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Epi begins with Ganga saying you only said that one offers jal for their late family members. I will do whatever you ask me to do. I will take care of the pandit too. I will look after all the preps. Pishi Ma told me that Mahant ji is too old. He is old so youngsters should serve old people too. You too talk nonstop like me. Ganga runs away. Mamta and all the ladies smile. Sudha reprimands Mamta for smiling at Ganga’s words. She has to change. I will make her do all the work now.

Amma ji and Maharaj ji get everything ready that is to be taken to ashram. Sagar thinks that Dadi will be all the more upset if Ganga says something wrong. She will not bring Ganga back at all. He requests his Dadi not to go to ashram. Ganga will trouble you. Amma ji smiles. You worry a lot for your Dadi. I will keep

her at a distance. Madhvi wonders if Sagar really thinks like this for Ganga. How can he change so much? Amma ji goes to change her clothes. Sagar is worried thinking about Dadi and Ganga coming face to face.

Pulkit has told his love story to Barkha. She agrees to help him in some way. I can do anything for love. She notices Sagar returning to the room all sad. Do you have a girlfriend also because of whom you are sad? Sagar denies. There is no one. I had thought that I too have one best girlfriend but I don’t have any. I don’t like being friends with girls. Barkha says girls become very good friends. Girls are better friends than guys. Pulkit agrees. Ganga too had said the same thing. Barkha gets curious hearing Ganga’s name. Pulkit tells her about Ganga and her bonding with Sagar. Nowadays Sagar keeps fighting with her. Sagar says I don’t fight with her. Barkha wants to know everything about Ganga. Show me around Banaras and I will treat you with ice cream. Barkha leaves with the kids.

Sudha is checking the food arrangements. Ganga thinks of Sagar as she looks at jalebis. He loves them. Sudha asks Ganga if she did everything nicely. Amma ji is coming as well. Say sorry to her. This is a good chance or otherwise you will have to live with us for life. You will have to abide by my rules then. Ganga refuses to say sorry to Amma ji. Sudha gives up on her. Clean outside the ashram.

Sagar has told everything to Barkha. I went to help her but she fought with me. He notices both Pulkit and Barkha pretending to yawn. He gets irked. Barkha points out that you only spoke about Ganga and your fights atleast 10 times. You both care for each other no matter what. Pulkit notices the ice cream stall. Barkha goes to buy ice creams for everyone. Niru was passing by from there. He notices Sagar and Pulkit there. Barkha signals Pulkit to keep quiet. She surprises Niru. She can see that he is nervous. She gives him ice cream. Niru tells the driver to drop all of them home. Take AMma ji to ashram then and bring them back safely. Barkha asks about Ganga. Sagar seeks his permission to go to ashram with Dadi. Niru agrees. The kids enjoy ice cream. Sagar wonders why he is doing so much for Ganga when she does not understand him at all.

Ganga talks to Mahant ji’s photo when no one is looking in that direction. I did so much hard work for you in cooking all this. If you don’t eat it then it wont be good. Sudha makes her get down. Mahant ji is here. Mamta gives some flower petals to Ganga to shower on Mahant ji. Amma ji too reaches. She looks pointedly at Ganga. Mahant ji enters just then. Ganga looks at him and laughs. How can he be Mahant ji? He is not the one in the photo. He looks only as much old as Pulkit Bhaiya. Everyone looks at her surprised / tensed. Amma ji apologizes on her behalf. We thought Mahant Sadanand ji was coming. She could not recognize you.

Bal Mahant Gaurav Anand shares that Mahant Sadanand ji has given him his position. Ganga is surprised to know that this boy is really a Mahant. Bal Mahant ji’s sahyogi says the fault was from our side. Gaurav Anand ji is Bal Mahant. We consider him to be the avtar of Sahidanand ji. Sudha welcomes him inside. Amma ji takes Ganga aside as Bal Mahant ji takes a seat. Amma ji scolds Ganga for laughing. Sudha says I had given her the responsibility to take care of Mahant ji. Amma ji wants someone else to do it. This girl might create another problem. Ganga wonders why to call such a young boy Mahant. What’s my fault if I laughed a little?

Prabha has come to meet Barkha. She has also brought a gift for Barkha. She could have come at our house too. She is tempted to see the food that Madhvi has cooked for Barkha. Prabha thinks that she was never surprised this way. Maharaj ji returns just then.

Bal Mahant’s photo is kept on the table next to him. Ganga peeps at him from the window. He looks at her. Pishi Ma pours milk on Bal Mahant’s feet. Ganga feels bad as he is younger than Sudha Bua and Pishi Ma. They are cleaning his feet and wasting all this milk. Bal Mahant looks at her. Why is he staring at me? He must be doing so as I laughed at him. Bal Mahant and his sahyogi ask Amma ji to welcome him with proper rituals by cleaning his feet. Ganga thinks that he is doing wrong by talking to Amma ji this way. If I could, I would have taught him a good lesson.

Precap: Bal Mahant looks at Ganga. She has not cleaned my feet till now. Amma ji calls Ganga in but she refuses to touch his feet.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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