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Gangaa 13th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sagar asks Madhvi to be strong, and asks her to taste a few sweets. She says she isn’t in a mood, Ganga tells Sagar she hasn’t eaten anything since last night. He insists on Madhvi to taste them, but she denies. He then tastes himself and suggests about adding some more sugar. Madhvi says his father dislikes much sweet in qalaqand; and finally agrees to taste them. Krishna comes to call Madhvi. She asks Ganga to get ready, and says Sagar would help her get ready as she has henna on hand. Ganga tells Sagar that Supriya would help her. Sagar confirms if she can manage and heads outside.
In the room, Ganga was worried wondering how she should wear this with henna on hands. She was curt that Sagar has changed, and is marrying her only as a compromise. She then decides to go as such. Krishna comes

in, she asks why she is leaving the room without getting ready. Ganga shares her worries. Krishna says she also got henna and Ganga should have taken help from Sagar. Ganga sends Krishna for Supriya, but Krishna says she also got henna. Ganga herself tries to get ready.
Downstairs, Supriya was concerned about Ganga. Krishna watches Sagar passing by and says he would help Ganga. She runs towards Sagar, saying Ganga is calling Sagar because everyone else has a henna in hand. Sagar confirms if Ganga really called him. Krishna counters if she is lying. Sagar goes towards the room in disbelief.
In the room, Ganga had helped herself a bit. Sagar knocks at the door. Ganga allows inside without looking and thinking it to be Supriya she calls him to tie the knot of her choli. Sagar comes to tie the knot finally. Ganga realizes it was Sagar and was shocked to see him in the mirror. She turns around and slips in his arm. Sagar says if she always find ways to fell in his arms. Ganga asks who allowed him to tie the knot. Sagar says she permitted him by herself. Ganga tells him she doesn’t need help, but Sagar notices she does and tells her to stand still. He shuts his eyes while tying the knots of her lehnga, Ganga smiles watching and allows him to open his eyes now. Sagar turns to ask if anything else, then comes to put on her jewelry. Both look at each other in the mirror, Ganga thanks him then smiles in the mirror. Madhvi calls her downstairs.
In the function, Sagar announces its dual function today; his and Ganga’s wedding and wedding anniversary of his parents. He wants to present a song that Niru sung for Madhvi. Niru confirms if Madhvi told him, Madhvi says it was upon his insistence. Niru brings Madhvi to stage for dance. The song plays, ‘Jabb koi Baat bigar jae’. Sagar and Ganga look towards each other. They all clap in the end. Krishna runs to the centre with the mike. She announces she would now play a song for her parents and they will dance here. Supriya and Pulkit urge Sagar and Ganga to come. Sagar takes Ganga’s hand. Maharaj plays the song, ‘Mera mujh me kuch nahi sabb tera’. They dance intimately.
Later Niru tells Madhvi he won’t be able to sleep in excitement for tomorrow. He is happy that life brings new surprises every day. Ganga thinks she wish to stop this time, she can’t bear she has countable days to be spent with Bapu. Niru asks Madhvi for a gift, Madhvi says his companionship is the most important. Niru says Madhvi has always been with him, but he never did something valuable. He feels bad for not considering her wishes, as no one is aware about the future. Madhvi gets upset and goes to sleep. Niru says she is angry again.
Ganga watches Kashish passing by the corridor.
The nurse comes to a room and speaks to her mate saying everyone here is planning the wedding. They are even unaware about its circumstances. The man asks her about her preparations. She assures he would get a good news for themselves that would be a bad news for all of them.

PRECAP: The nurse says they must dream whatever they wish to for today, she throws gun powder in the fire pot.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. One doubt…what i thought is the so called fire pot in a wedding will be arranged on previous night??? Ganga chori chori chupke chupke enjoying the moments with Sagar… When he helped her getting ready for sangeet and when they danced in sangeet… What is the fact is she always expected his concentration on her but her ego and self respect doesn’t allow her to express these feelings before sagar… A bit good episode giving least screen space for crucked nurse and yash…

  2. Lol 😀 gun powder kyu add kiya nurse madam ne seedha bomb hi plant kar deti .

    Lagta hai duniya ki saari problems chturvrdiyo ke ghar mein implant hogayi hain.
    Yaar shani dosh bhi saadey saath saal baadh khatam hojata hai but chaturvediyo ki problems 7saal ke leap ke baad bhi khatam nai huyi.

    chaturvediyo ke naam mein chatur hai lekin dimag se sab paidal hai.
    sab nurse pe itna bharosa kar rahe ho as if wo nurse nai koi family member ho ! N end mein jab sab khatam hojaata hai tab inki aankhein khulti hai.
    There’s no point on crying over spilt mike !because the damage is already done !

    human dna is designed such that normal humans cant escape the trap of love n ganga madam is no exception. She is in love with sagar but kambhakt dil maanta nai aur uska dimaag saath nai deta 😀 !

    Slow poisoning ki tarah serial is losing its charm 🙁
    ab SaGa moments bhi fake n forced lagte hai !
    Nurse ne niru ko maarne ke liye davaa banayi but asar audiences pe dikh raha hai 😀 !

  3. Please Lucky can you comment in English please am not from Indian so can’t understand most of you’re comment.

  4. Ohh sorry vivian ! Didnt know about non hindi viewers.

    I was saying that instead of adding gun powder that insane nurse should planted bomb ! (saying it sarcastically)

    also its been a long time a 7years leap but there isnt any change in the chaturvedis life. Even the saturn(shani) dosh leaves any sunshien =zodiac sign after 7 1/2 years but with chaturvedis it seems their problems just not ending. One or other problem has to crop up for them.

    Also their name is chaturvedis( chatur meaning clever in hindi) but it seems these chaturvedis – forget being clever they are soo dumb that they blindly believing that fake nurse as if shes a family member.

    N these in between SaGa moments are like consellation prize fr the audiences !
    Post leap whatever has happened it has created such an impact on saga relationship that now a days that charm is missing which was there in the beginning of the series..

    The nurse injected some medicines to kill.niru but it seems after watching this plot its doing the job of slow poisoning for the audiences n the viewers are losing interest slowly

    Hope now u can interpret my comment @ vuvian 🙂

  5. For two episodes only nurse tried to inject poison to niru… Now she also forgot about injections and was after SaGa…. Ha ha ha…. Hope not she has an eye on Sagar…. I mean I’m giving an idea to the writers so as they can drag the show further… What v guess is this time the wedding gets completed… In the new pic G was with mangalsutra… And now they say it was a new beginning for Gangaa….

  6. Guys in my phone none of the browsers supporting Its unable to load the videos 🙁
    and on utube all small small videos are available in bits n pieces ! No full episode available.
    seems my phone too has got bugged up of the current plot n dragging of the serial 😀 !

  7. LOL….Ur really Lucky… Saved from viewing that crucked but beautiful nurse…Google… Watch the show on ditto tv…or online… I’m getting full video… Even telugu version if i miss I’m getting it on my tab…. But please don’t miss the episodes this week… Toda and tomorrow maybe full drama of wedding…

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