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The defence lawyer turns out to be the same guy who Ganga met earlier. Ganga is taken aback to see him. Sagar realises he is not the defence lawyer. Palash shows his papers in court. I have been appointed by my lawyer. He introduces himself. I am a registered member of Bar Council. He congratulates Sagar on the way he presented the case. Palash presents his point of view regarding the case. He speaks of the third person involved here. Ganga thinks of her case. People only raise fingers at the character of ladies when they have nothing to talk about. He too is doing the same. He is a big liar! The lady looks tensed. Sagar notices his client’s expressions. Palash presents his argument. Judge gives decision in Palash’s favour. Niru leaves unhappily. Palash stops Sagar. Like I said, you were very good. He

introduces himself to Sagar but Sagar walks away without saying anything. Ganga notices all that.

Sagar questions his client for lying to him. the lady retorts that she only hired him to get alumni from her husband. I heard lots about you but we lost because of you. The defence lawyer was better than you. Sagar is aghast. I lost because of you lying to me. It wasn’t my mistake. Niru advises Sagar not to take it too personally. The case is over. Sagar says I was wrong. I had to lose the case because of that woman. She lied to me. Niru tells him to stop blaming others for his mistake. You could still win the case differently. You only kept giving explanations. Sagar calls it counter explanations while Niru calls it arguments. You would have found a way to save your case if you would have heard Palash carefully. I understand your passion and talent. I don’t doubt you at all. You win cases by thinking legally. Palash gave perfect logics in there. I too would have given the decision in his favour if I was the judge today. This new boy is really good. You need to be careful. Come fully prepared next time.

Ganga confronts Palash outside. She speaks of his argument. You maligned a woman’s character. The other lawyer was fighting for the respect of a woman. You dint take a second to malign the relation by talking about another person. So many women fear asking for justice because of people like you. I want to know how much money your client gave to you to defame that woman. Palash looks at her. What’s your name? Palash looks at Ganga’s ID card. You are a law student? I thought you are from Sagar Chaturvedi’s team. Your anger reflects something like that only. As you are a law student, I would like to tell you that you have a wrong opinion about me. I don’t fight against helpless women. I fight cases for helpless women. That woman only is responsible for the family breaking apart. She was married yet had a relation with someone else over many years. She hid it from everyone. He points at the kids. I dint share in court that she disappeared somewhere for a while. She was on a vacation with her boyfriend and withdrew money from the joint account that she shared with her husband. I could have told all this in court but the disrespect it would bring on the family would have done great harm. Why not win a case not using cheap tricks and harmful information when you can win it without all that? I don’t use cheap tactics to win cases in court. There are two sides of a coin always. Don’t make any opinion about someone without knowing the complete truth, including me. He drives away.

Madhvi asks Janvi to give food to Sagar. I am going out with Prabha. She notices Janvi’s sad face. I know it is very difficult for you but giving up wont help. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. The chance is good. There will only be Sagar and you at home. His papa said Sagar will win today’s case. He will be happy then. Things will be good for you. Tell Sagar that you cooked all this. She leaves. Janvi looks tensed.

Sagar keeps thinking of Palash’s arguments and of Niru’s words. Janvi asks him what he is thinking. I am sure the decision would have come in your favour. Papa said so. What happened? He says nothing. She again asks him. He tells her not to disturb him. She calls it unfair. I am your wife and want to share your happiness. He again tries to tell her to let him eat peacefully but she insists. He gets angry. Can I not even eat in peace? Court is not a cinema hall where there will be drama. what do you want to hear from me? I lost. I lost because I am a very big loser! Ganga and Supriya hear him.

Precap: Ganga tells Sagar that he troubled everyone just because of losing a case. He says you don’t know anything. You weren’t there. Ganga shares that she was present there. He asks her if she wants to say Palash was better than him. Ganga says yes.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. I like Palash. And even though I find Sagar to be a little immature, I would like Saga to be together!

  2. sagar soon will realise that ganga loves palash

  3. Lost in this case Should be such a mental break down for Sagar. Well back then he still have Gangaa but unfortunately now He is all alone -,- Better do it next time Sagar, Comeback stronger ^^

    PS: SW is the one who create Sagar’s character keep make it lovable, don’t ruin his character only to make the show watchable with new entry. Please be nice HaHa

  4. For how many days is this heated atmosphere going to retain. Bechara sagar…arrey uska gala kharap ho jaiga itna chilla chilla k. Please thora to serenity laao ab…

  5. This palash guy is niceee
    I must say this one is really an interesting track after soo many days

  6. Initially Saga…..

    Paga or Gapa ???? 😀 which one ??

  7. This new guy Palash is smart and confident…got style. Definitely someone Gangaa will connect with soon hopefully. Sagar and Gangaa are now history.

  8. Sagar shown very immature because he doesn’t have second thought but short temper n he is not adjustable

  9. Just to highlight palash kindly don’t show sagar as an immature and foolish person. Writers try balancing their characters as after all sagar is the main lead. Please don’t sideline him and please no * paga or gapa*.

    1. Nah! Very well said. Just let the character on its own track. If the team want to make a ‘drama’ just add the antagonist instead reducing the nice thing from the protagonist that already exist.

  10. If director is planning to create an other balika vadhu serial then please stop and have a second thought. Viewers have already seen that serial so please show something new . let ganga achieve heights and be accepted by Niru’s family. Also I remember ganga giving lecture to pulkit about loving saloni and marrying supriya!!! Hope she remembers her statements and doesn’t get carried away by palash entry!! They are real time couple agreed but need not be reel couple too:)


    I hope ganga ke jeevan me tehrav palash hi laaye or vo ganga ko vo khushiyan de jiski vo haqdaar hai… kyu ki sagar sirf suruwat kr skta hai pr waqt padene pr majbut nhi ho skta hai… like shiv ji jattao se nikle pr hi ganga maa aaram se behti hai, vaise hi iss ganga ko behne ke liye palash ki jarurt ai na ki sagar ki…. kyu ki ganga ke bahav ko rokne ke liye kai baar ganga me jaa kr pull banna padta hai or pull banne ke liye himat or samjg or majbuti ki jarurat hai na ki immaturity or gusse or galti ki….

  12. Let’s just wait n watch to c where this story going now. I can’t wait for Janvi n Yash to be caught together.

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