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Janvi asks Sagar why he fought like a hero. He reasons that Ganga is his friend. I would have done it for you too. Janvi gives him coffee but Ganga holds out a glass of turmeric milk for him. He needs this at the moment. He has fever. Janvi asks her how she knows it. Ganga says I know it. Check it if you don’t believe it. Janvi checks Sagar. He has indeed fever. She might have come before to check on Sagar. He declines. She came just now when you entered. How do you (Ganga) know I have fever? Ganga smiles and gives him milk. He drinks it. She thinks their relation is of souls. We are two bodies but one soul. Would I not know when you are in pain? She checks his wound. Janvi feels bad and leaves from there. Sagar notices her.

Madhvi notices Janvi in tears. Janvi tries to hide it but Madhvi

insists upon knowing the reason. She takes Janvi with her.

Amma ji gives a list to Sagar. All this will come from Supriya’s house for Pulkit. Sagar is surprised. Amma ji tells him to go and give it to Supriya’s family. it is to be brought in the evening. Ganga calls it greed. Amma ji wants to maintain her respect in society. Sagar points out that it is dowry. Your son is a judge. He will file a case against you. She says my grandson will take me out. He scares her by talking about what all one has to go through in jail. She tells him not to scare her. It an age old tradition. Ganga points out that Babu wont like it. Dowry is illegal. Sagar supports her too. Amma ji repeats Madhvi’s words. If Supriya’s family sends things as per my standard then its fine, otherwise the wedding will happen without me. She leaves. Ganga asks Sagar how the bride’s family will bring all this stuff. Why dint you explain to Amma ji? He knows Amma ji wont understand. He thinks of an idea.

Madhvi understands that Janvi had a fight with Sagar. I will just talk to him. Maharaj ji lets her know that Sagar left just now with Ganga.

Sagar and Ganga buy all the items from the list. She reasons that it is wrong to fulfil wrong demands. Dowry is completely wrong. He says we are only making Dadi happy right now by giving her what she wants. How does it matter who pays what! She isn’t convinced. He says I was about to go back but then stopped to attend Bhaiya’s wedding. How could I leave like that? I want everything to go smoothly. She is shocked to know he will leave her again. I have died all these days without you. my life will stop. She asks him when he will be back. He says I will come when you will call me. She thinks she wont let him go this time. You have forgotten everything, all the childhood memories and everything! I will remind you everything. She asks the shopkeeper to pack everything.

Ganga drags Sagar to the ghaat. They pant as they have been running. He asks her why she has brought him here. She says I have brought you here to remind you of our childhood days. They relive the old times. He also talks about the day she had come to the same ghaat to pour her Bappa’s ashes in water. Your FIL had come to forcibly take you with him. They both get sad thinking about that day. He holds her hand. They share an eye lock. She feels shy. He says I wonder what would have happened if your FIL had taken you with him. She asks him if he thinks so much about her. He nods, sometimes. Ganga replies that he might think of her sometimes but she thinks of him all the time, of the moments that she has lived with them and of the moments that she couldn’t spend with him. He looks at her. What moments did you want to live with me? She says I wanted to go on a boat ride with you, go far away and listen to the sound of the waves. He thinks of something and excuses himself for a minute. Sagar gets on a boat. He calls out for Ganga. She runs downstairs excitedly to join him. He holds out his hand for her. She happily keeps her hand in his and steps on the boat. They enjoy the ride together. They playfully throw water on one another. They both stand in the famous Titanic pose.

Madhvi understands Janvi is upset to see Sagar and Ganga together. Janvi says I know they are best friends. I shouldn’t feel insecure but I cannot help it at times. Madhvi tells Janvi that Sagar considers Ganga to be her closest friend. This is why they talk very openly and easily with one another. But I think now the time has come to mark a Lakshman rekha (limit) in their friendship.

Precap: Ganga wants Sagar to say I love you to her. She vows to make him speak it today itself. Madhvi advises Janvi to make Sagar realise the difference between love and friendship. Only you can do it.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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