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Baba says only Bhairav Baba can tell what sacrifice he wants from her. Don’t forget that only an unmarried woman can do this. You wont have to sacrifice your life in that case. Amma ji says which girl would be ready to do it without knowing about it. It wont be possible. My family does not trust all this. They will get upset. He scares her with the deadly yog in Sagar’s kundli. It will affect his two wives too. Anything can happen to Sagar if a solution isn’t found. Amma ji panics upon hearing it. I wont be able to bear it in this age. I have to save Sagar. I will bring an unmarried girl to you or if not, then I will sacrifice my own life but this yagya will happen. Baba advises her to do this work by tonight itself. Amavasya is after 3 days. The sacrifice is to be made on that only. You have to bring

20k along with an unmarried girl. She nods and leaves. Baba remarks that she is a rich old woman. Why do we care when she wants to spend it all by herself? Who can let Lakshmi go? It is for us only. His accomplice nods happily.

Ganga brings Sagar to a mango tree. I want to eat mangoes. Please get me some from the tree. He suggests buying from the market but she wants to eat these ones only. The taste of these mangoes is different. You are saying no. it is ok. I will do it myself. He looks on while she throws stone at the mango, and tries to climb upon the tree wearing saree. He finally asks her to come down. I will get it for you. He holds her hand and brings her down. It will be a problem if you fall down. He breaks the mango in one go using a stone. She jumps happily but asks for one more. He gets her that one too. Let us eat it at home. She denies. I don’t want to eat them at home. She looks around and smiles. He follows her gaze. No way, not there! She requests him and takes him. They sit over a tree’s branch to eat it. Listen to me without questioning if you have any doubts. He agrees. I will do as you say as you know me more than me.

A Gilli hits her. Kids ask for it. She throws it down. They tease her that she does not even know how to throw Gilli. Sagar laughs hearing it. Ganga challenges him for a game of Gilli Danda. Ganga throws the Gilli past his in the second time. They both are happy. She wants to go to ghaat for sometime to which he agrees.

Sagar is sitting all quietly. Ganga gives him Prasad. They sit at the ghaat like in their childhood. Lot many memories flash before their eyes. Ishq-e-nashin plays as they talk about old times. She rests her head on his shoulder and holds his hand. He keeps his hand over hers.

Amma ji comes home. She keeps thinking of Baba’s words. Maharaj ji says it is late for puja. should I bring puja thaal? Amma ji nods. Supriya and Mehri ask her about what Vaid ji said. Amma ji absentmindedly replies something. From where to bring an unmarried woman who will be ready to sacrifice her life for Sagar? Why would some girl do it for Sagar? What should I do as otherwise I will have to sacrifice my life! They all see Sagar and Ganga arguing cutely like childhood times. Madhvi goes to Amma ji. We did so wrong with Ganga. Now that I think I have realised we have been wrong. How did we become so selfish? How could we not see that it is only Ganga who can give all happiness to Sagar? She loves him selflessly. We must have done something really good in the last birth which is why Ganga came to our house as Ganga’s kavach. Amma ji gets thinking. She thinks of the childhood time when Ganga had put vermilion in her forehead in Sagar’s name. Ganga is unmarried as of now. Bahu is right. She has saved Sagar always like his shield as if she was born to do that only. No, how can I be so selfish for Sagar! That girl also had a family. She was also close to someone. How can I force her to become a sacrifice for Kaal Bhairav? By the way, how does it matter? She has done it in the past too. Ganga will do sacrifice for Kaal Bhairav this time, even if with her life.

Ganga and Sagar run around the house like kids. Pulkit notices the rope still there. He unties it. All family members get emotional as they see him do it. I rectified my mistake. There is no place for this rope in this house now. He keeps it in his mother’s feet. Supriya smiles. Amma ji says you took such a big burden off our shoulder. NIru will be so happy when he will be back. The rift between a father and son is over. Pulkit says will he be able to forgive me. Madhvi says you always used to say that your father could never understand you or that he loves Sagar more than you. A father always loves his first kid more. He was this strict with you so you could do something in life. He has made a mistake though by overlooking your dream. He has been punished already for it. Pulkit apologizes. I couldn’t understand him. I made the mistake. I am sorry. Amma ji thinks Janvi’s spirit left their family after Baba’s yagya. Everything is falling in place. Pulkit hugs Sagar as well. Amma ji worries for Sagar. He has to be free from Markesh Yog. Amma ji’s phone rings. She goes in her room to talk secretively to Baba.

Baba reminds her she does not have time. If you are unable to bring unmarried woman till tonight then there will be destruction. He disconnects the call before she can express her worry. She peeks outside at Ganga.

Amma ji thinks I really don’t have time. I have to take Ganga to cemetery tonight itself. Will she agree? Bahu, Pulkit and Sagar should not know anything about it. She hears Ganga telling Maharaj ji that she is taking milk for Amma ji. Ganga brings milk for her, just the way she likes it. She gives medicine to her as well. Amma ji says you still remember everything. Ganga nods. How will I not? We were away from each other for a while but I dint forget anything. My feelings for you dint change. Amma ji asks her if she still feels the same way about Sagar too. Ganga goes quiet.

Precap: Amma ji thinks to take Ganga to cemetery somehow. Amma ji intentionally gives milk to Ganga. She adds mishri to it as Ganga likes it. Baba and his accomplice take an unconscious Ganga away in Amma ji’s presence at night from Chaturvedi House.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. How cheep and selfish ammaji is? Now madhavi had realised.always this serial comes with a bright story.very intersting.

  2. i think some one will come and help ganga….may be sagar or niru or even police….and its great that madhavi is accepting ganga……

  3. I think it was pulkit along with police will help gangaa… He has to prove himself… How superstitious ammaji…. OMG….what happened to jilebi prasad….

  4. now body is rising question about ganga bcz she is ophran …… ammaji thinks any thing may do with ganga for the sake of sagar …….poor ganga ……many of them r living in the world like ammaji so selfish …… .. so nowganga is balikada……

  5. In all Hindi serials it’s always the ones that are religious are the wicked ones. It’s pathetic

  6. Good acting from Amma Ji, she played her character so well that I am disgusted by her behaviour. How hypocritical and conniving of her…but in her mind she is doing nothing wrong, as long as it saves her Sagar. Infact, she is helping phoney baba to commit murder by this so called ‘sacrifice!’ How could she treat Ganga like that after all she has done to bring safe Sagar home?

    Nice to see Madhvi finally seeing sense, accepting Ganga and her putting Sagars happiness before ‘what is socially acceptable’.

  7. omg this happened so soon always there is a prbs in the family omg hahahahahhaha

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