted by his collegues. Moments later, Prabha walks inside and lies to all about how Gangaa had arrogantly spoken about Sagar and his entire family.

y now, Gangaa reaches a stop but suddenly decides to stop running away by thinking about her father’s word that to face problem not to run if you are not at fault. She gets out of the vehicle and begins walking unaware of the danger lingering around. Two goons follow her and start to misbehave, while Gangaa shouts for help. Nausheen (real name) (I do not got her serial name) came for help and beat goons. She ask Ganga for tea and tell her to live with her as in Ganga’s condition noone will accept her adding if Ganga did not like, she can go..

Ganga agrees while drinking tea in tense.

Precap- they both reach home and see lights are gone and Nausheen find candles and light come with decoration.

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  1. Jay

    Thnks shradha


    Update 15 july episode fast

  3. In Wikipedia y it was written gangaa wife of rudra… And rudra as main lead protagonist… OMG…no mention of sagar as main lead protagonist…. What is going on….. Please change immediately…

    1. Are they revamping serial?

  4. Brief update for 15th July

    Heroine house
    Gangaa enters house with heroine, it is all dark. Power does not work. Lady goes to find candles and makes Ganga jump by accident. Whilst lady goes to check for power/light, the room suddenly lights up wishing lady a surprise birthday gift. Her three daughter wheels out a surprise chocolate cake. They sing their mother happy birthday song and lavish her with gifts. They feed each other cake, ganga looks on feeling sad.

    Lady introduces Ganga to family and vice versa.

    Sagar’s residence

    Niru is sad, Sagar consoles his father and apologises for the humilation and insult he had to endure at work. Niru says, he knows people talk behind his back at work, but now they are insulting him directly in his face. Rudra comforts Niru and give him wise words: we can not control what people say or do but we can control how we react and respond in situations. There will be a solution to this matter and we will find it. Sagar walks out the room silent and head down. As he walks past Amma ji house and over hears Amma Ji and Mother conversation regarding remarrying.

    Sagar makes his point clear that he does not want to remarry and is happy to stay single. He points out that whilst he was forced to marry Jhanvi he was not happy and now they have finally agree to accept Ganga, now this happens. He feels sorry for himself and feels that perhaps this is what he is destined. Ammaji and Mother resigns to his decision. Sagar says he knows what he has to do to put this right and walks out of the room.

    Sagar goes to his bedroom and starts packing his suitcase to leave. Rudra persuades him to stay and make sagar see sense that leaving does not solve problem. Rudras wise words have effects, they hug and Madhvi and Amma ji see this outside the bedroom door feeling comforted by Rudra kindness.

    Heroine house
    Heroine and daughters feel touched listening to Ganga’s story. Ganga is changed out of wedding attire. Ganga thanks heroine for her kind hospitality and says she must now leave. Lady persuades her to stay, aware of Ganga’s feeling, sensitive that she may feel a burden to others, Lady tells the story of her three daughters. Kashina, Dolly and Preetima are not her biological daughters but in fact she met them due to fate. All three are met with unfortunate cruel twist of fate and she happens to find them in destitute, therefore gave them shelter. Each three daughters all have a sad story to tell, but they have chosen each other to be a family. Lady express how lucky she is to be able to choose her family, as the saying goes, you can choose your friends but not your family, in this case she was fortunate to do so. They hug and Ganga looks on.

    Lady extends her hand and warmly invites Ganga to join her family. The screen freezes on Ganga’s deep thought facial expression.

    Ganga is wearing yellow sari at a market stall, looking at items. Sagar and Ammaji walks by not noticing Ganga. Sagar and Ammaji presence captures her attention, she turns around to look and sees the back of Sagar and Ammaji.


      Thanks for update summer

      1. No problem Shraddha, you’re welcome. 🙂

  5. HI Friends,

    I watched this episode and the general feeling of the Chaduvetri house hold is that they are very angry with Ganga. Dare I even go as far as they ‘hate’ Ganga and feels that she has let them down. During the conversation with Sagar, Amma Ji and Madhvi, Sagar tries to reason with his elders not to blame ganga all the time. He states, that it is ‘he’ who could have made a mistake and not ganga? He says, it could be ganga who is right this time and himself the one who could have made the mistake? But he is unsure as he is unable to remember anything.
    Pulkit is the only one who believes and trust Ganga.

    Now that the lady has given shelter to Ganga, I am hoping the serial will improve. It would be nice to see Ganga find her feet, sucessfully graduate to be a lawyer and her child born. The chaduverti family meets the child by coincidence and learns through community gossip that the baby is indeed Ganga’s. Hmm, I am wondering, when Ganga gives birth, will she be met with difficulties and complications? For example, the baby requires blood transfusion and ganga’s is not a blood match but only father. Doc goes to Chaduverti household and look for Sagar and the Chaduverti family learns that Ganga was telling the truth all along. Sagar learns he is blood match to baby and realise his mistakes? Now that would be interesting. Ganga then refuse to return because she has managed for months on her own and he didn’t believe or trust her. But knowing Ganga, she always forgive and no doubt she will go back to Sagar.

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